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Manohar resigns as ICC chairman

ESPNcricinfo staff

Shashank Manohar has resigned from his post as ICC chairman after eight months in office, citing personal reasons.

In a letter addressed to ICC chief executive David Richardson, Manohar said: "I have tried to do my best and have tried to be fair and impartial in deciding matters in the functioning of the Board and in matters related to Member Boards along with the able support of all Directors.

"However, for personal reasons it is not possible for me to hold the august office of ICC Chairman and hence I am tendering my resignation as Chairman with immediate effect. I take this opportunity to thank all the Directors, the Management and staff of ICC for supporting me wholeheartedly. I wish ICC all the very best and hope it achieves greater heights in future."

Manohar was elected unopposed as the ICC's first independent chairman - one not affiliated to any of its member boards - in May 2016 for a two-year term, and since then had become the driving force behind the ICC's retreat from the governance structures created by the Big Three boards of BCCI, CA and ECB in 2014.

In February this year, the ICC had passed in principle a new constitution that undid much of the imbalance in power and finances the BCCI, CA and ECB had sought to create in 2014, but a final decision was to be taken at the ICC Board's next round of meetings in April. Manohar, however, will now not be the head of the ICC at those meetings and what impact - if any - his absence has on those proposals remains to be seen.

The ICC confirmed receipt of Manohar's resignation and said: "The ICC Board will assess the situation and next steps before making a further announcement."

When Manohar replaced N Srinivasan as BCCI president in November 2015, he also became the ICC chairman by virtue of being the head of the Indian board. Later that month, Manohar spoke out against the Big Three revamp of the ICC: "I don't agree with the three major countries bullying the ICC," Manohar has said. "That's my personal view, because as I have always said, an institution is bigger than individuals."

In his dual role as BCCI president and ICC chairman, Manohar was the person behind the move to have an independent chairman head the ICC, the first step of the rollback that he would try to push through. On May 10, 2016, in the wake of the Lodha Committee's report that recommended a severe shake up of the administrative structures of the BCCI, Mahohar quit as board president. Two days later, he was elected unopposed as the first independent chairman of the ICC.

The next step for the ICC executive board will be to appoint an interim chairman, before holding elections to find a permanent candidate. They can decide to hold elections by the next round of board meetings in April, or even before that.

According to the ICC constitution: "In the event that the Chairman shall, for any reason, be unable to fulfil or continue to fulfil his duties, then the Executive Board shall appoint an acting Chairman from within the Executive Board to assume such duties until the conclusion of the next Conference at which a new Chairman is elected or, if sooner, upon the existing Chairman being able to fulfil or continue to fulfil his duties."

All present and past ICC directors were eligible to contest the election at the time of Manohar's election. Candidates could be nominated by fellow ICC directors, and only one nominee is allowed per director. Any nominee with the support of at least two Full Member directors is eligible to stand for election.

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  • m.opin1594230 on March 16, 2017, 17:04 GMT

    Personal reasons utterly wrong. This guy might have good ideas but instable in past 1-2 years. Kind of disrespecting the people who trusted him and was given jobs and responsibilities.

  • Farhan on March 16, 2017, 11:04 GMT

    GR8GAUR: Nope actually it is BCCI who proposed 2 tire system first time and agreed to not push for it when we voted for Big 3 so they didn't do it for free. They needed 7 vote of full members and ours sealed it. Second time they refuse the 2 tire system because this time the rule was that if a Big 3 team fall down the ranking to 9 they will be in 2nd tire as well unlike 1st time when they said the 2 tire rule doesn't apply to big 3. So you weren't helping us, you were helping yourself lol. Anyway Manohar was a good man and honest man and had the best interest of cricket in mind something that is very uncommon among you so its a sad state for the cricket world that he is leaving.

  • Global on March 16, 2017, 7:47 GMT

    @WEIRDBEARD420 - Not really... you had your chance for over a 100 years and only 7 teams played Cricket. Move over!.... BCCI has already taken the tally to over 12 in 5 years.

  • Jayesh on March 16, 2017, 2:40 GMT

    Not all bad for BCCI. They will be gloating.

  • anuj on March 15, 2017, 20:26 GMT

    @ASIACRICKET1234 When your board BCB would be fighting for survival in the big boys club, the first help they'll expect and look for will be from BCCI. It was BCCI who opposed two tier system else you'd be playing the likes of WI, ZIM more often.

  • Prateek on March 15, 2017, 19:52 GMT

    You must wonder if it's really personal reasons or something job related. Maybe Manohar didn't see his proposals going through. He resigned suddenly from post of BCCI President, and now from ICC post. Back then it was due to his disagreements with some of the reforms recommended by the Lodha committee. He changed his views after resigning and made VCA adopt all of those reforms, while trying the same at ICC level. While it's well known that he wasn't much interested in coming back to cricket administration, it doesn't look good on him that twice he moved on before completing, or even giving a full try, the job entrusted in him. A much watered down, if anything at all, reform package we can best hope for now. Not good at all.

  • Farhan on March 15, 2017, 19:03 GMT

    This is indeed a sad news. This man is a honest man who had the best interest for cricket and wanted to make a big contribution to the growth of it but now there is no hope from that. The only thing BCCI ever care for is show off their power and the world cricket have to succumb to it once again. Money Rules I guess. It was good to see someone from there could be honest and have best interest for the game in heart. God Knows what this man had to go through for his honesty there. Anyway Best Wishes for you Sir.

  • Ranil on March 15, 2017, 17:42 GMT

    He should be praised for bringing sanity & the right direction to the ICC. He stood like a beacon in the gloom & it is rare to find people like him. Wish him good for all his future endeavours.

  • Khurram S Chaudhry on March 15, 2017, 17:37 GMT

    There are two aspects of this issue. One is revenue sharing. And i think BCCI is right to ask for more share on basis of more revenue generation. If one is generating more should get more. So icc and bcci can work to agree on one figure acceptable for all. Other part of this is power and the reason for that : because we generate more so we will control. Thats not right. That was the idea of big3. If its international game and body then it should have independent or equal power sharing formula.

  • anuj on March 15, 2017, 17:21 GMT

    @BAZZA_SAF Theives !!!! Its our money that you thrive on and you better watch your choice of words. Did you forget what happened in 2013 at the time of Haroon Logart's appointment of CSA cheif ? And yet again CSA wants BCCI to play series in SA. Trust me kid, you don't want to upset BCCI, ask CSA officials.

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