ICC ODI rankings January 30, 2009

Opportunity for Australia to reclaim top spot

Cricinfo staff

Australia may have lost their No.1 ranking in ODIs to South Africa after their 39-run defeat in Perth, but they have an opportunity to reclaim that position quickly when their five-match ODI series against New Zealand gets underway.

South Africa went ahead by a fraction of a point after winning the series 4-1, but a victory in the first ODI against New Zealand in Perth, on Sunday, will be enough to push Australia to the top. Australia are still the top Test team, enjoying a five-point lead over South Africa despite losing the Test series 2-1 this summer.

South Africa are back at the top for the first time since April 2008 and held the position for a brief period. The gap between the top three sides is steadily narrowing, with India also in the picture. They are currently five points behind South Africa and Australia in the ODI rankings and a series victory against Sri Lanka will push them further towards the top.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe have also made progress, moving up one place to tenth after winning the opening two matches of the five-ODI series in Kenya.

Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa 34 4245 125
Australia 33 4113 125
India 42 5022 120
New Zealand 27 3041 113
Pakistan 31 3446 111
England 32 3469 108
Sri Lanka 39 4125 106
West Indies 27 2463 91
Bangladesh 38 1731 46
Zimbabwe 29 585 20
Ireland 10 190 19
Kenya 9 11 1