ICC news January 11, 2016

Shahzad, Dawlat break into ICC top 10 rankings

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mohammad Shahzad has 681 points, which is only three behind New Zealand's Brendon McCullum © Chris Whiteoak

Less than a week ago Afghanistan confirmed their place among the top 10 teams in the world, as rated by the ICC. Now they have a representative each in the top 10 batsmen and bowlers rankings in Twenty20 cricket.

Mohammad Shahzad struck 118 off 67 balls last night - the highest score by an Associate player in T20Is and the fourth highest overall - to claim a career-best eighth spot. It is his first time breaking into the top 10 for the batsmen's rankings and has 681 points, only three behind Brendon McCullum. Shahzad has played in 13 T20Is since the start of 2015 and struck 448 runs, the most by any batsman in that time period.

Dawlat Zadran is their other big mover. He has taken 18 wickets from his last 10 matches, which makes him the most successful fast bowler since January 2015. He is now ranked No. 8 with 636 points, four shy of Imran Tahir and 21 behind Lasith Malinga.

Afghanistan are placed ninth in the team rankings for Twenty20 cricket with 80 points, above Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and just below India. The top seven teams are separated by only four points with West Indies at No. 1.

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  • Hedayatullah Shinwari on February 10, 2016, 6:23 GMT

    wawa beautiful player shezhad inshallah shezhad will take first replace in the world

  • Cricinfouser on January 18, 2016, 8:45 GMT

    Greenshirtlovers: We will see how your world class team fares against NZ and at Asia Cup and T20 World Cup. Shahzad is in the record books for fourth highest total in T20 cricket and I don't see anyone from Pakistan on that list.

    Stop taking credit for our success, Pakistan has nothing to do with our talent and athleticism. Coaches only give instructions, talent cannot be coached.

    For a country that has been playing cricket for a hundred years, Pakistan hasn't accomplished much. We just started playing and we are already setting records. No matter what you say, the whole world is amazed by our talent, athleticism and success in such a short period and we are also the best looking team from Asia.

    Stop the hate and appreciate. We rock and you know it.

  • Shuaib on January 17, 2016, 13:36 GMT

    hey cryusafghan. One thing more. Be content with the current shahzad. Dont think about other shahzads. Once the current shahzad will be humilated you wil not wish to have another novice like shahzad. And as far as pak vs nz is concerned its an evenly matched contest between two world class teams just a treat to watch not a most stupid and boring match between zimbabwe and bangladesh. we won the first one and they one the 2nd. The third will be a cliff hanger. Can you please give me your email id. i will mail you after the match your team plays against a big team. plesse give me your email id. And one thing more. Dont ever imagine in your wildest dreams that we will ever feel gealous of your afghan club. There is no reason. You people learned cricket from us. hired our coaches. even these days inzi is your coach. So lad just be calm. please give me your email id

  • Shuaib on January 17, 2016, 13:00 GMT

    you too wait MR.4RLS. you will definately hide your face

  • Shuaib on January 17, 2016, 12:51 GMT

    hahahahahahaha. Hey cyrusafghan. I dont need to be gealous. We feel gealous with the one who is superior. What is in your afghan team feel gealous. A third rate outfit. Your so called rise will be badly exposes when you face a team other then zimbabwe. You just wait and see the plight of current shahzad when he will face 'BOWLERS' instead of zimbabwian novices. Just wait lad you will soon bite your words very soon. Hahahaha.

  • Cricinfouser on January 14, 2016, 23:51 GMT

    Greenshirt lovers. You are a Pakistani who hates Afghanistan and Afghans and it hurts you to see us rise. Your hatred and jealousy cannot stop the rise of Afghan cricket, we are only going to get better with time and there are hundreds of Shahzad's waiting in the wings in Afghanistan. Good luck with your team against New Zeeland.

  • Ahmad Ramin on January 14, 2016, 6:56 GMT

    Greenshirtlover! Don't be jealous and wait they will come on Ireland as well we had good performance in world cup 2015 and we had our first winning match i know ur ireish that is why ur in fire but wait and see the power of our blue tigers

  • Shuaib on January 13, 2016, 5:11 GMT

    Hey cyrusafghan. There is a clear defficiency in icc rankings. You will realize when they will suddenly drop your players and team down exactly they have placed your team and players up without any real logic without playing against any good player and team. I have seen shahzad play against good teams and he was out of sorts. Let him play again and he will be what he actually is. As far as playing ireland you people will not play against them because they will thrash you dearly and it is a fact. You people keep on playing zimbabwe. They suit you as you benifit because of these baseless rankings

  • Cricinfouser on January 12, 2016, 18:06 GMT

    @greenshirts lovers First of all, we are called Afghans and our currency is called Afghani.

    Furthermore, Afghanistan is not a Commonwealth nation and we didn't inherit cricket due to colonization like the rest of the countries from the subcontinent, which makes our rise in cricket phenomenal because we have only played cricket for a dozen years or so.

    Appreciate the talent and athleticism displayed by Afghans and give credit where it is due.

    We will continue to climb the rankings whether you like it or not. Ireland is below our level now and the rankings prove that.

    Shahzad is the only Asian among the top five record holders for most runs scored in a Twenty20 match. Stop the hate and appreciate.

  • Adrian on January 12, 2016, 11:31 GMT

    That's a pretty big news story! How far are they away from playing tests?

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