August 27, 2002

Gamini Silva Appointed as Specialist Third Umpire

The International Cricket Council has approved the nomination by the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka of Gamini Silva as a Specialist Third Umpire or TV Umpire.

The ICC's panel of Third Umpires is comprised of one Third Umpire from each Test playing nation. This is in addition to the ICC's Elite Panel of eight full-time umpires, and the 20-member ICC International Panel of Umpires who support the Elite Panel. Most ODIs will now be umpired by a combination of one Elite Panel and one Home International Panel umpire. Test matches are now umpired by Elite Panel umpires.

Sri Lanka's Asoka De Silva is a member of the Elite Panel, while Peter Manuel and T.H. Wijewardena are Sri Lanka's members of the ICC International Panel of Umpires.

The Specialist Third Umpires (TV Umpires) will not perform on-field duties but will be dedicated to the increasingly specialist role of the third umpire.