June 6, 2003

New Zealand Cricket Board accepts umpire nominations

The New Zealand Cricket Board has accepted New Zealand Cricket's nominations to the ICC International Panel of umpires.

Once accepted by the New Zealand Cricket Board the nominations are automatically confirmed by the ICC.

They are:

Doug Cowie (Auckland)
Tony Hill (Northern Districts)
Gary Baxter (reserve, Canterbury)

The vacancy left by the promotion of Brent Bowden to the ICC Elite Panel necessitated New Zealand Cricket nominating an umpire to fill his position.

Tony Hill, who was previously reserve, has replaced Bowden. Gary Baxter is now reserve.

New Zealand Cricket umpiring manager Brian Aldridge has also recently been appointed the international sporting body representative and tournament referee for the South Pacific Games cricket competition.

The South Pacific Games are in Suva, Fiji and run from June 25 until July 12.

Aldridge was the ICC referee at the ICC Pacific Cup tournament in Samoa in 2002 and said he is glad to have the opportunity to go back and contribute to the development and promotion of cricket and umpiring in the south pacific region.

"While cricket is still in its infancy in most Pacific island nations there is real enthusiasm and a strong desire to grow the game," Aldridge said.

"It's exciting to be part of that and important that established cricketing nations like New Zealand show support where they can."