Play of the Day March 24, 2005

Into the 21st century

"It hasn't been easy playing 100 Tests," Inzamam-ul-Haq said before the match. "I never thought I would get so far." But in this 100th Test, walking in with Pakistan on 7 for 2, he showed that he still has plenty of juice left in him. Playing with an ease that made bowlers' efforts seem almost comical, he stroked his way to his 21st century. He got there by guiding the 131st ball he faced, from Irfan Pathan, to square leg for a single. He reached the other hand, took off his helmet, raised his arms, and smiled broadly. He looked with pride and affection towards the pavilion, where his team-mates stood clapping. The audience applauded too, as did Anil Kumble, another weathered giant who knew how it felt to be underestimated.

Amit Varma is contributing editor of Cricinfo. He writes the independent blogs, India Uncut and The Middle Stage.