June 28, 2000

Brian Lara cleared by WICB

WICB Press Release

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has reviewed the allegations of betting and supplying information to a bookmaker made against Brian Lara with regard to the 1993 Triangular Tournament in South Africa. In light of the evidence in possession of the WICB, which directly contradicts these allegations, the WICB is satisfied that Mr Lara is innocent of any wrong doing in this matter.

A key piece of evidence that has led us to this conclusion is an affidavit in which the South African bookmaker who was alleged to have placed Mr Lara's bets and received information from him denies that this occurred.

We are satisfied that no further action by the Board is warranted and our conclusions will be submitted to the International Cricket Council (ICC). We commend Mr Lara for the dignity and composure that he has shown in the face of these allegations and media scrutiny. The WICB will continue to give him and the rest of the West Indies Team our fullest support.