May 31, 2000

Lindsay on match referees' panel

Denis Lindsay, the former South African wicketkeeper,is to be appointed to the International Cricket Council panel of match referees.

Some 34 years after his record-breaking batting exploits against Bobby Simpson's Australians, Lindsay is to replace Peter van der Merwe as one of South Africa's two representatives on the ICC panel.

Lindsay is now a coach at Afrikaanse Seuns Hoerskool in Pretoria, among other schools, and, before he steps into the match referee role, is to take over the national under15 coaching job for the World Challenge series in England in July and August.

Although he has been removed from the international scene for some years, Lindsay has had widespread international experience and is seen as the ideal person to take over from Van der Merwe.

The UCB have to also find a retired player of colour to fill the other ICC match referee spot.

In other matters the UCB are still faced with the need to find a national director of coaching after Pat Symcox, who had initially applied for the job, decided to further his career in other commercial ventures.

This could open the way for Hylton Ackerman, who has been with the South African Academy since its inception six years ago, to step into the role vacated earlier this year by Jimmy Cook, now coaching with Hampshire.

South Africa are to retain their two ICC panel umpires, Rudi Koertzen and Dave Orchard, for the next 12 months.