England v India, 2nd Investec Test, Lord's, 5th day July 21, 2014

'Jadeja should just look to hit the fast bowlers'

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'Feels good to win a Test abroad'

Excerpts from MS Dhoni's press conference after India's 95-run win against England at Lord's.

How satisfying is this after Johannesburg and Wellington?
It is a result of hard work and effort of the team. I felt in the last couple of series outside India we were in a position to seal victories in one game each in both places, but somehow we were not able to do that. I felt the bowlers put in great efforts in both matches. What was important was to keep working hard. Keep giving the same kind of preparation and thinking into the game. And because of that we have sealed the first game for this team. It was fantastic to see the kind of effort and determination from this team.

How does it compare with Durban where you won in similar seaming conditions?
I don't believe in comparison. Not as if I have 50-60 Test wins to look back at. Every Test is special for its own reason, every innings or hundred or fifty is special in its own way. If you see, the team or the 18 from back then, almost the entire team is different. Just in that way it is very special. It was a Test match where there was a lot of pressure on us. Lost a crucial toss and had to fight hard for those first one-two hours when there was moisture on the wicket. I felt that the openers did that with the No. 3 batsman and then we scored runs, and Bhuvi bowled well in the first innings and Ishant in the second innings.

How does it feel to win at Lord's?
Don't know how exactly it feels. It will be my last Test at Lord's. Don't see myself coming back here in I don't know how many years. Definitely a memorable Test match. Have had close Tests here. Still remember 2007 series where we drew the match because of bad light, and me and Sreesanth were batting at that time. We saved that Test and went on to be victorious in that series. Every match is special and it's great to win Test matches outside India. Being Lord's, yes very special. But at the same time every Test match is special.

You spoke about Johannesburg and Wellington. What lessons have you leanred from there? Did you think of those Tests when you went almost the entire first session without a wicket? Did you do things differently?
For me the process is important. That is the reason why I can forget the past. So we cannot think about the past that we didn't do this or that. Yes there was pressure on us because with 200 runs needed we knew there will certainly be a winner in this game. Who the winner will be we were not sure. We had a fantastic chance to win this Test at the start of play today. Cricket is a great leveller and in the first session we didn't get any wickets till the last ball was bowled. It showed us that you have to be at the top of your game. Because once the opposition gets an opening they will make sure that they make most out of it. They had a very good partnership going. Once we got a wicket we made sure we put pressure on opposition.

Did England's struggles playing the short ball against Australia and Sri Lanka convince you that you could use it too?
If you compare our bowling with the Australian attack we have very different bowlers. We don't have many bowlers who can bounce like that. If I was Mitchell Johnson I won't bowl up ever. I don't care who the batsman is. Ishant is someone who can do that. Can't ask Bhuvi to bowl that. Even Shami can bowl quick, but he doesn't get a lot of bounce off the wicket. We just wanted to exploit conditions and throw a challenge to them and see what they do: duck or play shots. In this case we were lucky and it worked in our favour. Some days they will not play any shots and it wont work in your favour.

What do you make of Jadeja's approach?
Jadeja is very talented. At times he feels pressure. What's important is that he gets a few innings like this. Going forward he will start feeling more confident. And maybe you will see a change in his approach. Still I think the number where he bats he has to score quickly, look for runs. Irrespective of how he plays, quite a few batsmen lower down the order score many more runs playing aggressive cricket rather than just surviving in the middle. He should just look to go in and hit the fast bowlers. What we have seen is, once he attacks he gets into much better positions to play his strokes.

Did Ishant bowl through pain or a niggle? He was on his haunches when he got Root's wicket
Ishant had a very long spell by then and we needed to get one more wicket at that stage. What I told him is, that I am happy to give you bowling and a chance to get eight wickets but at the same time if you have the slightest of the niggle - and by niggle I meant was even the slightest pain in any part of the body - then it is better you don't bowl the next over because I don't want you to get injured. Also from outside it doesn't look hot, but it was very humid and you tend to lose a lot of fluid and that can lead to injuries. The fluids work as coolant in the body, without a coolant the engine seizes.

Please talk us through your move to stand back to Jadeja.
I actually wanted to have a fielder there, but according to the rules of the game you can't have three fielders there [behind square on the leg side]. I wanted Virat to stand slightly wide of where he was standing because anything like a snick or a faint edge on the leg side would go between him and me. So the plan was to stand behind and cover that. But if the batsmen keep stepping out to play, I would have had to go back up. They didn't really step out so I had the liberty of standing back. The good thing was, they didn't really step out and miss one because that would have been a perfect thing for the commentators to talk about. The game has really changed, and it is more about what suits that point of time. I don't think in the old days, there are quite a few journalists from olden times, and they might not have seen deep-square leg, fine leg and deep midwicket, short leg and midwicket and bowl bouncers. Earlier, one short leg was enough to bowl bouncers.

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  • kiran on July 23, 2014, 15:43 GMT

    Bhuvi appears to be an accomplished batsman. If he averages 35+ after 40 odd test innings, it will be a confirmation. It will most likely happen. BTW i wonder, how come the think tank is unable to notice his batting talent during the nets? He can easily be in a team as a pure middle order batsman !!! If not he can be sent at no.6 followed by MSD and jadeja both as hitters

  • Subramani on July 23, 2014, 4:41 GMT

    Stuart Binny bowls at a pace of around 125 to 135 kmph.He swings the ball at whatever pace he bowls both ways and is accurate. He bowls a full length most of the time and gets his wickets through late movement of the ball and consequent deception.On a green top like what we saw on day one of the recent Lord's test, he is generally very effective. We had a glimpse of this aspect of his bowling in Bangladesh recently. The problem is that Dhoni doesn't have much faith in Binny. A bowler cannot function when the captain sees him as a liability. Dhoni's selectorial preferences have been a big reason for India not having been as effective as they should have been apart from his captaincy. Binny is also a gritty lower bat who could come up with wonderful big scores when all depends on him.I will leave this team unchanged for at least one more Test as Ageas Bowl is not known to be too spinner friendly.

  • Gary on July 23, 2014, 4:08 GMT

    Dhoni will axe binny in the next game.

  • Dummy4 on July 22, 2014, 20:11 GMT

    I would seriously look for 2, maybe 3 changes in Team India - 1. Replace non-performing Dhawan with Gambhir (Dhawan does not even seem to be striking the ball well). 2. Binny (5th bowler going at 4.5 runs an over) makes way for Rohit Sharma if better batting is required OR Ashwin (if better batting is not essential) ....Given the way Bhuvi has batted so far, replacing Binny with a 4th quick - Pankaj / Varun Aaron might not be a bad idea.

  • Dummy4 on July 22, 2014, 12:29 GMT

    I think its time to have Rohit Sharma in the team in place of Binny simply because the designated 4 bowlers (3 seamers and a spinner) are doing the job for Dhoni and are efficient at it. Binny was not at all used as the 5th bowling option and from the likes of it, the Lords pitch seems to be the greenest of the lot. If so then the utility of Binny goes down even further. Hence its prudent to use the services of Rohit Sharma who is a better batsman and can bowl some good off spin as well to complement Jadeja. For that matter of fact playing Ashwin is also not a bad ploy. Ashwin is no muck with the bat and what Binny can contribute, Ashwin can as well... !!

  • Bhaskar on July 22, 2014, 11:18 GMT

    I thought Dhoni was the worst test captain in recent years, but now Cook has fallen prey to Dhoni, is he the worst now?

  • Dummy4 on July 22, 2014, 10:20 GMT

    Feel India should play the same XI at Southampton, lets not go for a change just for the sake of it. There were lot of turning points in this test, Pujara, Ajinkya and Bhuvi with the bat in the first innings, Bhuvi with the ball when England batted, Vijay, Dhoni, Jadeja and Bhuvi with the bat in the second, and the Ishant closed it for India. Had Dhawan not taken Prior's catch in first innings India would have been looking at a 100 run deficit. Lets persist with Shikhar, and Stuart, and we hope MSD gives Stuart a bit more bowl, Stuart did take the most important catch of Joe Root. If Shami gets into wickets and Virat into runs, this Indian team will look unbeatable in England,lets hope for that, but the biggest revelation of this tour till now has been Bhuvi's batting, he always looks sure to score at least 50 runs whenever he walks in. Guys have a good rest and get ready on Sunday morning at Southampton, till then enjoy India's performance at the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow

  • Desmond on July 22, 2014, 9:37 GMT

    MSD did not used Binny correctly. He is not a fast bowler. Don't know whether he can reverse swing. Best bet would be to use him early in the innings when the ball is new unless there are overcast conditions. Stuart like his father Roger is a swing bowler and effective in swinging conditions and early in the innings when the ball is new. He will be ineffective with the old ball unless it is cloudy out there. Is Bhuvi used later in the innings in ODI? Mostly no. MSD sees that Bhuvi's 7 overs are finished at the beginning of the innings. Also, bowling only bouncers will not work most of the times. It requires more than half the team to be stupid enough to hit bouncers on a day five pitch. Should have tried yorkers as well.

  • Ramesh on July 22, 2014, 9:15 GMT

    It is really commendable that India Won . Till lunch time on day 5, any result was possible and India has many times lost from such situations. Looking forward India has to field the best team based on current form. In my take Binny and Shikhar should make way for Ashwin\Aaron and Gauti. Decision between pace or spin depending on pitch condition. If in the next match Virat fails he has to make way for Rohit. Does not mean anyone is bad but o one is replaceable else why take 18 to travel.

  • parvesh on July 22, 2014, 8:53 GMT

    dhoni it is about time you did something. If u play binny you should bowl him 2nd change. Had u caught englands no3 batsmen you would of seen a different binny. Third test u have to give him a bowl in the first 20 overs. Give binny a good chance to take wickets. In this test, vijay u had a golden oppertunity to make a century. You really deserved it. I watched the way u played brilliant. India in the first and second test were saved by bhuvi and partner. It just shows dhoni when u be active and do something on the pitch and pick a right team off the pitch, you win. Dhawan you get 1 more chance. What i liked about this test was everybody wanted to bowl for the team. If u can bowl offspin bowl it. Ishant i have seen u bowl for many years now and u must be 1 of the most unluckiest bowlers in world cricket. I have really wanted you to succeed just like everybody. Ishant u deserve this praise and your 7 wickets. I hope you learn some valuable lessons from this game. Well done ishant, bhuvi

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