Sussex County Cricket Club October 31, 2011

Prior signs contract extension

ESPNcricinfo staff

Matt Prior will be staying on at Sussex at least until the end of the 2013 season, after signing a new two-year deal with the club.

Prior, 29, made his first-class debut for Sussex a decade ago in 2001, before being awarded his county cap in 2003. He went on to make his England Test debut in 2007 against West Indies at Lord's.

He has made over 10,000 first-class runs and while England duties have taken him away from Hove of late, he made an unbeaten 97 against Hampshire to seal victory in the County Championship this season, while he also hit 89 off only 59 balls in the Friends Life t20 victory at Kent.

After signing a new deal, Prior said, "It's a great honour to sign another contract for Sussex. I've been at the club as a professional for eleven years now and it is very close to my heart.

"The support over the years from the fans and members alike has been very special, and the players and management are always striving for more success which I can hopefully be a big part of."

Mark Robinson, Sussex's Professional Cricket Manager said, "To have the best wicketkeeper-batsman in the world committed to us for the next two years is fantastic for the club. Matt nowadays doesn't just bring his performance when he comes back to play for us, but a wealth of experience and desire for himself and those around him to succeed."

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  • RealStickofRhubarb on November 3, 2011, 15:09 GMT

    Good player. Perhaps he should consider moving onto a bigger county?

  • CricketingStargazer on November 1, 2011, 12:55 GMT

    Of course, the second set of numbers is fo Mark Boucher, whose numbers ae better than I expected.

  • CricketingStargazer on November 1, 2011, 11:24 GMT

    Davidpk, I am familiar with Jonesy's style but, at times his willingness to look foolish is so breathtaking that one fears for him. Anyway, I looked at the numbers for some of his rivals over the last 2 years: Haddin - average 35.47, 1x100, 60 dismissals @ 4.0 per Test; average 39.0, 0x100, 46 dismissals @ 3.5 per Test; Wade hasn't played a Test; Paine average 35.9, 0x100, 17 dismissals @ 4.3 per Test; Dhoni average 38.78, 3x100, 88 dismissals @ 3.7 per Test; Jayawadene average 42.35, 3x100, 29 dismissals @ 1.8 per Test. Only Jayawardene averages over 40 of the list supllied by Jonesy (and is still a full 3 runs below Prior) and he has less than half the dismissals per match. On dismissals, Paine is better (after just 4 Tests), but far inferior as a batsman. Prior's superioityover even Dhoni is so great that it is almost insulting. Makes it all the stranger that he has never cracked the shorter formats.

  • OhhhhMattyMatty on October 31, 2011, 23:11 GMT

    England's 2nd best keeper-batsman of all time, behind Knotty. And probably the 4th best ever behind Gilly, Flower and Knotty.

  • RandyOZ on October 31, 2011, 22:56 GMT

    Poor old kieswetter, held out by another south african!

  • bumsonseats on October 31, 2011, 19:53 GMT

    how do you class a good keeper. test keepers must be the only consideration. he must be keeping at test level as if you put a keeper as the best, but keeps only for the limited overs teams then hes not the best keeper for his country. dhoni plays in all formats but i would never class him as a good keeper ( well we know one who could ) but he is a great cricketer for india as his game is more than just a keeper. his team was soundly beaten in the uk but still the man stood proud and acted the same when his team thrashed england in the odi's just finished. so his inclusion in jonesy, so called best might be correct but for the wrong reason. england could for years pick 4/5 good keepers sometimes better than the incumbant but these days england are lucky they not only have the best keeper in world cricket, but a keeper, who has an average to hold his place in most test teams as a batter in his own right. dpk

  • spence1324 on October 31, 2011, 19:05 GMT

    To honest does it matter?he will only play max 6 or 7 games in a season,because he is first and foremost a england player.He should just go back to sussex and tell the youngsters tales of adventures in far flung lands,how about when he and england stormed up to the gates of Melbourne into the colosseum and retook stolen treasure(the ashes)that should inspire the next generation of champions!.

  • bumsonseats on October 31, 2011, 18:56 GMT

    guys jonesy2 is just joking. how could anyone think that that the comments he made was other than him joking. mind he still thinks his aussie team were the better team last ashes. dont u just love him so constructive. dpk

  • the_wallster on October 31, 2011, 16:42 GMT

    @jonesy2. hahah! he is without doubt the best batsman-wicketkeeper at the moment. boucher's average is about 30. isn't half as aggressive or consistent as prior, has hit 5 test centuries in 100+ test matches compared to prior's average of 45 and 6 centuries from 47 test matches. jayawardene's average over the same period as prior is 31! Dhoni albeit is the best ODI batsman in the world right now, but his keeping is woeful, and his technique is terrible, hence his 38 ave. and 4 centuries from 58 test matches. Haddin's ave is 37 and 3 centuries from 35....and wade and paine??!! what on earth are you on about. Prior's batting record is head and shoulders above everyone elses, and his keeping is far better than the aforementioned.

  • CricketingStargazer on October 31, 2011, 16:21 GMT

    Jonesy2, are you for real? Dhoni? Possibly. Boucher? Perhaps 10 years ago? Wade is best known for winning Wimbledon in 1977. Haddin really put the fear of God into England in the last two series. Prior has 1223 runs @ 45.29 over the last 2 years, with 4 centuries and 97 dismissals (just over 4 per Test). How many in your list can get close to that?

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