July 1, 2000

Cricket Lovely, Cricket, At Lord's where I saw it

Clayton Goodwin

Calypso single
A calypso singer entertains the crowd at wet Lord's
Photo © CricInfo

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The West Indians came to Lord's to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their great victory in 1950 - and they went away having witnessed a revival of English cricket. That earlier triumph ushered in half-a century of general West Indies dominance - will that achieved today bring about a similar period of England triumphant. Whatever happens cricket itself has won a tremendous victory.

Fifty years ago the West Indians put their triumph into song. Will some troubadour do the same for England at Lord's in the millennium year of 2000. Until then the words of that same calypso "Cricket lovely Cricket" will apply just as well (with slight poetic license):

"At Lord's was the scenery
Bound to go down in history
After all was said and done
Second test Match and England won"