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Collingwood surprised by Anderson fine

Cricinfo staff

James Anderson and Runako Morton: not seeing eye to eye © Getty Images
England's one-day captain, Paul Collingwood, admitted he was surprised by the size of the fine imposed on his team-mate, James Anderson, following a shoulder-barging incident with Runako Morton during the second one-day international at Edgbaston on Wednesday.

In a match that England went on to lose by 61 runs, Anderson was fined 50% of his match fee by the ICC referee, Mike Procter, who said in a statement: "Cricket is, after all, a non-contact sport. When players fail to recognise that fact and engage in needless nudges ... then that is where we have to draw the line."

Collingwood, however, was taken aback by the severity of Anderson's punishment. "I probably didn't expect him to get fined as much he did. As players, we all know the boundaries we can go up to. Generally, a lot of that stuff happens out in the middle and it is cricket but on this occasion it just went over the mark.

"That was one incident," said Collingwood. "We've had great relations with the West Indies during the Test series and so far in the one-day series. But I'm not sure [Jimmy] will be doing it again. Whether that's because he'll get fined again or because he's heard about Morton's past, I'm not too sure. You'll have to ask him."

Despite Collingwood's protestations, West Indies' coach, David Moore, said physical contact had no place in cricket and nor did the practice of dismissed batsmen being given a send-off by members of the fielding side. "Physical contact is not part of cricket. It's a big enough field where you can get past each other without thumping into each other."

"I like to see a contest," added Moore. "I don't condone our players mouthing off when people are leaving the field because the contest is over then."