India v Australia, 4th Test, Delhi, 2nd day March 23, 2013

Johnson's fielding woes and Rahane's tough debut

Plays of the day from the second day of the Delhi Test between India and Australia

The hand hit
Cheteshwar Pujara has caused all sorts of problems for the Australians in this series but on the second day in Delhi, it was he who was on the receiving end of some pain. James Pattinson banged a delivery in short of a length and it jammed Pujara on the glove. The batsman was clearly in pain as he was attended to by the team physio, although he batted on. Still, every time he and M Vijay gave each other the fist pump during their century stand, it must have exacerbated the pain.

The helmet hit
Ajinkya Rahane was given a memorable welcome to Test cricket when, early in his debut innings, he tried to duck a Peter Siddle bouncer and couldn't get out of the way. Rahane took his eyes off the ball and it clocked him right on the top of the helmet. While it wasn't exactly the way Rahane wanted to remember his first Test innings, he picked up a leg bye from it.

The overthrows
Mitchell Johnson cost Australia eight runs in overthrows, once through his own poor throw and then by failing to back up. On the first occasion, M Vijay pushed the ball to mid-off and Johnson collected, hurled the ball way over the top of the wicketkeeper Matthew Wade's head and it ran away for four. Later in the day, Peter Siddle was alert to a possible run out when he collected in the deep and threw to the bowler's end, where MS Dhoni was dawdling. His throw just missed the stumps and should have been backed up by Johnson, but the Australian bowler was daydreaming and let it pass him by for another four overthrows.

The broken stump
Stumps are usually resilient and stand up to being hit by bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar and Shaun Tait, but a throw from the infield snapped one in half in this innings. Like most things in Test cricket, there are always spares on hand and the umpires sent for a replacement.

The tense words
India-Australia clashes have, in recent years, been known for the occasional spiteful moment but that tension has been noticeably absent from this series. That is, until the 51st over of India's innings, when the umpire appeared to warn MS Dhoni about running down the middle of the pitch. David Warner, one of the most vocal members of Australia's side, had some terse words with Dhoni and the captain, Shane Watson was brought in to control the situation. It was part of an eventful over that featured four overthrows, a huge lbw appeal from James Pattinson and a fine boundary from Ravindra Jadeja. Perhaps it was fortunate that drinks were taken at the end of the over and the tension eased.

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