Bangladesh cricket September 18, 2008

India offers 'active' support to Bangladesh

Cricinfo staff

More Bangladesh players could join Abdur Razzak in the IPL at the next auction © TigerCricket

The BCCI says it will play an "active role" in helping Bangladesh cricket recover from the exodus of 13 top players who signed up for the unauthorised ICL.

Lalit Modi, BCCI vice-president, told Cricinfo the Indian board will include more Bangladesh players in the lucrative IPL next year, and include a team in the Champions Twenty20 League from 2010. Modi is the chairman of both these tournaments, which are backed by the BCCI.

Ahmed Sajjadul Alam, an executive member of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), had told Cricinfo on Wednesday that the board hoped the BCCI would help revive the game by inviting more players for these cash-rich tournaments. Alam was speaking after an emergency meeting of the BCB, which decided to ban the 13 'rebel' players from all forms of official cricket for 10 years.

"We will definitely play an active role in helping them out," Modi said. "We are looking at adding a few [Bangladesh] players for the next IPL auction. And we are also looking at a team from Bangladesh participating in the Champions League from 2010 onwards."

The next IPL auction is tentatively scheduled for January 29, about two months before the second season begins on April 10. Left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak is the only Bangladesh player currently in the IPL and he was signed up by Bangalore Royal Challengers for US$50,000. Although national boards don't get a share of IPL's revenues, they will receive a significant sum for participating in the Champions League, along with a separate participation fee for the domestic Twenty20 teams that are invited.

The ICC, meanwhile, said that any discussion on Bangladesh's Test future will have to be within the committee it had formed in July on unofficial cricket. "Any decision on this will be taken at the ICC board meeting and it will be the working party that will decide on such an issue," an ICC spokesperson said.

The ICC's committee is believed to have discussed the issue over the last few months although Modi, who is a member, declined to comment on the nature of those talks.

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  • Allan on September 23, 2008, 14:20 GMT

    I'm a huge fan of India but I regret the decision of BCCI and their bullying tactics. I can't understand why ICC has allowed one board to dictate terms to all the other boards around the world. I'm glad that Sri Lanka has finally seen the light and hopee the other board follow their lead.

    No board should show that they are greater than the game.

    Allan DeSouza

  • arun on September 20, 2008, 3:40 GMT

    For Saibaskar - An interesting point of view. Let every TV Mogul with money to spend, set up a new cricket league. More leagues means more opportunities for youngsters to shine. The paying public will gravitate to whichever league provides the best value for money. This will provide real competition to the the "Lords Almighty" of cricket to set things right. Why should these omnipotent beings be shielded from competition other than because they say so.

    Would it be such a bad thing if domestic cricket might become stronger than international cricket? It is important that both co-exist. Currently, in India at least, domestic cricket is a joke. Are any matches televised? Does anyone pay to watch a Ranji match? Do any of the superstars ever bother to play in Ranji matches?

    In USA they have two Baseball leagues and the end of season finale is the play off between the champions of each in the "World Series". Let the BCCI initiate such a match between the IPL and the ICL champions.

  • Saibaskar on September 20, 2008, 1:45 GMT

    You guys don't seem to get the threat posed by a rebel league. An arrogant BCCI is not such a bad choice than having every sports channel in India making cricket a soap opera or a reality show by running their own leagues. That will be the real demise of international cricket. I think it is time for IPL to think global they have to get consent from other boards atleast in the subcontinent and provide atleast 1 or 2 teams for cities in those countries. But, believe me such a move will cost ICC. Countries will still be interested in playing bilateral series with India but the ones which would lose out will be the likes of SriLanka coz all it takes is one bomb blast and the excuse is ready for international boards to pullout of not so lucrative tours. I think the culmination of all this is going to make domestic cricket in India stronger than International cricket like in basketball where NBA is stronger than international basketball

  • David on September 19, 2008, 14:10 GMT

    The attitude by the BCCI has completely turned me off from the IPL. I am a west indian cricket fan and last year I refused to watch the IPL even when it was shown live on television due the the behaviour of the BCCI. I will refuse to watch the IPL again this year and I hope that other true fans of world cricket will join me in "voting with our feet" to let the BCCI know that we do not approve of bullying and unilateral action.

  • Gorky on September 19, 2008, 13:53 GMT

    Another farce from BCCI. BCB should follow SLC, and not blindly surrender to BCCI. And what for? After so many years of having test status, they could not get to play a test in India, and still..

  • g on September 19, 2008, 13:12 GMT

    BCCI can say whatever they want. Why would any franchise pay for unknown players? that too from a domestic circuit that is almost as good as non-existent! they need return on investment, mind you!

  • Marcus on September 19, 2008, 12:11 GMT

    This just shows what a complete joke it is for the BCB to blame its ex-players for thinking about money, all while grovelling to the BCCI for a share of the cash. Is there one rule for the boards, and one rule for the players?

  • arun on September 19, 2008, 11:49 GMT

    Congratulations to the BCB for shooting itself in the foot. A pity they didn't learn from Sri Lanka. And for what? To please the BCCI which hasn't yet offered to host Bangladesh for a tour of India.

    More BD players at the next IPL auction! - What a joke. Unless, as in all things Indian run by politicians, we have a quota for backward cricket deprived countries, the number of BD cricketers in the IPL isn't going to increase in a hurry. Hasn't anyone informed the BCB that the IPL is a commercial transaction and that franchisees are not interested in political gestures. They will pay good money to those whom they think will perform. If there were any BD players worth it, they would have already been grabbed by the franchisees.

  • Kundan on September 19, 2008, 8:43 GMT

    This is a complete joke. I would like to commend the Sri Lankan board for taking a very positive step in reversing the ban on all ICL players and umpires and allowing them to play in domestic Lankan competitions; which further allows themt to be selected for the national team.

    The IPL and the following "Champions League" is a joke/'tamasha" at the best. Bangladesh loses 13 players and Modis solution to that is we will pick more players in the IPL and include them in the 2010 Champions league. So lets get this straight Bangladesh doesnt have its best players, has won a handfull of one dayers, 2-3 test matches and now will be in this so called "Champions League" of cricket. Yes that makes a lot of sense, because hey they are a champion side isnt it.

    The whole thought process is wrong, if the BCCI wants to help, they should set up academies in Bangladesh, exchange programs at the MRF Pace Academy and stuff like that.

    Modis comeback to ICL signing bashar & co is ,we will sign more

  • naveen kumar on September 19, 2008, 7:28 GMT

    This is first step in wrong direction by BCCI. Now they are bribing the BCB with money. LOL.. this is very funny. Why it is so hard to be honest? Especially when you are Super rich, it is very easy to be good. This BCCI (Arrogant) attitude will definitely hurt Indian Cricket in long term.

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