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Ganguly recommends split captaincy

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sourav Ganguly, the former India captain, has said India should have different captains for Tests and limited-overs matches in order to ease the workload on MS Dhoni, who is leading in all three formats as well as keeping wicket. Following India's defeat against England at Eden Gardens, the first time they have lost back-to-back matches at home in 12 years, Ganguly said the selectors should follow the example of most countries in order to get the most out of Dhoni.

"Every team in the world has gone with split captaincy. I am not saying the selectors should sack Dhoni and say, 'You're out'. I have always said there is too much burden on him. I think we are losing MS Dhoni as a player," Ganguly told Headlines Today, an Indian news channel. "Captaincy and your ability as a player are interlinked, I think Dhoni is a much better one-day captain than he is a Test captain.

"His performance in recent Tests has not been up to the mark, but that is because there is too much of a burden on him. I am a firm believer that his job has to be split - he needs a reprieve."

Ganguly said the selectors needed to "sit with Dhoni and ask him what form of cricket would he like to captain. I fear we may lose him as a player if we continue like this. He is a match-winner for India and he has done wonders for the team."

Responding to a statement about the selectors not naming a potential successor to Dhoni, in order to groom him, Ganguly said the captains who were successful for India did not develop through a such a system. "I was not groomed to be captain of India I just became captain, captain is something that comes by itself," Ganguly said. "It is the same case with Dhoni. When Rahul Dravid decided to give up captaincy, and you know the captaincy was offered to Tendulkar and he refused to do it, the job went to Dhoni. I don't agree with this thing that you have to groom someone to be captain."

In the ongoing Test series against England, Dhoni has scored only 92 runs in five innings, with a best of 52 in the first innings in Kolkata. England lead the four-Test series 2-1.

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  • Al on December 12, 2012, 3:47 GMT

    Drop Tendulkar immediately - problem solved!! He is the biggest non-performer in the Indian team. Gambhir and Kohli are too arrogant to be made captain. Pujara is calm. He can be captain, but first he needs to prove himself outside India.

  • Vishwanath on December 11, 2012, 17:38 GMT

    We need to Groom our Young Players into Good Test Players, before all Seniors Players are gone for the Indian TEAM:

    1) DHONI should RESIGN/DROPPED from Test Matches ASAP, even better if he RESIGNS from ALL 3 FORMATS, his Performance was/is WORST ALL THE TIME, when INDIA was Ranking #1 & even now, his average is good just because he Bats at 7or8 makes 20 odd runs and remains not out (this type batting average is NOT GOOD for Indian TEAM, it is only good for his Personal Records), Mr.COOL is good at Political talks and playing in IPL.

    2) Virat should be Captain for all 3 formats if possible (he could be next Ganguly)

    3) Add Rohit Sharma to the team (He is little lazy & going through Bad patch but he can win matches he is a very good Batsman).

    4) Requesting below 16 players for Future Test Matches: 1)Shewag, 2)Gambhir, 3)Pujara, 4)Sachin, 5)Virat, 6)Rohit, 7)Jadeja, 8)Aswin, 9)Irfan, 10)Umesh, 11)Ojha 13)Chand, 14)Aparijit, 15)Awana & 16)Zak.

  • Dummy4 on December 11, 2012, 16:04 GMT

    Test-Captain-Dhoni,Vice Caption-Sehwag ODI Caption-Kohli,Vice Caption-Dhoni T20 Caption-Gambhir,Vice Caption-Dhoni

  • ashutosh on December 11, 2012, 13:52 GMT

    Well anyone asking Sachin to step down is actually trying to light candle to the Sun .We all were in diapers, internet and computers were gibberish terms, Baggy and bell bottoms were in fashion, cassette recorders were primary medium for music distribution, cable TV had not yet come to India. That's how long this Giant has served the nation. And all the arm chair critics and bits and pieces cricketers calling for his head in the name of fresh blood, well we already have a fresh team Kumble, Bhajjie, Dravid, Dada, VVS, Zakk and Yuvi all are out of this team. Bowling is all new, 3 experienced batsmen are in. The team is full of youngsters , whether this is the right mix could be debated. This generation of cricket buffs - Test match haters , India will win against Eng and Pak in odi/t-20 and they will forget the humiliation of the test Defeat. Anyone not supporting test cricket is only a poser and not a real fan .You wont succeed in tests if the youngsters don't get mentors in team .

  • SANTOSH on December 11, 2012, 4:13 GMT

    I would rather have someone who makes such mistakes as slowing down for a century occasionally than have a player who is not willing to fight it out for India and I have seen several Indian cricketers who have shown no fight. Sachin has always shown fight. For me, as Anil Kumble said he has been the sole reason for India's wins, never the sole reason for India's losses. Last of all, let us look at his recent averages in tests - 2010- 70+, 2011- ~47, 2012- 8 tests- dismal 26. 8 tests guyz, seriously, I have seen players like Rohit Sharma who showed no fight for several test matches. Doesn't the great man deserve support. Take Ganguly for example, he has done a lot of Indian cricket, but I also remember games and periods longer than 8 test where he underperformed badly. So, stop barking behind Sachin. Now is a time to be alert and support him not to bring him down. He is not a god but a great player with true dedication and deserves support.

  • SANTOSH on December 11, 2012, 4:08 GMT

    Sachin is a great player. He has given years of service to Indian cricket. Going through international cricket for 23 years requires enormous amount of dedication, being away from your loved ones etc. He has dedicated himself for Indian cricket for so long and has been a consistent servant and entertainer for Indian cricket. Fine, let us keep the emotions aside. I admit that I have been disappointed by the great man many times when he slowed down for centuries in ODI matches, I cannot forget him wasting 10-12 balls against Australia to score a single run for hiis 10000 ODI run. But, there have also been instances where people have criticized him slightly unfairly. For example, in the ODI against Bang in Asia Cup he slowed down for century. But , you can easily understand that he needed that century to perform better later and for his confidence. Indian bowlers had no business losing that match for us.Remember at the end of the day Sachin played some part in getting a decent total..

  • joseph on December 11, 2012, 3:16 GMT

    Dhoni is not fit for test match as a player and as a captain. Better have him for ODI alone

  • Natan on December 11, 2012, 1:57 GMT

    I think, everyone is hyperventilating. Failure and success are crest and trough of a cricketer's sinusoidal wave. Expecting them to be on the crest all the time is unreasonable. Mind and body works in tandem. Either one gets tired, we see undesirable results. But selectors need to eliminate the # of excuses players may come up with for their failures. Fatigue is one, commitment and application is another. For a very long time, West Indian and Australian team ran on cruise control. It didn't matter much who the captain was or the team members. They only focused on core values. Commitment, Application, Performance and results with the sole goal of victory and nothing short of that. It was all possible because all 11 of them acted like a captain. And it is hard to deliver consistently unless this transformation takes place in the team. It is not captain's job to help everyone succeed. It is everyone's job to help captain succeed and manage up. Enough said.

  • pranay on December 11, 2012, 1:18 GMT

    Please dont take Cook as a prototype and make Gambhir as captain. GG is the last person to be a captain material and sehwag is just above him. I dont see any one apart from Kohli to take the mandate in tests...

  • Suman on December 10, 2012, 22:38 GMT

    @Jose - I think that you are spot on mate. Kholi and the like should not be a part of the test team (that includes Dhoni as well). Those players are much more suited for the shorter format of the game.

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