India news June 13, 2014

Amit Shah elected Gujarat Cricket Association president


Amit Shah, a leader in India's main ruling party, the BJP, was today elected unopposed as the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) president. The post had been left vacant after the new prime minister, Narendra Modi, resigned from it.

"Amit Shah, who was the vice-president of the GCA, was elected unopposed today as the president of the association," another GCA vice-president and Rajya Sabha (India's upper house of Parliament) MP Parimal Nathwani said. "The name of Shah was proposed by me and he was elected unopposed.

"The post had fallen vacant as former president of GCA Narendra Modi resigned before he took oath as the prime minister of the country."

There are 32 members in the body of GCA.

Modi had taken over the reigns of GCA by replacing the then Congress (India's main opposition party) leader Narhari Amin on September 15, 2009.