Australia in India 2008-09 October 27, 2008

Bedi backs Krejza for Delhi Test

Cricinfo staff

Bishan Bedi believes Jason Krejza has good potential © Getty Images

Bishan Bedi, the former India finger-spinner, is convinced Australia will need to play Jason Krejza in the third Test in Delhi if they are to have their best chance of beating India. Bedi worked with Krejza, the offspinner, at training on Sunday and he was cautiously optimistic about the bowler's potential.

"I was basically working with Jason," Bedi told the Age. "He is potentially very good but he must realise his potential. I think they will have to play Jason. They need a finger-spinner.

"After Warney there is a big void, there is no doubt about that, but I think some of these youngsters can take responsibility with a bit of commitment. We shouldn't really be in any kind of haste. The results will come."

In the first two Tests Australia relied on the minimal-turning legspin of Cameron White, who made his debut in Bangalore, and the part-time offerings of Michael Clarke. The Delhi pitch is expected to offer spin and Krejza, as a man who can turn the ball sharply, will come into Australia's calculations.

He had fallen out of contention following a miserable performance in the tour game in Hyderabad, when he was belted into submission and collected match figures of 0 for 199. But the confident Krejza said after the match that he valued the match as a learning experience.

"It was a tough game," he said. "I knew what was going to happen in that game and I didn't bowl as badly as the figures said I did ... As a spinner there are times when you get a bit of stick and you have just got to get back on the horse and keep going. That was my attitude."