Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 1st semi-final, Mumbai April 20, 2010

Mumbai have the edge in all respects

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan
Stats preview of the first semi-final between Mumbai and Bangalore

Mumbai Indians have won ten out of 14 games in IPL 2010 compared to Bangalore's seven, and not surprisingly, they have the better stats in almost every aspect. Mumbai have been extremely consistent throughout the league stage, but Bangalore made it only after a considerable wobble. On the two occasions the teams met during the league stage, though, honours were even.

The table below shows the performance of both the teams in the batting and bowling departments. The higher difference between the batting run-rate and bowling economy rate for Mumbai suggests that it has been a very balanced outfit while Bangalore's stats are not very impressive.

Overall run-rate and economy rate
Team Matches played Run-rate Economy rate Run-rate difference
Mumbai Indians 14 8.69 7.82 0.87
Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 8.32 8.09 0.23

Both Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore have been quite successful during the Powerplays. While Mumbai have scored at a better rate and average slightly better, Bangalore have a better economy rate in the Powerplay overs. The performance of the two teams during Powerplay overs is summarised below.

Batting performance during Powerplay (overs 1-6)
Team Runs scored Balls faced Run-rate Wickets lost Average
Mumbai Indians 715 504 8.51 15 47.66
Royal Challengers Bangalore 649 504 7.72 14 46.35

Bowling performance during powerplay (overs 1-6)
Team Runs conceded Balls bowled Economy rate Wickets taken Average
Mumbai Indians 659 504 7.84 21 31.38
Royal Challengers Bangalore 623 504 7.41 18 34.61

Both Mumbai and Bangalore have scored heavily in the last five overs of their league matches, though Mumbai have a better scoring rate and average of the two.

Batting performance in last five overs
Team Runs scored Balls faced Run-rate Wickets lost Average
Mumbai Indians 756 402 11.28 33 22.90
Royal Challengers Bangalore 592 328 10.82 29 20.41

These two teams met twice during the league stage and in each case the home team met with a heavy defeat. In the games played between these two teams, Mumbai have scored at 8.55 runs per over and averaged 26.30 while Bangalore have scored at a less impressive 7.37 runs per over and average 24.08.

After the explosions in Bangalore, the venue for both semi-finals was shifted to the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai, which will also host the third-place playoff and the final. Only two games have been played at this venue so far, and both resulted in victories to the teams batting first.

Spinners have been extremely successful in this edition of the IPL and have managed to restrict the run flow while also picking up wickets regularly. At the DY Patil stadium as well, the economy rate of the spinners has been much better than the pace bowlers.

Pace vs Spin at DY Patil stadium
Type of bowler Runs conceded Balls bowled Economy rate Wickets taken Average
Pace 407 304 8.03 21 19.38
Spin 138 114 7.26 7 19.71

Both teams are quite evenly matched and the performance of the bowlers on semi-final day could make a huge difference. The performance of the fast bowlers and spinners for both Mumbai and Bangalore is summarised in the tables below. Again, in both departments, Mumbai hold a slight edge over their opponents.

Performance of fast bowlers and spinners for Mumbai
Type of bowler Runs conceded Balls bowled Economy rate Wickets taken Average
Pace 1593 1179 7.87 53 29.2
Spin 507 432 6.93 21 23.76

Performance of fast bowlers and spinners for Bangalore
Type of bowler Runs Conceded Balls bowled Economy rate Wickets taken Average
Pace 1703 1215 8.21 50 33.28
Spin 542 449 7.06 17 31.11

Mumbai have batted first 10 times, winning seven and losing three. While chasing too, they have been impressive winning three times in four games. Bangalore on the other hand have preferred to chase, and their performance when batting second is six wins and four losses, while their record batting first is quite poor with just a single win and three losses.