New regime receives much-needed boost August 9, 2005

ICC resumes funding to Kenya

Cricinfo staff

The International Cricket Council has agreed to resume funding the Kenya Cricket Association (KCA) more than seven months after it suspended payments to the old regime after mounting allegations that the money was not being used as intended.

"The ICC has written to us indicating its willingness to fund Kenya," explained Samir Inamdar, the KCA chairman. But he added the the KCA had been told that "the money should not be used to settle the debts incurred by the previous office."

Since taking over from Sharad Ghai in May, Inamdar has unearthed liabilities of almost $500,000, a figure which is increasing with each passing week as more creditors emerge, even though the KCA has no discernable assets. Attempts to obtain financial documentation from officials of the old regime have proved fruitless and that is making the preparation of accounts for 2004 impossible.

"I have written to the sports minister [Ochilo Ayacko] seeking advice on the matter and I believe the government has a wide variety of ways to go about it," Inamdar said. "It may choose to wind up KCA, put in money in form of a loan, recover money from people who have mismanaged the KCA's funds or even choose to do nothing."