Cricket Kenya chairman wins two-year term July 5, 2006

Inamdar elected to ICC board

Cricinfo staff

Samir Inamdar: 'delighted' © Cricinfo
Samir Inamdar, the chairman of Cricket Kenya, told Cricinfo that he was "delighted" after being elected as one of the Associates' three members on the full ICC board.

Inamdar, a 46-year-old barrister from Mombasa, took over as CK's chairman in May 2005, ending several years of bitter infighting within the country's stakeholders. He has quickly won a reputation as a hard-working, no-nonsense individual.

Inamdar is joined by HRH Tunku Imran (Malaysia) and Stanley Perlman (Israel) who were re-elected for the next two years.

Ricardo Lord (Argentina), John Cribbin (Hong Kong) and Laurie Pieters (Namibia) were elected to the ICC chief executives' committee for the next year.