Elite Three-Day League 2007-08 March 26, 2008

Kenya postpones Elite League

Cricinfo staff

To widespread frustration, Cricket Kenya has postponed the three-day part of its Elite League on the eve of the first round of matches.

Originally, the three rounds of three-day matches were to have started earlier, but the whole event had to be delayed because of the domestic upheaval which followed December's presidential elections. The one-dayers, which should have been played over two weekends, then had to be extended to a third because of a conflict with Nairobi's 45-over competition.

In a media release, CK said that onset of the Long Rains had led to the tournament being postponed until June. The first round will now take place between June 6 and 9 with the second and third rounds starting on the following Fridays.

"The rains which have pounded the city heavily over the last one week have left most of the grounds waterlogged and the groundsmen have found it difficult to prepare for these matches," Tom Tikolo, the board's CEO explained.