Aiden Blizzard July 28, 2013

How to sign autographs

Interview by Jack Wilson
And a lesson in curbing your temper on the field. Aiden Blizzard got them both young

First bat
It was a hand-me-down from my father when I was ten. I remember it was a Gray-Nicolls Legend and I went out and bought some Excalibur stickers, because that's what Greg Blewett was using! It was far too heavy. At that age I think I should have been using something like a size 3, but I still hit a pretty long ball with it. I could have done with something a lot lighter.

First century
My first hundred came when I was 13, for the Shepparton Cricket Association in Bendigo. It would have been off about 80 or 90 balls, which isn't bad. That's pretty quick for a junior.

First time I lost my cool on the field
I remember it well. It happened when I was 12 or 13 and I was playing for my junior side. I went out to open and hit one straight to mid-on. I walked off, threw my helmet and broke it. My dad refused to buy me a new one and I had to borrow one for the rest of the season. I learnt my lesson.

First time I was hit where it hurts
It would have been in the backyard, where me and my younger brother Cale used to play. We used to try and mow out a proper cricket pitch with the lawnmower and every now and again we were allowed to use a cricket ball. He bowled it from what must have been about ten yards and yeah, ouch.

First time I was asked for an autograph
I was 20 years old and it came on my first time playing for Victoria. I didn't know what to do. I was wondering whether I should sign it like my bank statements or to think of something new. I gave them my signature, but I don't even think I spelt my name right!