Fiji news October 27, 2008

ICC investigate Fiji cricketer 'found in pool of blood'

Cricinfo staff

The ICC is conducting an investigation into an incident whereby a Fiji cricketer was found in a pool of blood during the recent World Cricket League Division 4 in Tanzania.

No details have yet emerged about the welfare of the player or further information about the incident, but the ICC are aware of the situation. "We are aware of an alleged incident that took place at the recent ICC World Cricket League Division 4 tournament in Tanzania," the regional manager for ICC East Asia Pacific, Matt Weisheit, told the Fiji Times. "However until the full details are ascertained it would not be appropriate to comment further."

This is not the first time Fiji's cricketers have been involved in incidents while on tour. During an Under-19 tournament in Vanuatu last year, there were allegations of damage to the hotel in which they were staying, and in 2007, some players were involved in a brawl in Samoa.

"We are aware that an incident took place at the farewell function and have received a verbal report from the ICC," Martin Shaw, the Cricket Fiji's general manager, said. "Once we have had an opportunity to read the reports from the ICC then the board will decide whether the actions of any players have brought Cricket Fiji into disrepute.

"Where players have acted inappropriately when representing Fiji we will ensure that disciplinary action is taken against them. This is so that future teams are aware of what level of behaviour is expected of them when they represent Fiji."

Fiji finished bottom of the World Cricket League Division 4 which was won by Afghanistan.