June 22, 2001

All about the six-wicket ODI club

Muhammad Asim

On June 19, 2001, during the seventh one-day match (no. 1725) of the NatWest series between Pakistan and Australia at Trent Bridge, Pakistan captain Waqar Younis took six wickets for 59 runs, This is the best performance by any Pakistani bowler against the Aussies after Wasim Akram's 5/21 at Melbourne on February 24, 1984. It was his fifth six-wicket haul in ODI's and the 23rd instance overall, in ODI history. Waqar's figures are the best by any captain against Australia. Just for record, Waqar has now taken 13 wickets in his last two games, the most by any bowler in successive ODI's.

Here is a detailed statistical look on all such great bowling performances.

All 23 instances of bowlers taking six or more wickets in an ODI

Figures Bowler Fixture Venue ODI # 10-1-30-7 (B2) M Muralitharan (SL) SL v Ind Sharjah* 1650 10-0-36-7 (B1) Waqar Younis (Pak) Eng v Pak Leeds 1724 10-1-37-7 (B2) Aaqib Javed (Pak) Pak v Ind Sharjah 685 10.3-0-51-7 (B2) WW Davis (WI) WI v Aus Leeds 203 6.2-2-12-6 (B2) A Kumble (Ind) Ind v WI Calcutta* 858 10-2-14-6 (B1) Imran Khan (Pak) Ind v Pak Sharjah 321 12-6-14-6 (B1) GJ Gilmour (Aus) Eng v Aus Leeds 31 9-4-15-6 (B2) CEH Croft (WI) WI v Eng Kingstown 115 10-2-18-6 (B2) Azhar Mahmood (Pak) Pak v WI Sharjah* 1517 8.2-3-19-6 (B2) HK Olonga (Zim) Zim v Eng Cape Town* 1551 10-2-20-6 (B2) BC Strang (Zim) Zim v BD Nairobi (Aga) 1242 9-0-23-6 (B2) AA Donald (SA) SA v Ken Nairobi (Gym) 1124 10-1-26-6 (B2) Waqar Younis (Pak) Pak v SL Sharjah 627 9.4-0-29-6 (B2) BP Patterson (WI) WI v Ind Nagpur 481 9.5-0-29-6 (B1) ST Jayasuriya (SL) Eng v SL Moratuwa 818 9.4-1-30-6 (B2) Waqar Younis (Pak) Pak v NZ † Auckland 894 10-2-35-6 (B1) SM Pollock (SA) WI v SA East London 1393 11.5-3-39-6 (B2) KH Macleay (Aus) Aus v Ind Trent Bridge 207 9.4-0-41-6 (B2) IVA Richards (WI) WI v Ind Delhi (FSK) 582 10-1-44-6 (B1) Waqar Younis (Pak) NZ v Pak Sharjah 1144 10-0-49-6 (B2) L Klusener (SA) SA v SL Lahore (GS)* 1252 9-0-50-6 (B2) AH Gray (Aus) Aus v WI Port of Spain 672 10-0-59-6 (B2) Waqar Younis (Pak) Aus v Pak Trent Bridge* 1725

Key: Team in Bold indicates winner
† match tied
* - day/night match (6)
B1 - bowling first (17 instances)
B2 - for bowling second (6 instances)


  • Gary Gilmour was the pioneer of the six-wicket club
  • In the 23 instances registered by 19 bowlers, only Jayasuriya and Gilmour are left-armers
  • Waqar is the only one who has done it more than once, five times in fact
  • Muralitharan's (7/30) and Kumble's (6/12) are the all-time best for an off-spinner and leg-spinner respectively
  • Waqar's (7/36) and Aaqib Javed's (7/37) are the finest for any genuine fast bowler and fast-medium bowler respectively
  • The best for any left-arm pace bowler and left-arm spinner respectively are Gary Gilmour's (6/14) and Sanath Jayasuriya's (6/29)
  • Only twice has a team still lost after one of its bowlers took six wickets (Imran Khan 6/14 v India & Shaun Pollock 6/35 v West Indies)
  • Kumble took 6/12 in just 6.2 overs (38 balls)
  • There have been eight (the most) instances by Pakistan and six instances by any team against India (the most)

  • - All data updated to 21.06.2001