Axed coach 'deeply hurt' June 17, 2004

'They have regretted such decisions in the past' - Miandad

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Javed Miandad: 'How can anyone question my commitment and credentials even after all these years?' © Getty Images

Javed Miandad has expressed his fury at the manner in which the Pakistan Cricket Board terminated his contract, describing the board's actions as "unethical", and adding that such hasty decisions hadn't benefited the country or its cricketers in the past.

"While my contract was in effect, they settled terms and conditions with someone else," said Miandad. "This is a clear breach of contract, which I consider unethical. If I was not good enough, why was I brought in as coach last year?"

In an earlier interview with The News, Miandad had been in a more conciliatory mood, saying: "I am deeply hurt that they have used the word 'terminated' for my stepping down as coach. I stepped down as coach after a mutual understanding with the board."

Miandad revealed that he had asked the PCB to give him more authority and power when it came to selection matters. However, according to him, things didn't work out the way he wanted. "I felt if I was not getting what I want, to make the team improve its performance, it was no use to carry on like this," he said. "But we reached a mutual understanding that they will honour my remaining contractual terms and conditions and I will step down myself."

According to Miandad, the performance of the Pakistan team hadn't been poor enough to warrant a change of coach. "It [the performance] was not disastrous," he said. "Coaches and teams are only changed if results are disastrous and I think since I took over as coach we have performed creditably. Even our performances against India were not bad."

Miandad also suggested that the foreign coach option might not be the best one for Pakistan, given the manner in which men like Richard Pybus had struggled to establish any sort of authority or put an effective system in place. "In the past also they have taken such decisions and regretted it," he said. "In the past also, they brought me back. My only grouse is if they are going to treat their own people like this where are we supposed to go? How can anyone question my commitment and credentials even after all these years?"

Despite his anger, Miandad wished Woolmer all the best in his new job. "I wish him the best of luck on his assignment," he said. "It is going to be a tough one."