Pakistan in Sri Lanka 2009 August 4, 2009

Domestic setup is flawed - Younis

Cricinfo staff

Pakistan captain Younis Khan has rejected claims that 'groupism' within the team has led to below-par performances during the ongoing tour of Sri Lanka. Instead, the poor structure back home is to blame, Younis said. "The problem with Pakistan cricket is that our domestic structure is flawed," he said.

The visitors lost the three-Test series 0-2 and surrendered the ODI series with a six-wicket defeat - their third consecutive loss in the five-match series - yesterday in Dambulla. "The players produced have flawed techniques," Younis said. "They only manage to overcome it once they start playing for the national team."

Younis said that he faced similar problems as well early in his career. "When I made it into the Pakistan team, my technique was not so good. It took me two years to get it right," he said.

Some experts have blamed the lack of unity in the Pakistan team for its poor showing in Sri Lanka, with some claiming that a few senior players like former captain Shoaib Malik and vice-captain Misbah-ul-Haq had intentionally under-performed to cause Younis' downfall.

Younis, however, rejected such claims and said he had an excellent rapport with all his players, including the seniors. "I'm not a mad man. I don't go out fighting with everyone," he said. "I have a perfectly fine relationship with the players."

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  • Saurubh on August 7, 2009, 16:25 GMT

    I do agree to Younis in this case. However, saying that i dont think that the reason given is the only reason behind Pakistan's bad performance. The politics in pakistan's cricket is apparent. Good players, in fact players who had the potential of becoming great players are out of the team now. In recent past we have seen drastic changes in pakistan 11 and that inconsistency with reliable players has caused the team a great damage.

  • Huzaifah on August 6, 2009, 20:24 GMT

    The problem that unfortunately plagues Pakistan cricket time and again is that once the team starts to lose, all of the problems are exposed that apparently were not there before. I remember the Pakistan team gelling perfectly well during their victory run at the T20 World Cup. But now suddenly rifts and alleged factions have sprung out of nowhere. My point is that this not the right time to point fingers and surely heads can be chopped off, Misbah-ul-Haq's to my personal liking, once the players return from this tour. More attention needs to be paid to the fact that Pakistan have so far put on their worst performance in history in Sri Lanka and the team needs to focus on salvaging some much needed pride in the remaining two games of this series to get in to some sort of rythem because, unless they do so, we can expect a lot worse from them once they leave for the Champions Trophy and then a tour of Australia.

  • Mohammed on August 6, 2009, 12:55 GMT

    Funny that everyone is look for an answer which is a straight forward as it can be but we want excuse not a solution,right? Pakistan is staled to play it next year on track that will have movement & bounce but we are all talking about who is in form or not. Sorry it not about form it was Technique where Pakistan lacks. S o here i recommend 2 thing first let the ball come to you.Second stop the going front foot movement as a trigger movement. Along with that stop make shift openers & find 2 good back foot solid Bat. Only Karman look like he can become good opener so let him do that & bring in Ahmed a Keeper. Malik & Misbah need to go so that Batting can be Builts around Youfus & Younis in Test & ODI. As for Bowling what Pakistan need a one more Strike Fast Bowler who can use the new ball mainly Asif or somone like him. Pace is needed but in time that will come. Hope some one will read this & turn Pakistan into a solid Team in next year & Gr8 Team in couple of Yrs.

  • Shamas on August 6, 2009, 9:20 GMT

    I am so shameful to read that every one is trying to blame someone. Caption try to blame on players and even on structure. Board try to blam on players and their behaviours. Media try to blam on Players controversies "Grouping". What is that! recently we have won the T-20 Championship and we are very happy we are not blamming on every one and every one try to make its number. Younus khan said he is a very good thinker, slow starter and whatever he says at that time. He is hero for the media, nation and PCB. What happened now did all the players forgot how to play?. did media forgot they gave us a good victory and proud?. did PCB forgot what is the situation at that time and what is now. Please try to make some team that is loyal with all nation and try to be loyal with your nation. Instead of blaming try to think out what is happening. We are not angry if pakistan lost this series because at least we are playing cricket after long time and we will take some time to back in structue.

  • maximus on August 6, 2009, 9:14 GMT

    What pakistan needs at this time is a tough and demanding captain like Imran Khan. Younis Khan is too cool and nice a guy who cannot handle the team and management.

  • irfan on August 6, 2009, 5:15 GMT

    I strongly disagree that players of panjab does not want to work with a captain who does not belong to panjab. Please stop these kind of remarks about us pakistanies. We dont want to hear such things. and i think "cricket in china" what ever your real name is you are yourself very much confused you dont like the captain yourself and you are blaming panjabies for not working with the captain and what rubbish examples have you given Javed Miandad is respected all over pakistan i m 100% sure not a single pure pakistani with the love for his country can deslike jawed. Please stop spreading such messages of hatered specially in these difficult time for our country.if you can not help plz stop saying anything.Lets all pray to Allah subhanatallah that Our nation keep the unity and cricinfo plz dont let such remarks publish.

  • Muhammad Asim on August 6, 2009, 5:12 GMT

    The main reason behind pakistan's defeat is the lack in fitness & fielding. The truth is that Razzaq was n't fit for 3rd ODI, but they included him in the side, that's y jayawardene hits him about 6 boudries. Nasir Jamshed is a fine Batsman but in my point of view he should be rested for this ODI series, so he should play domestic cricket to improve his techniques. Rana Naveed is an old man so youngsters should get a chance instead of him. While Khurram Manzoor and Shahzaib Hassan are the horrible batsmen, they should not be included in the pakistan team forever. Young Umar Akmal is a talented guy, so the team should give him the chance instead of Misbah-ul-Haq.

  • King on August 5, 2009, 15:37 GMT

    There are several reasons behind the defeat of Pak team. First, discrimination in team selection. Misbah and Shoaib was failed in first 2 test matches, why management didn't give chance to Faisal Iqbal and Abdul Razak in third test? Most of the players out of Punjab get this type of treatment in team. Sri lanka has flat pitches, why not Afridi and Imran opened the inning? Why gave chance to Nasir Jamshed, when he doesn't deserve any place in team? Second, Captain is a confuss guy. Why he was bowling in test and oneday despite the fact that is going to retire? why not gave chance to Fawad Alam to bowl? I think team management need to kick Fawad out of team, therefore, he has been using as batsman. Third, Players from Punjab never accept any captain out of Punjab. Therefore, they downplayed to trumble Younus's captaincy. This happened before with Asif Iqbal, Miandad etc..

  • shoib on August 5, 2009, 13:48 GMT

    To tell the trith i think there is a big drift in the team and they are not geling and bonding under the new leadership of younis khan. for me he shouldnt be captain he hasnt quite got the skill and the respect from the team. the first class is played at a poor standard, it's like Englands club level. so a few seniour players like saleem malik, ijaz ahmed, saeed anwar, mushtaq ahmed need to help them out a touch. intikhab alam should be given the sack and a decent coach should be bought in, in the bowling waqar and aqib will do a good job, for the batting they need javed miandad and zaheer abbas to come and teach.

    by the way very well said "hihello"..... NO.1 AFRIDI FAN!!!

  • sabooh on August 5, 2009, 13:24 GMT

    i think its just one series, no body should be panicking. the team selection was fine except for the one opener slot which should be decided between nazir and butt. those two need to be competing to be pak's second opener playing alongside akmal. afridi needs to play at no.3, he looks most comfortable here as he can take his time and is not in a rush. the middle order should comprise of younis, u akmal, alam, malik, who should be in the team, he is an important player just going through a rough patch. swap gul for naved and your bowling looks potent! razzaq, gul, aamir, ajmal. such a team could do wonders at the champions trohpy! and i really hope they keep yousuf out of the odi side, he is not the best player under pressure and showed how loyal he is by going to the icl, coming back and leaving again. there is no way a player like that can be trusted to win games. razzaq was justified in leaving because of how he was treated and nazir wasnt playing, his leaving wasnt surprising

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