Separated at birth

May 1, 2014

James Faulkner and John Ross Bowie

In the Big Bang Theory universe, James Faulkner doesn't like the name West Indies, so he instead calls them the Roxanne Islands. (Nominated by Sujeet Patole, Seemit Praharaj, Aseem Sharma, Hassan Bukhari and many others) © Getty Images

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Posted by Dummy4 on (May 27, 2014, 7:42 GMT)

Curtis Jonathan Hussey and Matthhew Wade!!!!

Posted by Yasitha on (May 23, 2014, 15:13 GMT)

Dawlat Zadran(Afghanistan) vs Joseph Fiennes(actor) and Samiullah Shenwari (Afghanistan) vs Randy Couture(actor)

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 2, 2014, 22:34 GMT)

These two look absolutely nothing like each other whatsoever. Who on earth is responsible for choosing these?

Posted by Android on (May 2, 2014, 22:03 GMT)

AbeyDEVILLIERS, just go away.

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 2, 2014, 20:29 GMT)

No. Just no. Absolutely not.

Posted by Peter on (May 2, 2014, 13:36 GMT)

They don't even look anything near each other. Nothing matches.

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