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July 25, 2014

'Paint me like one of your French ladies'

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"This won't be a wasted trip. Fortunately, he can join the gymnastics team in Glasgow." (Dr. Neela Ramdass, Trinidad and Tobago)

Honourable mentions:

When asked about his favourite George Costanza scene, Gambhir chuckles and immediately resorts to "Paint me like one of your French Ladies" pose. (Sandeep, India)

"At least Madame Tussauds wants me." (Vedprakash Agarwal, India)

"It's so embarrassing when you wake up the next morning on the neighbour's lawn..." (Dr. Nick Meakin, UK)

"It's so embarrassing when you get caught sneaking into grounds through the manhole covers..." (Dr. Nick Meakin, UK)

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