India v Sri Lanka, tri-series, Kingston July 3, 2013

India given 'reality check' - Kohli

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Sri Lanka inflicted a number of unsightly statistical wounds on India during their bonus-point victory at Sabina Park, a performance Virat Kohli called a "reality check" for a team that had suffered two defeats in the Caribbean after winning the Champions Trophy in England. India's chances of making the tri-series final are now diminished, because they need to win both remaining matches and hope West Indies beat Sri Lanka to avoid needing a bonus point.*

"We have to analyse what we did wrong. We have two more games to go," said Kohli, who was standing in for MS Dhoni in his first ODI as captain, after the 161-run defeat. "This is going to hurt the guys a little bit."

India's bowlers did not challenge the Sri Lankan openers after Kohli had won the toss; the upshot was a 213-run opening stand and the first time that a team batted 50 overs in the first innings of an ODI without losing more than one wicket.

"It was a tough day at the office. We were not up to the mark with the ball," Kohli said. "The Sri Lankans batted really well, and we did not. To chase down 349, you need a quick start, we were not able to do that, that did not give us momentum."

India were dismissed for 187 in the 45th over, managing only 13 more than Upul Tharanga's individual contribution to Sri Lanka's 348, with Ravindra Jadeja's unbeaten 49 being the top score.

Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews had been dismayed at losing the toss but was thrilled with how the match played out. "We needed that, especially after losing the toss, we were on the back foot. Mahela showed his class. Upul struggled a bit initially but batted through and was brilliant later.

"We needed to get that 250, bowlers never let us down if we score 250. Hats off to Mahela and Upul. I am doing my bit the way I can."

The unbeaten 174 was important to Tharanga because not only was it his best ODI score, but it had come after he was recalled to the squad due to an injury to Tillakaratne Dilshan. Tharanga had been sidelined since January.

"We needed to get a start because we lost the toss on a sticky wicket," Tharanga said. "The first ten overs were crucial. They [India] bowled well upfront. So we had to ride that, and then we put the pressure back on them."

*0650 GMT The sentence had said that India needed to win at least one of their remaining games with a bonus point. This has been amended.

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  • mano on July 9, 2013, 2:00 GMT

    Real metal of SL cricketing talent is tougher than what India estimated. Every team under go the phase of transition in to new talent. Once they are settled in there respective place and job in the team we can see the tough fight from them. In that process every body get chance to compare the future of SL team with A team. The real depth of it will come to surface in time once when they are in position to replace Mahela, Sanga, Tharanga and Dilshan with young players. All the self placed cricketing nations will feel the hammer of young SL cricket after that. Until then this type of condemning and taring can be seen from Indian fans.

  • mano on July 5, 2013, 10:50 GMT

    Wonder why every body wearing fancy glasses in the field. but not when they bat. That did not prevent them from dropping catches and sloppy fielding. Is there any control over these show offs of players in International level.

  • Dummy4 on July 4, 2013, 13:23 GMT

    Ishant sharma should have a hair cut...:)

  • Suhas on July 4, 2013, 8:01 GMT

    Many people say that Varat is not cool captain. Make Raina or Rohith captain of Indian team. They are cool in nature. What a rubbish. Dravid and Sachin also very cool. Daada is not cool in many Situation. Give Virat 2 or 3 Match. If he failed then make comment. Doni started to lead India in WC T20. After winning T20 he failed miserably in 50 over game against Aus, that is also in India. After that he became master in 50 over format. But he failed in T20. This is not his failure. This is teams failure. T20 is different than 50 over. India also done good thing till 20 over against SriLanka. They done good against WI also while defending the total. Virat also become good captain as Dhoni. Comparing Virat with Dhoni is foolish thing. One is master in Captain and other is try to become good captain. Not only captain, team management decides the playing XI. Droping Bhuvi is not good thing. Droping him is not done by Virat alone. Team management done that.

  • moginraj on July 4, 2013, 3:29 GMT

    i hope the fans are more patient with this team, and dont start bashing them straightaway... this is a young team, and this will happen!!! hope india does well in the remaining games atleast, even if they dont make it to the final.....

  • Salil on July 4, 2013, 1:56 GMT

    @ rajesh_singhSTM- Couldn't agree with you more about Dhoni! Some people still hilariously attribute his success to luck. I commented about this on this page yesterday, but recently my comments never seem to get published!

  • Naresh on July 3, 2013, 19:14 GMT

    Kohli is the future indian Captain... Not a great start. But not all great starts will continue to do great things. Remember 'Titanic ship', it stated greatly but sinked. and remember 'Usain Bolt', he starts slowly, but finishes perfectly. Kohli is a fast learner. He led the U-19 team to win the world cup. He will definitely comeback greatly. If fielders did not do well on the ground, even Dhoni can't do great things. Kohli needs support from all team members.@Team members, Please support Kohli as you support Dhoni. RGS and DK should avoid thinking about their place in the team. then only, they will flourish. Make use of these chances and play well. @Kohli, do not make your captaincy affect your batting skill. ALL THE BEST TO KOHLI AND HIS TEAM...! I wish Kohli will be the greatest captain ever..

  • Dummy4 on July 3, 2013, 17:26 GMT

    There is too much cricket being played. That explains India's sloppy fielding. Give us all a break. We just finished watching the Champions trophy. Now another tri-series. What next?

  • Vijay on July 3, 2013, 17:23 GMT

    A once in a blue moon innings by Tharanga aided by some inexperienced captaincy by Kohli and some young India bowlers has finally handed SL a win over India. Nothing to be alarmed about it. Having said that SL openers did play well but unfortunately this win came in league match over India and not in some final or semifinal of global tournament. Surprised that SL managed to win one match after such a long long time against India and yet no one is attributing it to luck factor wheras Dhonis/Indias winning WC2011 and CT2013 is attributed to luck.

  • Dummy4 on July 3, 2013, 16:08 GMT

    Honestly, I don't care how India performs in this meaningless competition. It is the ICC events that matter to me and India are champions of the World Cup and Champions Trophy. Perhaps the SL and WI fans will enjoy this competition, who can blame them ? This series is nothing more than a BCCI fundraiser geared towards providing money to the WI and SL boards. India won the competition that mattered a few days ago in the UK. The players simply don't want to be playing this mindless affair. It's better if India forfeit their next 2 games and offer a bonus point to the WI and SL. A bonus point ?!! What a joke ! If that was there during the CT, India would have been way ahead of most teams.