USA news September 22, 2011

Former VP attacks USACA's "non governance"

ESPNcricinfo staff

Former USA Cricket Assocation vice-president Nabeel Ahmed, who resigned last year, has accused the board of using a compliance review to try to manipulate the forthcoming elections.

"Why is there a need for a compliance review process at this time when it has never happened ever before?," he said. "Has the math changed with the leagues voting the current administration out?"

Ahmed continued that while the regions were being given one set of rules, USACA was operating under another and was almost completely unaccountable for its actions.

"Elections that are long overdue [have] been procrastinated into indefinite schedule violating the constitutional requirements. It is a delaying tactics for this compliance process to take place four weeks prior to the announced election date. Who says it is not the height of non-governance.

"It will be an interesting scenario where the USACA compliance planned to be conducted now results in certain member leagues losing the voting rights because of non-compliance to be declared. There are administrative holes created and will become bigger with all these smart moves by the USACA administration which includes a few select individual executives inclusive of the office bearers selected on a telephone conference call.

"Will it not be considered a misrepresentation of the earlier data which was submitted to ICC from the office of Cricket Operations and in return the status of the associate membership with ICC getting into jeopardy?"