USA news October 22, 2012

Suspended USACA secretary wants treasurer Thickett sacked

ESPNcricinfo staff

The infighting within the USA Cricket Association (USACA) which last week led to the suspension of Kenwyn Williams, the increasingly unpredictable executive secretary, continues with the issuing of an agenda for the forthcoming AGM which includes a motion to remove John Thickett, the treasurer, and to scrap the multi-million dollar deal with Cricket Holdings America (CHA).

The AGM, which is due to be held in Fort Lauderdale on November 10, is already likely to be a lively affair as the board will face questions over Williams' recent conduct and its failure to act swiftly when the problem arose.

While senior board members have now regained control of USACA's social media outlets and are looking at their options to remove Williams from office, he continues to cause them embarrassment.

One of his last acts was to reveal the name of one of the shortlisted candidates for the vacancy as USACA chief executive, announcing that this person had been appointed on a salary of $500,000. ESPN learned from the ICC that the interview process was ongoing and that the salary stated was inaccurate.

Now Williams has circulated an official-looking agenda on USACA headed paper which calls for the removal of Thickett, who was the first to call for his suspension last week, and proposes and motion to "resolve that the CHA LLC agreement be dissolved". CHA is a joint venture formed in 2010 between New Zealand Cricket and the USACA for the development of cricket within the USA, and it aims to launch a professional Twenty20 league in America next year.

While neither motion is likely to succeed - Williams seems to have managed to alienate himself from almost every faction within US cricket - this will be another embarrassment for USACA at the end of a week where quasi-official pronouncements on Facebook and Twitter have left them scrambling to undertake a major damage-limitation exercise.