Australia in West Indies 2012 March 23, 2012

Haddin not returning to West Indies


Matthew Wade is expected to make his Test debut against West Indies next month after Cricket Australia confirmed Brad Haddin would not return to the tour. In a statement, Cricket Australia cited "family reasons" for Haddin's decision not to rejoin the squad after he flew home from the Caribbean ahead of the first ODI.

Wade was Australia's first-choice gloveman for the limited-overs portion of the tour but the selector Rod Marsh indicated last week that Haddin remained the No.1 wicketkeeper in the Test side. The following day, Haddin flew home for personal reasons.

"Cricket Australia fully supports Brad's decision to remain in Australia and sends its best wishes to him and his family at this time," the general manager of team performance, Pat Howard, said after Haddin confirmed he would not return to the tour.

The New South Wales wicketkeeper Peter Nevill will remain with the squad for the Test portion of the tour, having flown in to replace Haddin for the one-dayers. But having impressed during over the past two months in the shorter formats, Wade will be the clear first choice for the first Test, which begins on April 7 in Barbados.

While the precise reason for Haddin's decision to remain at home is unclear, it does raise serious doubts over whether his international career will continue. Australia's next Test series is not until the 2012-13 home summer, when they face South Africa, by which time Haddin will be 35 and will no longer be the incumbent in any format.

Meanwhile, Australia's captain Michael Clarke has been ruled fit to join the squad for the Test series after being sidelined from the one-dayers due to a hamstring injury. Clarke will fly out of Sydney on Sunday ahead of the three-Test series.

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  • Justin on March 26, 2012, 12:55 GMT

    @Fourworldcups, @tanstell87: I just read your last comments and its getting quite funny now. This is a sport so your both going to have examples of series won and lost. If we take a look at the history then us Aussies have it over India. In Test cricket Aus have beat India about 36 times (compared with the 20 that India have won) and in ODIs Aus have won 61 (compared with the 36 that India have won). India have beat us Aussies in more T20 games (2 wins to 1) so have the slight edge. Im sure there will be plenty of exciting series in the future too but for now lets just enjoy playing the West Indies (esp that explosive batting order).

  • Tanmay on March 26, 2012, 11:29 GMT

    back at Fourworldcups then : hey so you want me to go back & pick results of 20 years...just like your team had horror runs in those mentioned 2 years...India had two disasters in England & Australia....the England favour was returned by India in ODI series in India when a young India team trashed Poms 5-0...India defeated Australia 4-0 in 2008 & 2010(2-0 & 2-0) i dont think your team is that great...anyways on current form I would say India,South Africa ,Sri Lanka & Pakistan are top 4 teams in Odis with South Africa & England topping tests....i would say Australia would come behind India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka & South Africa in Odis..& behind England/South Africa/India & Pakistan is tests...anyways keep dreaming about the number 1 tag for it your team are no World Champions anymore in any format...!

  • wayne on March 26, 2012, 0:55 GMT

    Love your work, Fourworldcups! Some people are just blind to the obvious, huh?

  • Claire on March 25, 2012, 9:38 GMT

    back at Tanstell then: You seem to be bringing up matches from around 2 years ago mostly there, a period which most would agree was probably the lowest ebb Aus has had since the 80s. I love how being 2-1 down in a 5 match ODI series is a trashing, whereas losing 8 away tests on the trot, all of them by a huge margin, is just a glitch lol. Looking at current results once again for away matches, India 0-4 in England, 0-4 in Aus, last in the CB series, last in the Asia cup. Aus: win in SL, tie in SA. We can see clearly there who the home track bullies are (like there was any doubt). AUS, Pakistan, England, South Africa and probably SL are clearly far better than India. But keep on digging there champ :)

  • Tanmay on March 25, 2012, 6:16 GMT

    @fourworldcups - you should read everything....i wrote India wins everything at home & have not lost at home since 2004 in tests....& your minnow team was trashed by England 3-1(remember that) in 2009 in England...your team got hammered 2-0 twice in 2008 & 2010 at hands of ODIs , India beat Australia in 2008 in CB Series(remember that)....South Africa trashed Australia in 2009 ODI series both in Australia as well as in South Africa...Sri Lanka beat your team 2-1 in November 2010...India beat your team 1-0 in October 2010...England beat your team in August 2010...Sri Lanka beat your team 4-3 in CB Series 2012...currently West Indies who have never beaten any team except for Bangladesh & Zimbabwe in last 10 years is trashing your team in West bottomline is apart from 8-0 & few ODIs...India has been winning everything & not like your home track bully team which barely manages to win at home & are trashed away...!

  • wayne on March 24, 2012, 13:59 GMT

    Thanks Zenboomerang, you've got more info than i have. My only worry about Tim coming back for the Tigers in 12-13 is that the excellent Tom Triffitt & Brady Jones (just scored 148 in grade cricket) will get benched. Not sure what they're putting in the water down here, but Tassie has produced a handful of very good keepers in the last few years...

  • Jafer on March 24, 2012, 9:04 GMT

    Matthew Wade is a great player and wicketkeeper.And he's times the ball beautifully. Now lets see if he can play at the highest level.I think Matthew Wade is a great puller. He just stays so tall when he's playing the shot.He has got a great talent.

  • Claire on March 24, 2012, 8:39 GMT

    @Tanstell . Not to be vindictive, but lets recap here. Aus over the last 12 months Won in SL, Tied in SA, Tied with NZ at Home, Thrashed India 4-0 (you remember that?), not to mention winning the ODI's along the way as well. India has been pounded 4-0 twice, came last in the CB series, barely beat WI at home and just got knocked out of the Asia Cup by BL in their home conditions. Lets keep some perspective of who is the minnow team, eh?

    As for Haddin, despite his struggles I'm sad to see him go (if this is indeed the end of his career, the door isn't necessarily closed). Such a classy bat when on song.

  • Roo on March 24, 2012, 8:21 GMT

    @Smudgeon... Re: Paine... Yes all healed - saw the speciallist 4 weeks ago & gave him the 100% bone healed verdict... Still, it will take time for tendons & muscles to rebuild back up... Paine had his batting glove remade by Slazenger so that his finger has more padding around it - took out the breathing mesh... Paine said that he's looking to play in the Darwin comp this winter to get fitness back up to FC standards... He lost his IPL contract, so not sure what is happening there... Wouldn't mind seeing him up for Test squad consideration if his comeback is all good...

  • Ian on March 24, 2012, 8:06 GMT

    smudgeon ,,, ,,, my info is that he is batting ONLY ,,, very gingerly, with HUGE amounts of padding. Are you able to add more info? As you are no doubt aware, he has supposedly been "fully healed" on at least 2 previous occasions. I fear we may have lost a potentially brilliant Oz cricketer.

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