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WICB offers to meet with Gayle to end standoff


The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has written to Chris Gayle, stating it remains available to meet and resolve the latest impasse over his exclusion from the national team. Gayle wasn't picked for the series against India owing to differences with the board, including over a widely-publicised radio interview with KLAS Sports where he strongly criticised the WICB. The rift appeared to intensify after a heated meeting - which also involved West Indies Players' Association president Dinanath Ramnarine - on June 14 with the board, but both parties have since expressed a willingness to reconcile.

In his letter to Gayle - a copy of which is with ESPNcricinfo - the WICB chief executive Ernest Hilaire wrote that the June 14 meeting failed as "the discussions were repeatedly diverted to peripheral issues instead of being focussed on finding a constructive solution to the matter before us".

Hilaire offered to meet with Gayle again. "However, the Board does recognise your contributions to West Indies cricket and the value which you bring to a West Indies team; and remains available to meet with you, should you be willing to do so, so that we can bring some resolution to this matter. We await your response to discuss a mutually acceptable way forward."

This follows a conciliatory approach taken by the WIPA, as expressed by its vice-president Wavell Hinds to ESPNcricinfo. "He [Gayle] is prepared to answer the charges as honestly as he can and if there is a need to say sorry, I think he will say sorry," Hinds had told ESPNcricinfo. "Where he feels firm and has strong substance to back up his claims he will stand by them. If there are claims he has made where he has been a little excessive he is prepared to put his hand up and say sorry."

However, the board still sought an apology from Ramnarine for his alleged misbehaviour during the meeting on June 14. It also suggested the WIPA, in the event that an apology wasn't forthcoming, put forward another representative to engage with the board. "WIPA should either facilitate an apology to the CEO from Ramnarine, together with an "assurance/undertaking that he will not engage in any physical or verbal threats during meetings with representatives of the West Indies Cricket Board or identify alternative WIPA representatives to engage in meetings with the WICB," the board said in a press release.

The board has already made it clear its differences with Gayle extend beyond his KLAS Sports interview. "The WICB team has outlined to Gayle that the board has had issues historically in communicating with him and establishing a productive working relationship," the board said. "The issues include his social media announcements that he was taking a break from the game, that the Sri Lanka tour had been cancelled, among others. He demonstrated an unwillingness to engage the Board. This pattern of behaviour culminated with his widely-publicised interview on KLAS radio in Jamaica."

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on June 26, 2011, 17:01 GMT

    honorjr's comments epitomizes the illogical thinking of the WICB and selectors . For example, Bishoo who has been the extremly impressive against Pakistan and India is being criticized. Then there is a suggestion for Shillingford to come in but at whose expense? Maybe honorjr wants the entire team made up of "small island" players

  • ron on June 25, 2011, 18:28 GMT

    It's not too late to add Chris Gayle and Ramdin to the side. Will you strengthen it after WI has lost the series? Then it makes nonsense. Once again, your Board crew is disappointing the WI cricket fans.

    Comm'n Julian Hunte, act in a responsible way and strengthen the WI batting line-up. Do you care about WI fans?


  • Dummy4 on June 25, 2011, 18:13 GMT

    Disciplinary matters should be settled but a disciplinary board, not the person who Gayle alleges tried to bully him into signing a contract without union representation. Hilaire, Hunte, Otis and Ramnarine should step aside and allow an independent disciplinary board to mediate between WICB and Gayle and his lawyer and WIPA representative. This will remove any previous bias and hopefully will see WI present a stronger challenge for India.

  • Jr. on June 25, 2011, 13:56 GMT

    West Indies cricket needs Shillingford back on the team..why does everybody want sammy's neck, however, nash,sarwan, keep getting out with no contribution..bravo keeps dropping cathes, bishoo refuses to bowl a flipper and keeps being very predictable. i even read a comment sammy should be drop even thought he keeps taking wickets, he just isnt threatening enough. was pollock??(SA)with pace?? bring back the old failures who disappear,when IPL comes around, or just go out and fail everytime the team needs someone to step up..make your pick. i mean, west indies were doing soooo well and winning so many games when gayle was team captain right..

  • Jawad A Malik on June 25, 2011, 11:28 GMT

    Good to listen . Wicb must take positive steps to rebuilt team,image and fear of Wi team over other teams.

    My 11 is Gayle (Cpt) , Barath , Simmons , Bravo ,Sarwan , Samules , Ramdin ,Russel/Bravo/Pollarad ,Bishoo/Benn , edwards , Taylor.

  • Dummy4 on June 25, 2011, 4:15 GMT

    As far as i am concern this matter with Gayle is taking much to long to settle, i blame both sides for that. I call on mr Julian Hunte as president of the WICBC to take the responsibility to bring an end to this matter and immediately re-enstate Gayle on the WI team. You should not allow the CEO to deal with this matter for all what has been said and done it would appear as though there is some bad blood between the CEO and Gayle in doing so please keep the WIPA president out of that Loosing the first test vs India tells us that our bowling is good and our batting is crap Sars and Nash are on the team by reputation we drop Devon Smith because he had a problem playing the slow bowlers Nash and Sars both have a big problem in playing both quick and slow bowling they are not serving any purpose they both should go and make way for Gayle and Samuels My team for the 2nd test will be Gayle Barrat Simmons Darren Bravo Chive Samuel Bore Sammy capt. Rampaul Edwards Bishoo K Edwards th man

  • Satesh on June 25, 2011, 1:31 GMT

    @Whitney Peterkin - Thanks - never thought anyone read any of my posts. So here's the team in batting order for the 2nd test -and sure one we can win with : 1 Simmons 2 Barath 3 Gayle 4 Chanderpaul 5 Sarwan (captain) 6 Darren Bravo 7 Roach 8 Ramdin 9 Rampaul 10 Edwards 11 Taylor. I would have Bishoo sit out this Barbadoes test. This means that Gayle and maybe Sarwan will have to bowl a little but with four pacemen together that may not be even needed. Just imagine the physological effect of playing Taylor, Edwards, Roach and Rampaul in the same line up!! Really hate to suggest leaving out Bishoo, especially after the way he batted towards the end of the first test but there is no other way for our 4 best fast bowlers to play in the same game. This team will win the series - but can we just start with the next match??

  • praneeth on June 24, 2011, 19:41 GMT

    im an indian but i can give a suggestion if u ppl accept..... is sammy really necessary in tests? y cant they try captiancy with dareen bravo(a good talent young player, he vl be emerging soon),he could be surprise package like dhoni in indian team............. i think bcause of sammy the team is unbalanced..... and also gayle is really necessary for this team..... and bring one new coach frm other countries like SA,IND,NZ but nt AUS or ENG(cunning countries) so that they can know new things

  • ron on June 24, 2011, 17:19 GMT

    SECOND TEST - June 23/11. WI lost the 1st Test Match yesterday primarily due to the "Captain's regulation dropped catch" (Dravid at 6 runs in the second innings). Sammy's positive contributions did not balance out with this "Game Changing Dropped Catch" which resulted in Dravid making full use of this opportunity and made over another chanceless hundred runs. For WI to regroup, the Selectors/Board should hide their pride, and add Chris Gayle (once fit) and Dinesh Ramdin to the next Test squad in place of the Vice Captain and Carlton Baugh. Also think about Samuels and Pollard to be back. Bring back some decency to WI cricket which has been in the doldrums since the days of Clive Lloyd/Viv Richards/Brian Lara. Due to their inconsiderate stance in dropping experienced Players in such a ruthless/carefree way, they are disappointing West Indian fans especially those who wanted to visit the Caribbean to see the One day series vs. India.

  • Dummy4 on June 24, 2011, 15:02 GMT

    I certainly agree with the comments made by satspeare my only addition to that team is another strike bowler probably a Taylor. Folks remember the days when we were hoping and praying for Taylor and Edwards to be fit again to partner Roach? Well lets play all three of them ,Rampaul ,Bishoo, a keeper, Gale, Barath, Chandrapaul, Sarwan and one of the Bravos. With a strong bowling line up the batsmen will have less runs to make (they are not making much in any case). And we have some bowlers who can be considered lower order batsmen and not tailenders so that should not b a difficult thing to do.

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