ICC World Twenty20 2010

Setting the pace, Australian style

Instead of the batsmen determining the result it has been the fast bowlers, the men usually required merely to get the ball into play, who have been doing the dominating

Peter English

May 13, 2010

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Dirk Nannes and Shaun Tait celebrate a wicket, Australia v Sri Lanka, World T20, Group F, Bridgetown, May 9, 2010
Dirk Nannes and Shaun Tait are two-thirds of Australia's fearsomely fast trio © Getty Images
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A strange thing has happened in Australia's Twenty20 games over the past two weeks. Instead of the batsmen determining the result it has been the fast bowlers, the men usually required merely to get the ball into play, who have been doing the dominating.

In combining Mitchell Johnson with Shaun Tait and Dirk Nannes, Australia have formed a lethal attack that is making the game more interesting. It's about time the bowlers had a chance to even the Twenty20 imbalance, but the problem for the rest of the world is this trio's attributes are based around extreme speed.

The current group is working at levels beyond those attainable by men without fast-twitch fibres in their stomach and obliques muscles. Just as some athletes can sprint 100m in under 10 seconds, only a sprinkling of bowlers can deliver regularly at more than 150kph. Johnson, Tait and Nannes maintain it through four overs while Brett Lee used to be able to. Lee's replacement Ryan Harris, the next-in-line in the Caribbean, can almost get to that mark while the allrounder Shane Watson is comfortable in the low 140kphs.

It's not just Australia's pure pace that is hurting the opposition, but the speed mashed in with the need to score from every ball. If they could duck, weave and wait for the bad deliveries, most batsmen would remain unflustered. In Twenty20 they can't afford that luxury.

Johnson, Tait and Nannes produce balls in each over that force a batsman's defensive instinct to take over. The Australians have discovered that changing the outlook of a shot-maker can be as damaging as a wicket.

Having pace to burn has led to them winning five games in a row in the West Indies and they enter Friday's semi against Pakistan expecting to reach their first World Twenty20 final. They have already bumped and bounced over four teams from the subcontinent, including Pakistan, despite the pitches being on the slow side, even in Barbados.

West Indies were the latest victim, softened up by the quicks before the legspinner Steven Smith arrived, and in the five matches the pace triumvirate has collected 29 of the side's 47 wickets. In four of those games the bowlers allowed totals of less than 136, ensuring Australia's run-makers have been able to escape even from difficult situations. The side is built with the fast men as its platform; the batters have become the fancy window dressing.

Teams search desperately for something that consistently slows down Twenty20 runs and Australia's answer has been to crank up the pace. They know there is the potential to go for eight or more an over whatever the bowler's speed, so they've decided there is no point dropping back to focus on line and length.

"It's good to see the opposition jumping around and not being able to handle the short ball," Johnson said this week. "That's been a bit of a plan for us against the subcontinent guys." It's been a brutally successful tactic. England are the only other team from outside Asia left in the competition and will meet Australia if they both reach the final.

The sudden surge in Australia's international ranks has been caused by a mixture of good fortune - Johnson, Tait and Nannes are all fit - and a run of injuries that allowed two of those vacancies. Injuries to Lee, Tait, Peter Siddle, Ben Hilfenhaus, Nathan Bracken and Stuart Clark over the past year and a half forced Australia's selectors to peer outside their trusted core.

The emergence of Nannes, Harris and Doug Bollinger, who is unlucky to be at home, has given the squad even more enviable options. These three men have transformed from steady domestic operators to reliable professionals and their success has been spread across the genres.

If they could duck, weave and wait for the bad deliveries, most batsmen would remain unflustered. In Twenty20 they can't afford that luxury.

In Twenty20 Nannes, 33, has a case to be the game's best bowler. He tops the overall wicket list with 96 in 66 games and leads the tournament table on 13, with a breakthrough every eight balls. It's unbelievable that it took so long for the selectors to recognise him.

Despite performing incredibly for Victoria in the lead-up, Nannes wasn't in Australia's 30-man squad for the 2009 World Twenty20. He shuffled over to join the Netherlands in England instead and by wearing the garish orange uniform was finally noticed by Andrew Hilditch's panel.

Johnson, a seriously dangerous performer in all forms, has the benefit of arriving at first change after Nannes and Tait have made a start on the panel beating. He bruised West Indies with a couple of wickets on Tuesday and has eight victims in total, the same number as Tait.

Like most unorthodox speed merchants, Tait doesn't usually know where the ball is going, so he is an even more awkward prospect for the batsmen. Still, his economy rate of 4.68 an over is the sixth-best in the competition.

The left-arm angle of Johnson and Nannes also ensures more balls at their opponents' bodies and less room to wriggle away from short ones. Batsmen know that with someone operating over the wicket it changes all their angles, from where they aim their pulls to the target of their cover drives. The slight delay as they adjust their thinking shaves time that is usually spent on perfecting the shot.

"We all bowl differently, which is good," Johnson said. "We blend really well together. Hopefully we can keep doing it." The approach sounds so simple. All you need to succeed is three high-class, high-speed fast men.

Peter English is the Australasia editor of Cricinfo

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Posted by BillyCC on (May 15, 2010, 1:30 GMT)

I can't believe at some of the stuff that has been written especially by the Indian supporters like sabirshah. It is ridiculous to suggest that the T20 World Cup is fixed, and we know it definitely isn't because of today's result. Pakistan would not have tried so hard to beat Australia (and almost succeed) if it was fixed. And India/Pakistan series bigger than the Ashes? Absolutely not, they don't even play each other regularly, probably because of fear of losing. Please learn more about real cricket Sabirshah, and not focus on conspiracy political theories.

Posted by Deenasanjeevi on (May 15, 2010, 1:19 GMT)

I think the Pakistanis will kep their mouth shut now atleast...I was overwhelmed when the Aussies duly thrashed them...this Shame on them not able to defend 18 runs in an over....

Posted by skuller on (May 14, 2010, 15:37 GMT)

Shane Watson bowls low 140 mark....what a joke...the author needs to check the speed gun results for these players before coming up with such comments

Posted by daneyal007 on (May 14, 2010, 15:26 GMT)

its SIMPLE.Pakistanis are gona support Pakistan . Aussies are gona support Australia. Indians are gona be bitter about the whole thing and would support anyone against Pakistan .( remember in Champions trophy you guys supported Pakistan. Why not do that again.) English would want Aus in the final.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 15:05 GMT)

Osama Prasanna : They have trashed most of sites also India. I guess you did not liked that

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 15:00 GMT)

Pakistan... HAHAHA.. If you a real cricket fan... then just see how Pakistan turns things in the world of Cricket at most unexpected moments...

Posted by Hoggy_1989 on (May 14, 2010, 14:47 GMT)

@ sabirshah: Are you seriously suggesting that the World Cup is rigged, or are you that blind to your precious subcontinent teams obvious failure against top line pace and bounce? If India was able to combat Australia's express pace, and deal with a pitch that actually has bounce in it, then they would be in the finals. Adding onto that they left arguably their most versatile player in Irfan Pathan at home and tried to play the game with 3 specialist bowlers and 2 part time pie throwers...Team India do not deserve to be in the finals...and they are not. Pakistan could pull a rabbit out of the hat tonight and knock Australia off...but short of the pitch losing all its bounce, I don't see it happening. Aus v Eng in the final...that will be a very interesting contest!

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 14:30 GMT)

@ Kritesh Modi. Australia might win tonight, and they surely have been the most consistent side in the competition, along with England. I too admit that Pakistan got there by luck, and wining only 2 games out of 5. BUT how many games did Team India Win??? hmmmm, let me think..... 0? Ofcourse being an Indian its hard to disolve that Pakistan has gone further than India. Try to live with it mate. or better sharpen your Media Hyped players, by letting them play IPL. May the best team win tonight.

Posted by reality_check on (May 14, 2010, 14:25 GMT)

@ Kritesh Modi... not withstanding Farhan-Sg's childish bravado... are you saying that Pakistan is the worst team in the tournament? Not sure what you have been following for past two weeks but apart from expected first round exit teams, only one team in super 8's did not even win a single match out of the three played... go ahead take a guess !!

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 13:40 GMT)

its completely AustraliA!!they are gonna beat Pakistan in semifinal!!not only beat but thrash them!!

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 13:28 GMT)

I am more worried about the rain...!!! What if rain comes in and Pakistan goes out of the final...??????? :@ By the way, this could be an interesting game as far as spinners are concerned and no one talks about Pakistani great spin attack suddenly formed by the injuries though and the worst possible team selection by the Chairman PCB who tends to be all in all of the game as he always remains on every cricketing trip and certainly makes it a family trip in the end. I dont think mr. Ijaz Butt has cricketing mind and I even doubt if he has a mind... ;)

Posted by Bone101 on (May 14, 2010, 13:04 GMT)

I don't like Pakistan's chances..... their supporters don't seem too confident either! Praise this, praise that...... why don't they just feed Afridi before the match so we don't have to praise him from the ball?

Posted by THEJUICE on (May 14, 2010, 12:35 GMT)

pass the doobie along sabirshah... Rigged T20 world cup, great conspiracy theory.....Maybe you are right. That would explain just how Pakistan can have reached the semi finals having lost the majority of games in this tournament.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 12:12 GMT)

It's funny how everyone keeps talking about Australia being a team that is passed it in all formats. When the fact is, had they won the Ashes last year, they would still be number 1 in all formats. Sure, they have had a heap of retirements and injuries, but the fact they are still the team to beat shows the incredible strength in depth Australia. Their are players in State cricket in Australia that could walk in to any team in the world and be top players, that will probably never get the chance to play for Australia.

Posted by MrFahd on (May 14, 2010, 11:46 GMT)

It's show time... Bring on the aussies! let's toast them... ;)

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 11:37 GMT)

m with u farhan Pakistan will show they r the best t20 team in the world they r runner in 1st t20 ,winner in 2nd and INSHALLAH will win this as welll wherewere ausies in last 2 t20s luckely hussy make them thorgh otherwise they were knock down by bangladesh in group matches. go green shirts we r with u show the world that u r the best

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 11:33 GMT)

Few Hours are left....

With All Mights on Aussie sides...

Time will tell.....

U all will see "NO ASHES IN T20"



Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 11:31 GMT)

This game between Australia and Pakistan is fixed. Younger Akmal is already making excuses that he has backack. Atleast someone is making money. Chances are even if rest of Pakistani team works hard, backed by God and heavy prayers; Pakistan will still hit out 15 runs short thst's the plan. I don't think God has any Interest in Cricket. but Pakistan may not be able to beat the Kangroo worshippers this time. By the way I just noticed Kangroo is strong animal and it was not even on Noah's arc. Of cource England Australia final will be more profitable. If more money was given then more Pakistani players would have backack and Pakistan would get out under 100, like West Indies did for money. Saeed Ajmal drop three catches against a team forgot which team was that but at least he must be a rich person now

Posted by sgg1983 on (May 14, 2010, 11:19 GMT)

Aussies will be hit hard today by the green shirts

Posted by atifhmehr on (May 14, 2010, 11:17 GMT)

As usual all indians are not supporting Pakistan as thier team is out as usual in super eight category. Lets time decide whether Afridi will bite the ball or Australian emotions. Today's best bet is on Pakistan Saeed Ajamal and Abdur Rehman will be too hot to handle on this wicket.

Posted by sgg1983 on (May 14, 2010, 11:17 GMT)

Will be proved today....Lets see what happens, stay positive.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 11:12 GMT)

Lets be neutral here. By the way the tournament has been played it looks like Australia is going to win the semi final and final as well. We have to let the teams decide it.As far as Pakistan is concerned they have to be disciplined, hold on to their catches, leave that molvi mentality which they possess and there is no reason why Pakistan shouldn't win.

Posted by Cricketlover70 on (May 14, 2010, 11:03 GMT)

Agreed! But one thing is for sure! Keep the approach against Aussies as Aussies keep against any team. Thats the only way to beat them. They have improved a lot this year in this format. Deserves to b the champions this years for sure! But mind you Afridi has been reported not slept since last night & have prayed for the win as Pakistan can only beat Aussies with help of prayers, not professionally

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 10:53 GMT)

Okay, almost every Pakistani believes Pakistan will have to play way out of their skins to challange Australia. They have hardly been challanged so far, winning all their matches in the "typical ruthless Aussie aggression"..... However, Pakistan has been known to pick up their game when it matters the most..They did it in the previous WC, and theres every chance they can pull it off again! May the best team win.........

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 10:37 GMT)

love Aussie pace attack just love to watch 3 pure fast bowlers in one team i'm with Australia Pakistan will struggle against quickies rock on Australia

Sri Lankan,Aussie Supporter

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 10:04 GMT)

I don't understand one thing..... People saying that Pakistan don't deserve to be in the Semis..... I think then NZ should be in the semis who were able to beat only the most inconsistent team that too by only 1 run..... Or yes maybe SA who were not able to chase a meager total against the most inconsistent bowling attack..... Or maybe India who didn't win a single match in the super eights.... or may be WI who were only able to beat the worst team in super eight..... Come on people stop moaning and get with the game..... Just hoping for a good match.......

Posted by pcric_fan on (May 14, 2010, 8:27 GMT)

Well I support Pakistan. But I do admit that currently Australia is the better of the two teams based on the previous performance, standing and their team combination. But in spite of all this Pakistan do have the capability to beat them specially in a T20. They also have some decent players who can win the game for them . I just hope they field well and give their best.

Posted by WASEEM.SAJID on (May 14, 2010, 8:23 GMT)

I will never comment on Farhan's comment but i will talk about luck. I mean people says that Pakistan is their because of luck and they dont deserve it.. How can u say that. Yaa i admit Pakistan played badly against OZs in group stage. But they force english team to play the whole 20 overs to chase a modrated target of 148 when they need 20 of last 24 balls having 6 wickets in hand and they even cant slog at all against Aamir and Amjal. Why because they bowled exeptionaly well. Than in next match i admit batting flopped to chase a very low score of 134 odd but look at bowlers whom enforced New Zealand big guns to fire. Than in last match Pakistan outclassed South Africa in all forms of game. You have to admit. Now i come to luck. Is ther any1 else(SA or NZ) who won more than Pak with better run rate in group 8. They both lose two matches with huge margin thats why they are out. Not bcz of luck. Luck only counts when you done some hard work as well. The same Pak did

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 8:17 GMT)

Aussies no doubt will the Cheek pea for Pakistan in the Semi final but it doest not reflect that Pakistan can not do better… as it is the T20 which is very much unpredictable any over or two can put any team in the Final……ya they have Big Guns like Watson, Tait, Warner, white, D Hussy…. You are absolutely right that Kangaroos have a very good fast bowling attack….but do not forget Pakistan has a very good spin attack which can difficult to tackle in the big ground of St Lucia……if Pakistan will play with his full strength and also they click at the right time……they might have become Monster of Cricket for any team as we have the last T20 W cup which Pakistan wins comprehensively in the End………so lets hope for the best for Pakistan………and Afridi as a captain………

Posted by Rooboy on (May 14, 2010, 8:05 GMT)

Maybe the secret weapon Farhan-Sg is talking about is that Afridi is going to eat the whole ball this time! Well, there's been a lot of talk betwen fans all tournament but the time for talk is almost over. Let's hope it's a good match. You just never know with Pakistan, they may get knocked over for 60, or they may knock up 220, their unpredictability always makes things interesting and entertaining for sure.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 7:51 GMT)

Its high time now that Pakistan get over this Aussie fear

as a realist i bet 70 quid on Aussie 20 on pak for their unorthodox nature to surprise even the best and 10 on d/l

Tomorrow Pak just need to get that monkey off the shoulder thats been sitting on their shoulders this whole summer or they can go home and consider saving plane tickets by bunking with India on the next flight outta the Caribbean

Posted by UmairTariq on (May 14, 2010, 7:40 GMT)

Farhan-Sg .... I think you're a little excited about the semi final therefore coming up with such comments. I know australia is a tough and competitive team but guys this is the semi final and one bad day can cost you all the good form. Also considering the fact that Australia has not yet had a single bad day in the tournament so Pakistan could have a chance. If we go back to last year's tournament, South Africa were unbeaten till the semi final where they had the bad day and lost. Sri Lanka weren't beaten until the final match where they lost and got knocked out. As far as England is concerned, I dont rate them as a big match team. So whoever takes the match between Pakistan and Australia will take the cup. Being a Pakistani supporter' I believe that Pakistan might have an outside chance to surprise Australia today. Whatever the case, Its going to be a good match unlike the 1st semi final which was pretty one sided. Good Luck to Pakistan :-D

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 7:32 GMT)

The thing about beating the odds and being unpredictable is that it doesn't happen always. if it did we wouldn't call it beating the odds and being unpredictable. so i don't see Pakistan beating aus. The one thing i am hoping for is a good game in which Pakistan gives Aus a good fight and doesn't go out on its knees like the other asian teams.

Posted by AnotherPK on (May 14, 2010, 7:26 GMT)

Near Me equation is really simple win this match and Crown themselves with the Championship.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 6:57 GMT)

lol Kritesh, its funny how you indians start supporting Australia whenever they are up against Pakistan, and when its Australia Vs India, then your Australian Juggernauts becomes the most indiciplined team of the world! And to remind you of who is the worst T/20 side of the world, its India brother, The winners of the 1st edition (thanks to Misbah's silly shot selection) havent even made it to the semis in the next 2 editions! I am not saying that Pakistanis are going to beat the Aussies, but yes they can if they play like the cornered tigers, if Afridi clicks, anything is possible and if they gel together to beat the hell out of Aussies, mind you, they will kick them out of the tournament! but its a big "IF". And @ Rach Gina Marsden, Afridi has blasted the Aussie attack more than often, Remember 2001? 2003? When he used to come in at no.7-8 and make a quickfire 30+, he hit the likes of Brett Lee and Mcgrath out of the park.. Anyways, Aussies are the favourites but Go Pak Go!

Posted by CricketRealist77 on (May 14, 2010, 6:37 GMT)

sabirshah u make me laugh the ashes IS the MOST famous because it was the first game of international cricket ever played and 99% of the cricket world know that but nice try lol. India is not the centre of the world just cause u think it is in fact most of the world think India r just paper tigers (but we will take ur IPL money lol)

Posted by Hit_The_Roof on (May 14, 2010, 6:12 GMT)

@Farhan, I would be glad if pakistan unleash the 'secret weapon' that you are referring to. And you mean Australia's going way down?? - seems you are kidding. The fact that they won from the positions above tells about their mental strength and power.

Posted by Navin84 on (May 14, 2010, 6:11 GMT)

A few words for Afridi.....don't be "Afradi" of the Ausies just be "THE AFRIDI".

Posted by BattosaiXX on (May 14, 2010, 5:25 GMT)

Ur paceman been beaten up badly before beside Johnson. Australia lack diversity in bowling. 4 fast bowler is what going to make australia lose the cup. These fast bowlers well be treated harshly by England, as Pakistan lack good openers. And their depth will be tested by Razzak. But these bowlers do make game exciting as the game is so skewed in favour of the batsman.

Posted by gzawilliam on (May 14, 2010, 5:01 GMT)

I really like the confidence Fahan-Sg is showing here. Maybe the pakistan team it self could use a bit of it. As the Australian team has the complete package. Any situation seems comfortable for them at the moment even when losing quick top order wickets. If Pakistan lose the akmals early then its all over. Afridi is too cowardly to move up the order where he belongs and by the time he actually gets in the game will be over.

Australia by 40+ runs

Posted by bobagorof on (May 14, 2010, 4:58 GMT)

@Farhan-Sg: Meanwhile, Pakistan scraped through to where they are, their batting looks a shambles, and they've won just 2 out of 5 matches...

Posted by Anam on (May 14, 2010, 4:35 GMT)

ooookkk? people need to dial down the emotional heat and look at this objectively...Australia without a doubt are the favorites and given pakistan cricket history with the ozzies, have been quite terrible actually horrid...am a pakistani supporter but i have to say that 95% of the chances is for australia to win unless pakistan can do something incredibly brilliant bc they are very unpredictable...just waiting for a miracle here ;)...peace out

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 4:19 GMT)

Unless Pakistan play out of their skins, Australia should win this one. I simply love fast bowling.

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 4:13 GMT)

Australia lost to Zimbabwe by 1 run....that's not a thrashing, unlike the past 10 consecutive international games Pak has played vs Australia resulting in comfortable losses. If Pak lose a couple of wickets quickly more likely to capitulate collapsing pathetically as they are normally do. Australia has shown that even when they are 65-6 they have the batting reserve ready to be able to rebuild. Im keen for a competitive match but with Pakistan's non-existant top order barring Butt and shambolic fielding/running between the wickets this match does not seem like it will be competitive.

Posted by Gabbagod on (May 14, 2010, 4:00 GMT)

Oh dear Farhan-Sg. Lets hope Afraidi has lunch first this time rather than treating the ball like a Caribbean delicacy. The Aussies are still an exceptional team in all facets of the game (you do remember you're tour of OZ last year dont you?). I would rate them my best T20 team, India the best Test nation and I hate to say it, but probably the Aussies again in the 50 over stuff. Pakistan are the best at all formats in the region Pakistan - Turkey though (although the Afghans are getting close).

Posted by MalikNadeemAwan on (May 14, 2010, 3:47 GMT)

Inshallah Pakistan will fight with these fast men and would tell them that we are pakistani who produced the great fast bowlers of all time than these three fast men who can not put fear into their mind. and pakistan is the only team who scored 157 in the event against them so the know how Pakistan is dangerous.................

Posted by s.sreekant on (May 14, 2010, 3:47 GMT)

as if pak entered the semis with perfection,pak was also thrashed by Zimbabwe,new ,pakistan had to depend on others to come into semis,but that was not the case for australia!!!!!!!

Posted by   on (May 14, 2010, 3:17 GMT)

I see Farhan, so why exactly wouldn't Pakistan have revealed this so called 'secret weapon' when they faced Aus a few days ago and got comprehensively beaten? The answer is they don't have a secret weapon. Pakistan have been very lucky to have got so far in these world 20/20 tournaments. If you look at past results they have only scraped through, much like this time which puts a large part of it down to luck. Aus, on the other hand, have a very strong team which deserves to win the tournament. Unfortunately, though, this is t20, so any team has a chance to win.

Posted by marcash on (May 14, 2010, 2:57 GMT)

in current tournament, pakistan was only team australia have won with small margin and they lost all their wickets. now pakistan is clicking, its late but not too late, they might upset australia dream.. its good that today australia is going as favourite and overconfidence will be killer for them, as pakistan will go as less under pressure... good luck to pakistan... they are the only team who can beat australia.. whoever win this game, will win final..... mark my words..... go pakistan go... god bless you... drop hafeez and misbah, dont worry give hammad chance. there is nothing to loose, he will be better than these two idiots....

Posted by sabirshah on (May 14, 2010, 1:49 GMT)

ICC T20 world cup is fixed??? First Edition India Pakistan Finalists!!! of course any match between India and Pakistan is worth more than 'Ashes', Indo-Pak series is far more famous than ASHES though.India won(of course there is a large population of cricket audience) Second ICC T20 World Cup, SriLanka Pakistan finalists. International Cricket in Pakistan was on the stake after SriLankan team attacked in Pakistan by terrorists. So i guess the best selling would be put two VICTIMiZED teams in finals and guess what Pakistan and SriLanka were in the finals!!! Pakistan won to gather sympathies(Co incidence). Third T20 Edition, 2nd Semi Final is not played yet, but look at the 'body language' of everyone. This Final is going to be between 'ASHES'. As we saw England won yesterday , a final between Pakistan and England won't be a very good selling. but England and Australia in finals, ASHES!!! makes sense,,,so i put my money on Australia to win today coz its all planned...Good luck Afraidi

Posted by steelo_esq on (May 14, 2010, 1:01 GMT)

yes farsan be afraid because afridi might get hungry again and try to snack on the ball. the aussies crushed pakistan earlier in the series and will crush them again

Posted by JP16.1470 on (May 14, 2010, 0:26 GMT)

@Farhan-Sg Its a one sided game, there is no competition for the "OZ" team. Not only being biased but also Aussies deserve to win this, & they will. Whats the secret weapon? Get rid of the 1 faster they were going to play too?

Posted by Rooboy on (May 14, 2010, 0:13 GMT)

lol @ Farhan-Sg. Very funny!! There sure are a lot of comedians on this site. Not to say pakistan can't win (I'm not as arrogant and ridiculously parochial as most sub continent fans) but they surely face an uphill battle. I think if someone went out of their way to write as ignorant a comment as possible, they would struggle to beat Farhan-Sg - 'thrashed by zimbabwe'?!? Australia lost by one run so if that's a thrashing, what do you call what Aus did to Pak in the first game? AND IT WAS A PRACTICE MATCH!! The team was TOTALLY different to the team that has played most of the competition and Australia experimented with bowling changes all game. Farhan-Sg, please tell me, how does a team continually demolish their opposition based on 'the reputation of previous glory'? But still, get it all out now Farhan-Sg, because like most of the gloating sub continent fans posting comments, you most likely won't have much to say after the game. PS did you see what Aus did to Pak all summer?!

Posted by inoor on (May 14, 2010, 0:02 GMT)

Was this article really written for cricinfo? Sounds more like something for a non-cricketing platform where readers are not fully aware of whats going on in WT20 as there is no new information or idea.

Posted by redneck on (May 13, 2010, 23:56 GMT)

@Farhan-Sg mate past glory? you did catch them beating pakistan just over a week ago? warm up matches are just that, warm ups! i dare say that match meant alot more to zimbabwe than it did to australia. if your going to knock australia's reputation prehaps check your own teams while your at it?

Posted by TheRealRockNRolla on (May 13, 2010, 23:52 GMT)

just for the record, Pakistan is missing Shoaib Akhtar and Gul to injuries or recovering from injuries, Asif has been a little off with soap from home... so I reckon, with those couple of players, along with Sami and Aamer - Pakistan could form a fearsome pace quartet and make life miserable for Australia as well...but w/o them Pakistan has to improvise against a formidable outfit that is Australia and since Pakistanis cannot match the Aussies at pure professionalism or fitness or manpower, they have to play with heart above all. That's all that the fans expect of the Pakistani team. The rest is up to The Almighty - as Afridi so mentions every time he addresses the world ;)

Posted by log211274 on (May 13, 2010, 23:36 GMT)

Farhan-Sg I am sorry but I have to say this. This is to all sub-continant supporters. Afraidi was great in the past and he may still suprise in this next game. But please stop bagging teams like Australia and England. In this T20 they have been the BEST 2 sides. England was only beaten by duckworth/lewis and nobody to this stage has looked like getting close to the aussies. You all keep talking about Afraidi. The last 10 matches against Australia what has he done. This past summer in Australia how many games did pakistan win? From my memory I believe it was 0. Cricket is not a one man game. there are 11 players that need to contrubite. I hope it is a good game but please give some credit where credit is due.

Posted by   on (May 13, 2010, 23:23 GMT)

Farhan you sound generally worried! No one else would be that cocky with a team that Australia has beaten over and over again. Afridi might 'smack' somebody down, but it will probably be the poor ball instead of the Aussie team. You can't seriously say that Australia is a 'wild-card team that is just running of the reputation of previous glory'. Have you watched any of their matches? They hammered every team. Yes, they might have been down by 6 wickets against Bangladesh, but they led a extensive recovery and won thoroughly. You're just running on hope and bias, Pakistan might win, that will take a miracle. You're going to look like a fool if Afridi fails and Australia win.

Posted by _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on (May 13, 2010, 23:20 GMT)

"lethal attack that is making the game more interesting. It's about time the bowlers had a chance to even the Twenty20 imbalance". If Peter and many others realise that bowlers performances in t-20 make it more interesting than the crash, bang, slog, flat-track bullying imbalance...why can't the higher-ups? Its time for cricket to address this imbalance and hopefully we see pitches with some turn, pace and or bounce for ALL forms of the game. Let the batsmen learn to be more complete and give the quality bowlers, especially the wicket-takers a chance.

Posted by TheRealRockNRolla on (May 13, 2010, 23:13 GMT)

just for the record, Pakistan is missing Shoaib Akhtar and Gul to injuries or recovering from injuries, Asif has been a little off with soap from home... so I reckon, with those couple of players, along with Sami and Aamer - Pakistan could form a fearsome pace quartet and make life miserable for Australia as well...but w/o them Pakistan has to improvise against a formidable outfit that is Australia and since Pakistanis cannot match the Aussies at pure professionalism or fitness or manpower, they have to play with heart above all. That's all that the fans expect of the Pakistani team. The rest is up to The Almighty - as Afridi so mentions every time he addresses the world ;)

Posted by oz_boma on (May 13, 2010, 23:07 GMT)

Secret weapon???? Has Afridi been to the Dentist?

"Running on the reputation of previous glory" ??? What are you talking about?

Pakistan somehow got into the semis by winning 2 out of 5 games. Aussies have won EVERY GAME THEY HAVE PLAYED IN THE TOURNAMENT.

Remmember the last time you Played Australia.... 3 tests, 5 one dayers and a 2020.... What was the result?

Posted by   on (May 13, 2010, 21:52 GMT)

Farhan bro, even though i would love to seee the pakistani team win, u cnt call australia a wid card team. thy are powerful and mentally stron , but we paksitan are unpredicatable if we get a littel bit spark we will totally win P.s. u sounded very eerie , very weird indeed lol

Posted by CricketRealist77 on (May 13, 2010, 21:47 GMT)

No you're wrong Farhan-Sg Remember Pak have been thrashed by Aus all the last summer and beaten last 20/20 game thats ALL Australia remembers. This Aus team doesn't care about previous glories because they're are so many of them and they were different teams. Sorry nothing to be Afaidi of!!!

Posted by   on (May 13, 2010, 21:16 GMT)

@ Farhan-Sg... We all know what a sad n pathetic side the pakistani team is... its just luck that ur even in semis... u dn even deserve to be here... better start packin ur bags now... coz THE AUSTRALIAN JUGGERNAUT is gonna steamroll probably the worst side in the tournament... n abt "da secret weapon"... u might as well bring inzy oe yousuf back... bt even dats nt gonna help u!!! GO AUSSIE!!!!

Posted by Farhan-Sg on (May 13, 2010, 19:34 GMT)

You're wrong Peter, Australia is going down - way down. Remember you were trashed by Zimbabwae and were 65-6 against Bangladesh. The Aussies are a wild-card team that is just running on the reputation of previous glory - Afridi is going to smack you down to size...be Afraidi...be very Afraidi.

We have a secret weapon that we've been saving just for the OZ team, he will be unleashed tomorrow!

Ps. Be Afraidi

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