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Post IPL, players went into their comfort zones - Anil Kumble

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Former India captain Anil Kumble has said that Indian players could have slackened a bit following the IPL, where the pressure of performing for franchises is "quite intense".

"The pressure during the IPL is very different, as you are performing for your franchises," Kumble wrote in the Hindustan Times. "It's quite intense. Perhaps, the players felt more in their comfort zone when they went back into an Indian set-up and it cost them. It sounds odd but it makes sense."

Kumble was critical of India's handling of their fast bowlers during the tournament. "After Praveen Kumar went back, Zaheer Khan seemed to be struggling with something and Ashish Nehra, on his own, wasn't enough on that wicket. Our selection was wrong in Barbados, where we played an extra batsman. India did not show faith in Vinay Kumar on a wicket that offered both bounce and carry, which was a mistake," Kumble wrote.

Kumble was worried by the team management's inability to nurture fast-bowling talents. "If you look at the number of players who have turned out for India over the past couple of years, there's quality. Yet, they've all disappeared: You don't have Sreesanth, RP Singh is completely off the selectors' radar, there's no news of Munaf Patel, and Ishant Sharma seems out of sync. Irfan Pathan, a key player in any format, is gone.

"We need to look at how we're handling our pacemen - just like we've picked Abhimanyu Mithun, who turned out for India in the last one-dayer against South Africa, for the India A team. He should have been picked for the Zimbabwe tour. We're making the mistake of picking players for ODIs based on their IPL performance but bowling ten overs and four are completely different," Kumble wrote.

Kumble thinks India missed a trick in not including Irfan Pathan in the scheme of things, given his credentials as a seam-bowling allrounder. Instead, India was saddled with Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja, both spinning allrounders, who were umimpressive with the ball during the tournament. "In Irfan's case especially, it's worrying because while India have spinning allrounders, players who can do a bit here and there, they need someone for the role Shane Watson does so well for Australia, Jacques Kallis has done for years for South Africa or a Tim Bresnan, with his ability to bowl 137-138 kms per hour and then bat, is beginning to do for England," Kumble wrote.

Kumble also thought India paid for their lack of flexibility in the batting department. "Maybe, sending Yusuf Pathan out when the Sri Lankan spinners were bowling in tandem would have made more sense on that wicket. We needed someone to get a 20-ball 50. Also, someone like Dinesh Karthik, who's batted in the middle for India, would probably have been useful in the games in Barbados, given his ability to play the rising ball. India have to address the problem - either ensure that the guys in the team adapt to the bouncing ball or pick people who can play it," Kumble wrote.

Kumble's most telling observation was about the mindset of the team. "Despite knowing fully well what we needed to get before the game, we couldn't - Sri Lanka didn't look at getting 143, they looked at winning. They were not defensive and that's where they got it right.

"Their positive mindset was the difference between them and India, as evidenced by what Dhoni said after the loss to the West Indies. 'We'll play Lanka and go home'. India seemed already resigned to the fact that they were out and that was unacceptable," Kumble wrote.

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  • Dummy4 on May 16, 2010, 3:50 GMT

    Team India (Bunch of Losers) and BCCI is madly obsessed with Stupid, Rubbish, Non-Sense, Obsolete, Commercial event IPL, which is selling 6s and 4s on Lifeless Pitches. IPL-Mad Team India is losing Skill, Inspiration, Motivation, Hunger, Determination, Committment and Fitness to play International or Test Cricket on lively Pitches. Curators, Commentators and BCCI Officials are working for IPL growth rather than Cricket growth. Until IPL is not thrashed, Team India is not going to perform well in International Tournaments. Test, ODI & T20 Cricket is great to watch at International level on lively pitches, unlike IPL Teams which looks like club cricket and played on lifeless pitches.

  • Coolest on May 15, 2010, 21:56 GMT

    Just what Jumbo said,"picking Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja instead of Irfan Pathan makes no sense. We need a "seam-bowling allrounder" not an spinning allrounder." we know, selectors don't.

    "Sreesanth, RP Singh, Munaf Patel, and Ishant Sharma why are they not in the selectors' radar".... Whats wrong with the selectors?? You should be the chief selector Jumbo!!

    "Sending Yusuf Pathan out when the Sri Lankan spinners were bowling in tandem would have made more sense on that wicket" Yepp.....

    Dhoni is not a good captain anyways. He is a very defensive captain. Opening bowling with Harbhajan Singh is a bad idea, and it shows that you do not have any faith in your fast bowlers. Taking wickets is more important then bowling just dot balsl in any format of the game.

    "Dinesh Karthik should have been picked in all the games, given his ability to play the rising ball." "Either ensure that the guys in the team adapt to the bouncing ball or pick people who can play it" Nice one Jumbo!!!!

  • Coolest on May 15, 2010, 21:32 GMT

    Jumbo!! great stuff man, I agree with every single thing you said!! This is the most complete thought, coming form the man who actually has the brains to know what went wrong.

    The players did went into their comfort zone. Just imagine putting these same 11 players in one IPL team, now ask yourself...

    Q. 1-Would these same players have not practiced against short-pitched bowling if IPL was in the West Indies?

    Q. 2-Would these same players who told BCCI that they did not wanted any practice matches in the West Indies before the T20 WC because they were very tired, would have also asked for the same before the start of the IPL??

    Q. 3-Why were they not tired before the IPL??? we were playing a lot of International matches.

  • Agnel on May 14, 2010, 12:21 GMT

    And post T20 world cup, they will go back to their 'monetary comforts' of IPL. Ban this IPL, please, please, for the sake of our country.

  • Agnel on May 14, 2010, 10:30 GMT

    someone mentioned Harbhajan..he is not featured in the wicket taking list. Because he HASNT TAKEN A SINGLE WICKET in this tournament!!! Inflate him more, even though the bubble has burst a long time ago. I have repeatedly commented Harbhajan's uselessness, still highly respected people like Kumble are not more clear about the need of the hour. We need to immediately move on from the likes of Dhoni, Zaheer, Nehra, Yuvraj and Harbhajan. But imagine Irfan Pathan and Robin Uthappa are still not in a second string team to Zimbabwe, nor in the A team to England. What is really happening, dear selectors? Results are not enough still? Better send all the seniors to play a test series against Bangladesh, we will automatically find youngsters to play for India. Indian selection is purely focused on commercial benefits (of fielding stars even without star appeal anymore) than cricketing sense. This has been the case always.

  • Buppi on May 14, 2010, 10:07 GMT

    I agree with Kumble..Its true that players are accountable for thier team owners..! But not for the county..! If you dont win matches in IPL, team owner will question the team! If you lose in international series , do BBCI question the players? Dhoni's concerns should have been raised well before leaving to T20 World cup,not after the loss..! As Kumble said, Players went to comfort shell as soon as IPL was over..! whos gonna question them..! they are already stars..! It is very evident that players went to a PUB right after the loss to Srilanka and had some fun there..! (India is out of World cup), they are very sad, to forget that they wud have gone...jokes apart..! This is the clear impact of IPL, after evry match, u got IPL late night parties, where u can have some fun with drinks and gals..! when u play for country those thngs are not ther..! so the motivation is not there..(no party na after match)..! IPL IS THE ONLY REASON FOR INDIA'S EXIT, IF WE DONT STOP IPL, INDIAN CRICKET :(

  • Manasvi on May 14, 2010, 4:32 GMT

    If the "pressure" for playing for franchises is more than playing for India, then even Anil Kumble and everyone else who endorses this viewpoint should be ashamed. One must put more pressure to perform at the international level, where one is representing the Nation. Just because the franchises pay more, it doesn't mean that people have to put more pressure on themselves and in international events take things easily. Otherwise, we will go the way of football where the English national team despite comprising of many talented players has never won in the recent past. The IPL must be ended, or the players have to be made very, very accountable in international cricket. Even if a player performs badly for 1 series he should be given the axe

  • venkatesh on May 14, 2010, 1:41 GMT

    Jumbo Feeling the pain wt every indian is feeling after such pathatic performance, INDIA won in 2007 because team was young energetic and charged, moreover they wanted win the WC. but it was not the same team spirit this year, they have got enough money from IPL and now they want to enjoy their holidays and BCCI has agreed for it by giving senior player rest Great!!!!!. When Captain of team is very lazy and doesnt want to win then how do u expect team to deliver, DHONI can win toughest matchs for CHENNAI but y not for INDIA, its great shame, team with DRAVID,SACHIN,GANGULY and may be VENKATESH PRASAD still fit for the game would have made it to FINAL of WC i belive.

    Why was Jadeja Vijay, and nehra in the team are the among best 15 we get in INDIA

    SACHIN we really missed you buddy :(

  • David on May 14, 2010, 1:17 GMT

    OK - let's get real. Kumble - your comments only outline the effects of the problem. SRT's comments? - Sachin, you are just plain wrong. There are over 1 billion people in India, over 60 million in England, more than that in both Pakistan and Banga, and more than 21 million in SA. Why is it then that Aus, with just 21 million people, has consistently produced better results than any other team?? Don't believe me?, then check out the all-time test stats. Aus has a better win-loss record against EVERY other test playing nation. Also the best in ODIs for ICC trophy results and the current No 1. And, in all likelihood, about to be crowned T20 champions. Now, do you think this has all happened by accident? noooo. Have we just been lucky to have consistently had better teams than the others? noooo. Well, we must be doing something different from the other nations - yes???? Then, isn't it about time you found out what it is???? (and don't talk about sledging - I'm being serious).

  • Riju on May 13, 2010, 23:29 GMT

    Kumble's analysis is on the money. However, he did not directly critisize the Captain. When Dhoni does a great job of captaining, he has gotten all the credit. This time, apart from poor performance from the team, the captaining was extremely poor. On a slow pitch playing 3 seamers and 2 on a slow pitch made little sense. Bowling changes and rotations didn't seem to make sense in certain matches. Even the batting order in some of the matches was mind bogling. Dhoni seemed out of sync - not his usual self.

    I am (used to be?) a major fan of Yuvi. But now it is time the decision makers (captain, coach, selectors) tell him to shape up or ship out. He needs to shape up ohysically and mentally. He seems completely disintered in playing cricket. If he wants to salvage what still can be a great career, he should get some wisdom from Tendulkar.

    No team can be "badshah" (king) of cricket without being able to play bounce and pace. Hire Dravid as batting coach.

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