India v NZ, ICC Women's World Twenty20, 1st semi-final,Trent Bridge June 18, 2009

Catch me if you can

Catch of the day
In the aftermath of India's exit from the men's tournament, their fielding was blamed as one of the reasons they came up short. They should take a few lessons from the women who performed with commitment and skill during New Zealand's innings. The pick of the moments was a fine diving catch at mid-off by Harmanpreet Kaur, who managed to get her hands underneath Suzie Bates' drive. The ball was dipping late, by Kaur flung herself forward to hold the ball inches off the turf.

Ground fielding of the day
It wasn't just the catching that caught the eye. The Indian fielders were excellent at saving runs in the outfield and Mithali Raj produced a swift piece of work to run out Amy Satterthwaite. The ball had been pushed into the covers, but Raj attacked it quickly and managed to just clip the stumps to remove one bail. Satterthwaite appeared to think she would complete the run comfortably, but in the end was short by a couple of inches.

Boundary of the day
The ropes were brought in for this match to encourage boundary-hitting, but it wouldn't have mattered where they were when Aimee Watkins connected with a powerful sweep to collect the first six of the match. To the last ball of the 17th over, she swung Gouher Sultana from outside off well clear of the boundary and the ball landed over the advertising hoardings. All the fielder stationed on the edge could do was watch it sail over her head. It was one for the crowd to throw back.

Catch of the day II
New Zealand matched India's sharpness in the field. When Anjun Chopra spliced her pull towards midwicket, Bates sprinted in from that position and then dived forward - in similar style to Kaur earlier - and held the chance, but also managed to stop the ball slipping out as she hit the turf.

Crazy run of the day
With the required rate climbing and the pressure mounting, India began to panic. Nothing showed this more than Reema Malhotra's attempt to steal a single straight back to the bowler. Satterthwaite barely had to divert from her follow through to collect the ball and throw it back to wicketkeeper Rachel Priest. Malhotra was so far out that Asad Rauf didn't need to ask for the third umpire and at the non-strikers' end, Raj showed her annoyance as another team-mate departed.

Non-dismissal of the day
Amita Sharma was involved with two dismissals in one ball but neither was out. Bates had slipped out a high full toss - purely accidental - which was flying towards Sharma's head. She managed to connect with it, sending a catch to short fine-leg and in the process fell onto her stumps. The umpire had already called no-ball and Bates quickly apologised. Sharma was probably happy she was still intact.

Andrew McGlashan is assistant editor of Cricinfo