The Zimbabwe crisis February 4, 2006

Dion Ebrahim left out in the cold

Cricinfo staff

Dion Ebrahim: 'I get the impression that my patriotism is being called into question' © AFP
There was further contract confusion inside Zimbabwe with the revelation that Dion Ebrahim, one of the most senior players remaining in the side, had not been offered a new contract by Zimbabwe Cricket.

Ebrahim said he was not sure of his position in Zimbabwe cricket after he was told by a member of the government-appointed committee that he was excess to requirements. "I get the impression that my patriotism is being called into question," he said. "I am very surprised by that because I was one of the players who stood by the board during the rebel saga. I don't know where this is coming from really."

Ebrahim said he remained optimistic that he would have a future in Zimbabwe cricket, but added: "It's becoming very hard. If nothing happens then I would have to explore other avenues."

Ebrahim is one of those still waiting to receive his outstanding match fees, although he confirmed being one of the players who received some money in Zimbabwe dollars last week.

"They say it's illegal to pay us in foreign currency, but the Warriors [Zimbabwe's football team] were paid in US dollars at the Africa Cup. I don't know why cricket players are being treated the way they are treating us."