'It's too early for most' February 16, 2006

Williams admits Zimbabwe youngsters not ready

Sean Williams chats to the media © ICC
Sean Williams, Zimbabwe's captain at the Under-19 World Cup, has admitted that virtually none of his players are ready to step up to the next level when Zimbabwe play Kenya in the upcoming one-day series later this month.

Williams and Graeme Cremer have already played international cricket as Zimbabwe's resources have been stretched to breaking point with the exodus of players from the game. Williams said that some of the players have been thinking about the ODIs but would struggle: "It's a difficult question if any of them could handle the next level. It's too early for most."

But Zimbabwe have few other options and Williams' advice is for them to go out and try to enjoy it. "You have to make the most of it. When I made my debut I was really nervous. But basically you are so wrapped up in the game you end up focusing more on what you have to do than at this [Under-19] level."

He is also in favour of Zimbabwe playing more games against lower-ranked sides, like Kenya and Bangladesh, rather than one-sided series against the leading countries. "It is very important because of the confidence. If we play really good teams and get thrashed then the confidence won't be anywhere."

Andrew McGlashan is editorial assistant of Cricinfo