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A fan with his face painted in the colours of India and Pakistan

Dear Cricket Monthly

Joyless in '99

Letter from… Toronto

Gundappa Viswanath

Playing hookey for Shorty

If you were a cricket fan born and raised in Bangalore in the '70s and '80s, chances are you did everything in your power to watch Gundappa Viswanath bat

John Arlott at the mike

Dear Mr Arlott

John Arlott wasn't just the voice of cricket. He was a source of comfort and hope to two cricketers who felt themselves alone against the cricket establishment

A rare sight: serpentine queues outside Lord's

Nine days in heaven

A fan makes a long-anticipated pilgrimage to the home of cricket

Richards in the 1979 final: second fiddle, but what a second fiddle!

All hail the king

On World Cup final day, let us remember the man who stamped his name on the first two

Canada captain Ashish Bagai on the recent tour to India

Look, Canada, it's Bryan Adams

Why are his countrymen resolutely ignorant about their nation's cricket pedigree, a Toronto resident mourns

Where did opinion go?

All too few men stand between us and the mind-numbing drivel that commentators and players spew these days

Bishan Bedi bowls

When trickery was afoot

On two spinners who made the special art of deception their own, and gave the game a gripping narrative in the process