1st Test, Cape Town, Jan 2-4 2013, New Zealand tour of South Africa
(102.1 ov)
45 & 275
South Africa won by an innings and 27 runs
Player Of The Match
South Africa
• The Report by David Hopps

Innings win for South Africa in under three days

Dean Brownlie, a New Zealand batsman trying to make a name for himself, must have reached a maiden Test century like this one in his dreams

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Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Andrew McGlashan
Scorecard summary
New Zealand45(19.2 overs)1st Innings
South Africa347/8d(95.2 overs)1st Innings
Chris Martin3/63(19.2)
Trent Boult3/78(21)
New Zealand275(102.1 overs)2nd Innings
Dale Steyn3/67(30)
Jacques Kallis2/31(11.1)

South Africa win by an innings and 27 runs, a result that was never in doubt after about 45 minutes of the Test (and, in truth, the days before the match too). New Zealand fought better in their second innings, and South Africa lost a bit of intensity, but the quick bowlers finished it in style with some hostile stuff at the lower order. Eleven Tests in a row without defeat now for Smith's team. You don't suspect that run will end next week in Port Elizabeth, either.

Greg puts things into context: "So tired of TV commentators going on about the Amazing New Zealand resistance ... so patronizing ... they have lost by an innings and 28 runs for goodness sake." I guess it was about trying to take something forward to the next game.

Tom: "Chris Martin with a diamond duck has so many golden ducks thought he get a diamond to go with it." He really is a gem.

Frank: "NZ's tailenders are so bad Chris Martin should bat at 9. Patel almost tripped over the square leg umpire and Boult looks like he is dancing at the crease."

Vernon Philander has been confirmed as Man of the Match. I'll hang around to bring you the presentation shortly. He was off the field towards the end because of his left hamstring, which was an issue before the game.

Presentation time: Brendon McCullum "The first day was very disappointing and we were outplayed in all three departments. South Africa bowled exceptionally well and we weren't up for the challenge. I'm pleased with yesterday's fightback, but we were outplayed. I still think if we'd put in a good first innings, as we did second time around, the cracks might have been in play for us. Dean Brownlie was fantastic after his time away, getting runs in trying circumstances, as was BJ Watling. Pleased with the way some of the guys stood up. The work ethic in this team is outstanding and we'll keep working hard."

Graeme Smith "When you bowl a side out you've ended the game and it was just about finishing it off which we did today. I don't think anyone can question our intensity in this game. We had a good build-up. We need to carry it on in PE. Vern knows his game really well, attacks the off stump and creates some talk with the ball. He does something out of the fingers. It's nice to have options available. Alvrio played a terrific knock, we form a good partnership, it wasn't an easy wicket. There were a few dropped catches but we have high-class fielders. We'll keep working and hopefully take 100% next game. It's a terrific start to the year. The turnout has been superb. It's a special feeling.

Vernon Philander "I'd like to take this pitch with me! I don't it for granted. Teams try different theories against me and that helps. I've changed my game slightly, I used to bowl wider, but now take off stump a lot more. It's something you work our yourself the more you play. It took three hard years to know my game."

So that just about wraps things up for this Test. South Africa formidable and you sense there is even more to come in some areas. The second Test starts in a week on January 11 and we'll be back to bring you that. For now, though, from Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye.

Kallis to Boult, 1 run, OUT
oh dear, what a shambolic way to end the Test! Martin bags another duck, this time without facing a ball! That's a good effort, even for him. Boult was moving all over the crease, managed to flick the ball to fine leg. Martin started coming back for a second, was sent back, and couldn't beat Steyn's powerful throw. Out by a metre.
CS Martin run out (Steyn/†de Villiers) 0 (2m 0b 0x4 0x6)
end of over 1025 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 274/9CRR: 2.68 
Trent Boult1 (4)
Dale Steyn30-6-67-3
Jacques Kallis11-3-30-2

One to go for South Africa. Chris Martin at No. 11. Sadly he won't be on strike

Steyn to Franklin, OUT
dragged on! Steyn enjoyed that. More of a celebration this time. It's another short one at the body. Franklin tried a repeat of the previous shot but it comes off the gloves and lobs onto the top of the stumps
JEC Franklin b Steyn 22 (103m 59b 2x4 0x6) SR: 37.28
Steyn to Franklin, FOUR runs
good piece of timing as he gets across the stumps, inside a short ball, and flicks it off his hip backward of square and beats a diving Rudolph (on as sub)

Ryan: "This short bowling is getting gory, fitting then that it's the FranklinSteyn show..."

Steyn to Franklin, no run
another short one which Franklin is easily underneath
Steyn to Franklin, no run
Steyn to Boult, 1 run
that's actually well played, gets right across the stumps and flicks a short ball down to fine leg
Steyn to Boult, no run
short of a length on leg stump, not getting into line but blocks to cover
end of over 1014 runs
NZ: 269/8CRR: 2.66 
James Franklin18 (55)
Trent Boult0 (2)
Jacques Kallis11-3-30-2
Dale Steyn29-6-62-2
Kallis to Franklin, no run
tries to upper cut this one over the slips but gets beaten so Boult will face up
Kallis to Franklin, FOUR runs
but he gets four instead, was nicely played this time as he waited a fraction longer and guided it wide of third slip

He'll be looking for a single (or a three) now

Kallis to Franklin, no run
fuller on middle and off, defended to the covers

Martin (I presume not Chris): "New Zealand currently have no quality spinners for the test arena, it looks like we're better off just playing 4 seamers i.e. McClenaghan, Southee, Boult and Bracewell."

Kallis to Franklin, no run
another one over the top edge, extra bounce this time from back of a length
Kallis to Franklin, no run
short outside off, another play and miss as Franklin shapes a limp cut shot
Kallis to Franklin, no run
round the wicket, full outside off, Franklin slashes and misses
end of over 1001 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 265/8CRR: 2.65 
Trent Boult0 (2)
James Franklin14 (49)
Dale Steyn29-6-62-2
Jacques Kallis10-3-26-2
Steyn to Boult, no run
now he's back away to leg as well, tries to play to the off side but misses
Steyn to Boult, no run
well, that's interesting all round...Boult walks across the stumps at a short ball which climbs past his shoulder

Almost no celebration from Steyn. Not much bottle shown by Patel. As a point of note, Vernon Philander is off the field.

Gonzo: "Don't think I've ever seen a test batsman walk as far to leg as Patel. How is he a #9 and not an #11? Show a bit of guts."

Steyn to Patel, OUT
that is that...not actually with the full and straight one, but it was fuller than before. Patel backing away to leg gets a bottom edge into leg stump
JS Patel b Steyn 8 (26m 16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Steyn to Patel, no run
back of a length, Patel heading in the direct of the square-leg boundary as he flashes without much hope of making contact
Steyn to Franklin, 1 run
nearly gets him, this time Franklin goes for the pull against the short ball, he was late on it but the top edge doesn't carry to fine leg
Best performances - batsmen
DG Brownlie
109 runs (186)
13 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
24 runs
2 fours
0 sixes
AN Petersen
106 runs (176)
11 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
31 runs
3 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
VD Philander
M Morkel
Match details
Newlands, Cape Town
TossNew Zealand , elected to bat first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of South Africa
Player Of The Match
Vernon Philander
Series resultSouth Africa led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2069
Hours of play (local time)10.30am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days2,3,4 January 2013 (5-day match)
Rod Tucker
Ian Gould
TV Umpire
Kumar Dharmasena
Reserve Umpire
Shaun George
Match Referee
David Boon