23rd Match, Wills World Cup at Lahore, Mar 1 1996
44.2/50 ov, target 217
U.A.E. won by 7 wickets (with 34 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
United Arab Emirates
Netherlands Innings (50 overs maximum)
NE Clarke c Mehra b Shehzad Altaf01112000.00
PE Cantrell c †Imtiaz Abbasi b Azhar Saeed471061601044.33
GJAF Aponso c & b Dukanwala4580896056.25
TBM de Leede c & b Azhar Saeed3647553076.59
KJJ van Noortwijk c Zarawani b Dukanwala26192930136.84
SW Lubbers (c)c Saeed-al-Saffar b Zarawani881010100.00
RP Lefebvre c Mohammad Ishaq b Dukanwala1281701150.00
B Zuiderent st †Imtiaz Abbasi b Dukanwala35100060.00
MMC Schewe  b Dukanwala661100100.00
RF van Oosterom not out24100050.00
PJ Bakker not out1480025.00
Extras(b 4, lb 15, w 11)30
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 4.32)216/9
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Nolan Clarke), 2-77 (Flavian Aponso), 3-148 (Tim de Leede), 4-153 (Peter Cantrell), 5-168 (Steven Lubbers), 6-200 (Klaas-Jan van Noortwijk), 7-200 (Roland Lefebvre), 8-209 (Bas Zuiderent), 9-210 (Marcel Schewe)
Shehzad Altaf1031511.50---00
JA Samarasekera913604.00---00
SF Dukanwala1002952.90---00
Sultan Zarawani804015.00---00
Saleem Raza502304.60---00
Azhar Saeed502925.80---00
United Arab Emirates Innings (target: 217 runs from 50 overs)
Azhar Saeed run out32821012039.02
Saleem Raza c Zuiderent b Lubbers84687976123.52
Mazhar Hussain c Clarke b Lefebvre16141430114.28
V Mehra not out2945692064.44
Mohammad Ishaq not out5155628092.72
Extras(lb 7, w 1)8
TOTAL(44.2 Ov, RR: 4.96)220/3
Did not bat: JA Samarasekera, SF Dukanwala, Sultan Zarawani, Saeed-al-Saffar, Imtiaz Abbasi, Shehzad Altaf 
Fall of wickets: 1-117 (Saleem Raza), 2-135 (Mazhar Hussain), 3-138 (Azhar Saeed)
PJ Bakker804105.12---00
RP Lefebvre802413.00---10
SW Lubbers903814.22---00
PE Cantrell803003.75---00
GJAF Aponso7.204706.40---00
TBM de Leede403308.25---00
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
TossUnited Arab Emirates , elected to field first
SeriesWorld Cup
Player Of The Match
Saleem Raza
Shaukat Dukanwala
Match numberODI no. 1069
Match days1 March 1996 (50-over match)
Robert van Oosterom
Mahboob Shah
Steve Randell
TV Umpire
Raman Sharma
Match Referee
PointsUnited Arab Emirates 2, Netherlands 0
1st ever official ODI between two ICC Associate teams.
  • Match was originally scheduled to be a day/night match.
Azhar Saeed and Saleem Raza 117 for the 1st wicket, 1st ever 100 partnership for any wicket for the UAE.
  • Saleem Raza 84, highest score for UAE in ODIs.
  • Mohammad Ishaq 51, 3rd highest ever score for UAE in ODIs, brought up his 50 with the winning runs.
  • SF Dukanwala 10-0-29-5, 7th best bowling for any team in World Cup matches, best ever bowling by an ICC Associate player in official ODIs (previous best: 4-21 by EA Brandes, ZIM v ENG at Albury 18/03/1992), 1st 5-wicket-haul for UAE, 4th best ever ODI bowling in Pakistan (best ever by a non- Pakistani), best bowling by any player in Lahore.
  • 1st ever win by the United Arab Emerites in official ODIs, 5th win by an ICC Associate in official ODIs.