6th Match, Super Four, Abu Dhabi, Sep 26 2018, Asia Cup
(50 ov, target 240)202/9
Bangladesh won by 37 runs
player of the match
Mushfiqur Rahim
end of over 50Maiden
PAK: 202/9CRR: 4.04 
Shaheen Shah Afridi14 (20)
Junaid Khan3 (10)
Mustafizur Rahman10-2-43-4
Rubel Hossain8-0-38-1

11.57pm Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We know our finalists, and now all we need to know is who will be crowned Asia's champion. That, we shall learn on friday, so see ya'll then? On behalf of all of us at ESPNcricinfo, this is Sreshth Shah signing off! Have a good night.

11.52pm Time for the presentation.

Mushfiqur Rahim, the Man of the Match: "It was important I kept belief in myself. And Mithun batted brilliantly too. I told him that we need to dig in after the early wickets. Credit goes to the way I practice and my preparation. That gives me confidence. I'm taking the right decisions more often."

Mashrafe Mortaza, the winning captain: "I think we changed our combination a bit. Usually I open the bowling, but today we started with Miraz. The bowlers did a good job, especially when we didn't get the runs. But Mushi and Mithun batted really well. We can be proud of our fielding today. Long time we haven't seen this quality of fielding in our time, so hopefully the boys can understand the value of good fielding. We still need to improve a bit of our batting and bowling. I was lucky that I didn't drop my catch, because Shoaib Malik was in such good form, but all over the fielding was really good. We always know that India are a serious side. We don't have Shakib and Tamim but hopefully the boys can show their character on friday."

Sami: "Saw a friendly tournament for a change! Lots of positives to take from players and fan behaviors towards each other. Love for cricket is strong as ever in our subcontinent! Love from Bangladesh. "

Rohan Trehan: "Mushfiqur may be MOTM but lets not forget Mithun's contribution. I believe his innings was the difference as no other Pakistan batsman's score was even close to Imam's. He didn't have enough support."

Sarfraz Ahmed, the losing captain: "Not feeling good, but the performance wasn't good. As a captain, I didn't do well. So I think as a team and as a captain, I didn't lead well. We didn't field well, our batting collapsed and as a team we didn't do well in any department. Fakhar was our main player, Shadab and Nawaz had opportunities, but we need to play well if we need to win against good teams. Our batting collapse hurt us. Shaheen is our plus point."

11.40pm It's yet another India-Bangladesh final at the Asia Cup! The result might show that it was a 37-run victory for Bangladesh, but Pakistan, led by Imam and Asif, fought hard for the most part. Both teams suffered early with the bat, with the pacers taking wickets up front to rattle batting orders, but eventually it will be Mushfiqur's 99 that will stand out on the scorecard. That innings was the difference today. The Bangladesh fans are delighted. BCB chief Nazmul Hassan congratulates his boys.

doctor: "shoaib malik has already proved a pathetic captain and sarfaraz took the team to the top.after misbah. one shouldnt forget the disasterous situation of team from where sarfaraz took the team. few players needs replacement fawad alam instead of asif ali and team is good "

Abhishek Verma: "This felt same as the English going on and on about "It's coming back" for the Football world Cup. Never count your eggs before they hatch.. "

Imrul: "BD deserves to be in the final. They lost their best batsman Tamim in the 1st match, lost Shakib before today's virtual semi-final. Still they beat every team bur India. AFG played well, Kudos to them. But you have to win your matches, which they did not..."

ORPHIUS: "Congratulation Bangladesh for making it to Final. And Kudos to them - they made it without their two best player Tamim and Sakib."

Uzair: "I seriously believe it is time for Mickey Arthur to go. He has just not understand the level an type of cricket we play. Imagine Mickey asking Saeed Anwer to bat a certain way or asking Wasim Akram to bowl a certain way. I don't see players are getting the independence they need to show their talent. "

Chinmay: "@Imran - With all due respect. The recent past you are talking about is Zimbabwe and West indies. If they want to live in that reality good for them. "

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

full just outside off, and carefully defended off the front foot to cover point. Bangladesh win by 37 runs!

last ball...

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

back of a length on off stump, and blocked off the back foot

mohammad Imran: "As a sportsman my self, who has played some cricket myself. I can guarantee you that these guys in the Pakistani dressing room must be feeling worse than any of us watching the game. Whoever is talking about making changes to the team at this stage doesn't know cricket or understand it. we need to stick with these guys till the world cup, they have shown their capabilities in the recent past. Its just a matter of time till the turn it around, whatever needs improvement they should work on it."

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

good length just outside off, and he misses the straight drive on this occasion. Just past the outside of his bat

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

full on off stump, and mistimed down the ground past Mustafizur. Mid off intercepts

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

good length outside off stump, and Shaheen misses the cut. Goes over the bat and through to the keeper

Mustafizur to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

good length on off, and he drags a pull to Shanto at deep midwicket. One bounce to the fielder

Pakistan need 38. Mathematically not possible... unless there are extras involved.

end of over 493 runs
PAK: 202/9CRR: 4.12 RRR: 38.00 • Need 38 runs from 6b
Junaid Khan3 (10)
Shaheen Shah Afridi14 (14)
Rubel Hossain8-0-38-1
Mustafizur Rahman9-1-43-4
Rubel to Junaid, no run

full just outside off stump, and the cover drive is drilled straight to mid off. That's the over

Osayed: "Shhhh.. The word sacking should not be used in Pakistan till the 2019 World Cup.. No matter how he is.. We need to stick with him.. Fine tune him. But he needs to continue. "

Rubel to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run

full on leg stump, and he clears his front leg to swing across the line. Mistimes the shot to long off

Sudhanshu: "People have been talking about 3 Indo-Pak matches even before the Tournament started. They have been talking about an Indo-Pak final for few days now. But it looks like BD had other plans. Cricket is truly a game of uncertainties."

Rubel to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

back of a length outside leg stump, and he misses the pull shot. The ball goes over his bat and through to Liton

Rubel to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

back of a length outside leg stump, and cramping Shaheen for space. Mistimes a pull to the off side

Zohaib Ahmed: "Its time to making Shoaib Malik the ODI captain, once and for all. " -- does he want it? Don't think so.

Rubel to Junaid, 1 run

back of a length on middle stump. Well directed, and it angles in to smack the batsman right near his wrist. Hope he's unhurt

Roma Ahmed : "@Zak Sports, let alone cricket, is like an octopus. Once entangled its almost impossible to free yourself. Whatever you decide you just never can abstain from it. Mark my words. We are all ready to welcome you back."

Rubel to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run

full and wide outside off. Shaheen muscles a toe-ended drive to deep point for one