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1st ODI (D/N), Chennai, September 17, 2017, Australia tour of India
(21/21 ov, T:164) 137/9

India won by 26 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
83 (66) & 2/28
Full commentary
end of over 217 runs
AUS: 137/9CRR: 6.52 
Adam Zampa5 (4)
James Faulkner32 (25)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-20-1
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-25-1

10.15pm After Hardik Pandya and thala MS Dhoni thrilled the Chennai crowd and revived India to 281 for 7, rain cut Australia's chase to 164 in 21 overs. Bumrah sent Cartwright's off stump cartwheeling in his second over, then took an excellent catch to dismiss Smith. Warner flickered briefly as did Maxwell and Faulkner, but Australia were all at sea against India's wristspinners. Kuldeep and Chahal claimed combined figures of 9-0-63-5. Pandya, meanwhile, followed his career-best 83 with the wickets of Smith and Head, and also introduced his knuckle ball to the world. What a day for him!

"The cricket action may be done for the day, but jump right into for more interesting reading material, including this account on Bengaluru FC's stay in North Korea last week"

"Yeah, obviously we got ourselves into a good position," Steven Smith says. "We had them at 5 for 87 and let things off a bit. MS and Hardik had a great, match-winning partnership. The new ball was stopping and some skidded on. We lost too many wickets in the middle. You can't control the weather. No complaints, we weren't good enough and we were outplayed by India. I thought Cummins and Coulter-Nile bowled very well in the new ball and hopefully they can back it up in a couple of days' time. It was a tough wicket with the new ball, and then we went away from our plans too early."

"We spoke at the toss that we wanted to put on a big score," Kohli says. "We lost wickets but MS and Kedar played well. Hardik then (played well too), MS then finished it off like he does. Today was an example, Sri Lanka was the example of how good the middle and lower order can be. The bowlers were outstanding as well. It is a matter of giving players confidence. Hardik believes in himself, and his innings was the game-changer. He possesses all three skills equally and we are lucky to have him. Chahal is very brave and doesn't say no to any situation. Bhuvi and Bumrah very clinical and our bank bowlers. After the rain, we felt this was our best T20 attack. We can't have a more perfect combination."

"It was a good day for me," Man-of-the-Match Hardik Pandya says. "A couple of catches could have helped. I don't think anything has changed. I am the same Hardik I was a year back. Maybe people's thinking was changed. To be honest, when Mahi bhai was batting with me, we knew what Zampa was going to bowl. I am glad I am doing with the bat and bowl."

That's all she wrote for today. I'll leave you with Sid Monga's report. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Varun Shetty, and thanks for tuning in

Bumrah to Zampa, 1 run

Bumrah nails a yorker on middle, squirted away to short fine leg. That is that. India win the series opener by 26 runs (D/L method). This is Australia's ninth successive ODI loss on the road, in completed matches

Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 run

dug short and outside off, another slower ball, swatted to long-on

Bumrah to Zampa, 3 runs

full and wide outside off, 109ks, Zampa slices it in the air, Jadhav races in from sweeper cover but the ball drops short of him

Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 run

really, really full on off, not a perfect yorker, squeezed down to long-on. There is a mix-up between the wickets. The throw from the deep, though, hits Faulkner on his back side

Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 wide

slower short ball outside off, past the wild swing, off-side wide

Bumrah to Faulkner, no run

Faulkner extends his hands, slashes, and edges it behind. The ball dips on Dhoni who dives forward and gloves the ball. But he isn't sure if it's a clean catch. He has a wry smile. The soft signal from umpire Erasmus is out. They go to the TV umpire. Nope, Dhoni has grassed it

Bumrah to Faulkner, no run

very full and the exaggerated angle makes things difficult for Faulkner. Flicked away through midwicket. Faulkner farms the strike

end of over 205 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 130/9CRR: 6.50 RRR: 34.00
Adam Zampa1 (2)
James Faulkner30 (21)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-25-1
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-13-1
Bhuvneshwar to Zampa, no run

back of a length and outside off, punched on the up to extra cover

Bhuvneshwar to Faulkner, 1 run

full and wide outside off, scythed away through the covers

Bhuvneshwar to Zampa, 1 run

off-stump yorker, squeezed out

No.11 Zampa

Bhuvneshwar to Faulkner, 1 run

full and straight on middle, drilled down to long-off

Bhuvneshwar to Coulter-Nile, OUT

Heaved flat and hard to Jadhav at deep midwicket. Good length slower one at 114ks, not sure if that was a knuckle ball. Coulter-Nile can't clear the man in the deep. Rohit gives Jadhav a leaping high-five

Nathan Coulter-Nile c Jadhav b Kumar 2 (9m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Bhuvneshwar to Coulter-Nile, 1 wide

wide of the crease and floated very wide outside off, well past the guideline, off-side wide

Swaroop: "Are you and Alagappan Muthu brothers?" --- Indeed

Bhuvneshwar to Faulkner, 1 run

middle-stump yorker, dragged to long-on off the toe end

Karthik: "There was a lot of talk about how India can't afford dropped catches against a top team like Australia but seems to me like the Australians really haven't made them count.."

end of over 197 runs
AUS: 125/8CRR: 6.57 RRR: 19.50
Nathan Coulter-Nile2 (4)
James Faulkner27 (18)
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-13-1
Yuzvendra Chahal 5-0-30-3

Vinay: "@hamza @ronnie not today"

Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, no run

another one, slower, fuller, wider outside off. Coulter-Nile does not spot the lack of pace. He slogs way too early

Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, no run

change-up slower ball outside off, 109ks offcutter, NCN swings early... and misses

Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 run

full-toss on off, punched down to long-on. The call from Faulker is for two but Australia have to settle with just one

hamza: "faulkner once smashed ishant sharma for 30 odd runs to win a match from a similar situation in 2013 odi series"

Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, 1 run

The batsman moves away outside leg but Bumrah still troubles him with a yorker, jammed out for one

Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 run

Bumrah searches for the yorker, misses his length and offers up a full-toss on off, which is belted ram-rod straight down the ground, so much so it strikes the stumps at the non-striker's end

Bumrah to Faulkner, FOUR runs

just short of a good length and outside off, Faulkner throws his bat at the ball and sends a thick outside edge through where slip may have been

Big Ronnie: "Anyone who saw Coulter-Nile batting against NZ last year would have no doubt that he could do this own his own." --- Here is Bumrah

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