2nd Test, Christchurch, January 09 - 11, 2022, Bangladesh tour of New Zealand
(f/o) 126 & 278

New Zealand won by an innings and 117 runs

Player Of The Match
252 & 6 catches
Player Of The Series
244 runs
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Scores: Ranjith P | Comms: @himanshu_a30
Scorecard summary
New Zealand 521/6(128.5 overs)
252 (373)
2/79 (28)
109 (166)
2/143 (30)
Bangladesh 126/10(41.2 overs)
55 (95)
5/43 (13.2)
41 (62)
3/28 (12)
Bangladesh 278/10(79.3 overs)
102 (114)
4/82 (18)
3/77 (22)

All right then, the Test and the series have ended, and so has Taylor's Test career. But don't you forget, he is still due to play ODIs over the coming home season. But forget a century or even a fifty, Taylor finishes in Tests with a wicket - what a fairy tale ending that one! Thanks for your company throughout these two Tests, as Ranjith, Srivathsa and me, Himanshu, bid goodbye! Take care, while trying to soak in the moment.

Glen: "Worth noting that Latham took 6 catches in the match, but none more important than that last one!"

Pranay: "Gillespie retired with a double hundred and Taylor with a wicket, both against Bangladesh. Some endings write themselves :)"

And now Latham and Mominul get together to lift the trophy, with the series ending 1-1.

And Latham is here again: "To come and put the perfect performance was ideal. We had to tidy a few areas, and we did that really well. We wanted to put pressure from both ends... We did well to put a big first-innings total. It is about finding a way in different conditions. It is important we are able to adapt. We weren't quite there in the first Test, and credit to Bangladesh. The fast bowlers keep putting their hands up. As a captain that is what you want. The bowlers did a bloody good job on a tiring wicket. Ross Taylor rocked up and took the last wicket. He has been there for 17 years... been such an important member of the group."

Mominul Haque speaks after the match: "Very proud, especially playing overseas. I am really happy with the first Test, but second Test was disappointing. It was very challenging for us after winning the first Test. Playing overseas depends on mindset. We have some good positive things. Ebadot bowled really well, and Litton played beautifully. When he batted, it never looked like a difficult pitch."

Devon Conway is the Player of the Series: "Pretty happy to contribute. It was tough, and allowed me time to overcome the fear of getting hit on the hand. You always want to do well, and nice to contribute again. It's about adjusting your game plan as best as possible. We were faced with a different surface here at the Hagley. Ross Taylor has been very important for me. He has played 119 [112] Tests, and you can't buy that knowledge."

Tom Latham is the Player of the Match for his 252: "We came here 1-0 down, and putting that performance was outstanding. I thought we batted really well. Getting through that first hour on the first day was good... I have never felt more pressure to ask Ross to bowl, and also for a catch! You know home conditions better than those in other parts of the country. Nice to contribute to the game."

Time for the presentations

Sandy: "Taylor ends with best bowling figure of 0 for 1!!" --- That is 1 for 0, how could you get it wrong?

bob: "Joins McGrath and Murali in taking a wicket off his last ball in Test cricket. "

Rajan Prasad: "Rosco: 45 with the bat, 16 with the ball. Surely a great allrounder?" --- Ever a doubt?

Taylor, the man of the moment: "I suppose if you have those situations more often, you get a wicket! We played fantastically well. Bangladesh put us under pressure. The way we came out and bowled put them under pressure. It was an emotional game for me, my family and friends, as well as the team. It got quite flat there towards the end. I chucked it up, and Tom said it was the most pressure has felt in a game! It was a great way to finish."

Matt: "Taylor has the best Economy this match :)"

Liam: "Hits the winning runs in the WTC final, now takes the last wicket in his final test match"

6.08pm Taylor leads New Zealand back, with cheers and applause from his team-mates as well as the lively crowd at the Oval. New Zealand wrap up an innings-and-117-run win, hitting back after a loss in Mount Maunganui. A win inside three days, with the light dying, and with Taylor in his farewell Test. Centuries from Latham and Conway, and a five-for from Boult in the first innings - plus contributions from Wagner and Jamieson in the second - means the hosts have it done rather easily in the end.

Taylor to Ebadot Hossain, OUT

that has gone high in the air, and Taylor finishes his Test career with a wicket! Has anyone ever had it better? New Zealand win, and Taylor has a ball - literally! His team-mates surround him from all around, barely even allowing him to be seen. What a way to sign-off. Full credit to Taylor for tossing the ball up on a full length and wide of off, enticing Ebadot to go for a heave, which he does, but sends that skying toward midwicket, where Latham - the man who handed over the ball to Taylor - takes it tumbling across to his left. The series is levelled 1-1 after this win

Ebadot Hossain c Latham b Taylor 4 (6b 1x4 0x6 9m) SR: 66.66

Around the wicket now... Ummm... A leg slip there.

Taylor to Ebadot Hossain, no run

full again on off, and flatter. Pushed back to the bowler

Taylor to Ebadot Hossain, no run

bowls really full on off, with a roundarm action. Jammed back

Offspin from over the wicket. A slip in place.

Please reserve your cheers for none other than... Taylor himself! Mind you, he averages 24 with the ball, and has two Test wickets already. Final over before the new ball. Maybe the best send-off ever if he gets his third?

end of over 794 runs
BAN: 278/9CRR: 3.51 
Taskin Ahmed9 (17b 2x4)
Ebadot Hossain4 (3b 1x4)
Neil Wagner 22-7-77-3
Kyle Jamieson 18-4-82-4
Wagner to Taskin, no run

nearly gone! Young at short leg has to dive forward, but still can't collect it. Short delivery on middle, and he pulls with his eyes off, but gets that off the bottom half of the bat

Wagner to Taskin, no run

back of a length just outside off, and punched to mid-off with the full face of the bat

And more cheer from the crowd as the ball lands in Taylor's hands...

Wagner to Taskin, no run

another short ball on off, and another duck from Taskin

Wagner to Taskin, FOUR runs

flicked in the air, and four to deep midwicket! The ball was full on off, while angling in too. He took a step back in the crease, and whipped off his pads

Wagner to Taskin, no run

short again, and pitching on middle. Taskin ducks under it to let it pass

Tautoru: "Hard luck Rossco. Jamieson wants a 5-for. "

Wagner to Taskin, no run

short of a length on middle, and he turns that around to the man at short fine leg with the closed face of the bat

Huge shouts of Rossco from the crowd for him to have a bowl, but all he has to offer is a little cheeky smile.

end of over 785 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 274/9CRR: 3.51 
Ebadot Hossain4 (3b 1x4)
Taskin Ahmed5 (11b 1x4)
Kyle Jamieson 18-4-82-4
Neil Wagner 21-7-73-3
Jamieson to Ebadot Hossain, no run

slightly back of a length on off, dabbed toward mid-on with a skip in the crease

Can Jamieson get his fifth with this ball and wrap it up?

Jamieson to Ebadot Hossain, no run

pretty full and straight on middle and off. Pushed back to the bowler

Jamieson to Ebadot Hossain, FOUR runs

outside edge, and past the second slip! Ebadot keeps his bat hanging on middle and off, with the ball being on a fullish length while angling away. Gets the edge, and the ball rolls between slip and gully

Over the stumps to last man Ebadot

Jamieson to Taskin, 1 run

clipped to fine leg. Good length ball on middle, and he closes the bat face to play that. Taskin is sent back after he wanted a second

Five for Jamieson?

Jamieson to Shoriful Islam, OUT

well taken by Southee at mid-on! He had to keep his eyes on the ball all through, while also running to his right. That was well judged. Shoriful went for the lofted shot to that full delivery which is almost in the slot on middle and off, and although he played with a high elbow, he couldn't really time that, instead ballooning it up for grabs. Mid-off briefly thought it was his catch, before he let Southee go for it

Shoriful Islam c Southee b Jamieson 0 (6b 0x4 0x6 9m) SR: 0
Jamieson to Shoriful Islam, no run

bowls from wide of the crease, and goes short on middle. Shoriful happy to duck under it

Marco: "Give it to Rossco! da da da da da" --- Tell you what, he seemed to have teased the crowd that he was about to bowl, only for him to throw it back to Jamieson.

end of over 77Maiden
BAN: 269/8CRR: 3.49 
Taskin Ahmed4 (10b 1x4)
Shoriful Islam0 (4b)
Neil Wagner 21-7-73-3
Kyle Jamieson 17-4-77-3
Wagner to Taskin, no run

pretty full on off, and nudged to mid-off with a little push

Wagner to Taskin, no run

short delivery on middle at 136kph, and he ducks under it, allowing the ball to angle back in

Drake: "Perfect time to bring Rossco on...." --- Still no signs...

Wagner to Taskin, no run

full and straight on middle and off. Pushed to mid-on with the full face of the bat

Wagner to Taskin, no run

pretty full ball outside leg - maybe in search of the yorker to the tailender - as Taskin misses his flick

Wagner to Taskin, no run

tries to pull this short of a length ball on middle, but the ball hits his body while angling in. He seemed to have played the shot early

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
TWM Latham
252 runs (373)
34 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
cut shot
49 runs
10 fours0 six
DP Conway
109 runs (166)
12 fours1 six
Productive shot
cut shot
18 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
TA Boult
KA Jamieson
Match details
Hagley Oval, Christchurch
TossBangladesh, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series result2-match series drawn 1-1
Match numberTest no. 2447
Hours of play (local time)11.00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days9,10,11 January 2022 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsNew Zealand 12, Bangladesh 0
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