2nd ODI, Nelson, Dec 29 2016, Bangladesh tour of New Zealand
(42.4/50 ov, target 252)184
New Zealand won by 67 runs
player of the match
Neil Broom
New Zealand

6.20pm Not many expected the game to end this way, especially after Bangladesh cruised to 105 for 1. One run-out turned things around as they lost their last nine wickets for 79 runs. New Zealand, without living up to their tall standards on the field, ran roughshod in the second half of this chase. In a game like this, it's really hard to find positive for the visitors, but their new gloveman impressed behind the stumps. But this game was about a man returning to the side after more than six years. Neil Broom's fine counter-attacking ton helped ride a proper wobble and set New Zealand up for their bowlers to finish this off. They were on tenterhooks for a while before Bangladesh's cookie crumbled like we've known it to over the years. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. We'll be back on Friday for the conclusion of the series. Hopefully the year will end on a better note for the visitors, who will have to wait for their first ODI win on New Zealand shores. Cheers

Neil Broom is the Player of the Match

Boult to Nurul, OUT

pacy bouncer on middle and leg, he goes for a hook but the ball got big on him. He got himself into a tangle and the ball brushed the glove on the way through to Ronchi. There was nothing on HotSpot, but real time snicko produces a small spike. After some deliberation, umpire C Shamsuddin has given it out. That's the series to New Zealand.

Nurul Hasan c †Ronchi b Boult 24 (31b 1x4 1x6) SR: 77.41

Back to over the wicket. New Zealand have reviewed a caught behind decision. Did he get a glove is the question

Boult to Nurul, no run

floats this full on off, pushed to cover

Boult from around the stumps

Boult to Nurul, 2 runs

half-volley on the pads, flicked into the vacant spaces at deep backward square leg

Boult to Nurul, 1 wide

slower and fuller outside off, looks like the ball slipped out of hi hand

Boult to Nurul, 2 runs

nearly chopped on. Gets a thick inside edge that flies past leg stump. Fine leg had to come around a bit to cut that off. Southee saves a couple of runs

end of over 421 run
BDESH: 179/9CRR: 4.26 RRR: 9.13 • Need 73 runs from 48b
Subashis Roy1 (9)
Nurul Hasan20 (27)
Mitchell Santner8-1-20-1
Trent Boult8-0-21-1
Santner to Subashis, no run

too close to cut, he rocks back and dabs it to the off side

Santner to Subashis, no run

gets the bat well in front of the pad and blocks

Santner to Subashis, no run

opens the bat face and steers a short ball to short third man

Santner to Subashis, no run

stylish push to cover

Santner to Nurul, 1 run

slow turn from middle, whipped to deep midwicket

Santner to Nurul, no run

tossed up on off, driven back to the bowler

end of over 413 runs
BDESH: 178/9CRR: 4.34 RRR: 8.22 • Need 74 runs from 54b
Subashis Roy1 (5)
Nurul Hasan19 (25)
Trent Boult8-0-21-1
Mitchell Santner7-1-19-1
Boult to Subashis, no run

lands a yorker which beats the batsman. It beats the off stump as well, with him bowling over the wicket

Gawain: "I mentioned this last game re fast bowling lockie needs international game experience for long term gains . yes he is expensive current but this needs to occur for him to get growth in character and as cricket player true though in this game situation is expensive factor could be difference win and lose but n.z needs to stick with him . i think you will find henry will be in next game"

Boult to Nurul, 1 run

full and wide, Nurul lashes it through to the sweeper

Boult to Subashis, 1 run

stands rooted to the crease and guides a fuller delivery past point's right

Boult to Nurul, 1 run

opens the face to glide the back of a length delivery to third man. Nurul wonders about a single, taking a few steps down, Subashis goes through for the single alright, but his partner was very reluctant. In the end the matter was taken out of his hands

Boult to Nurul, no run

full on leg stump, jabs it down to mid-on

Boult to Nurul, no run