1st T20I (N), Bloemfontein, Oct 26 2017, Bangladesh tour of South Africa
(20 ov, target 196)175/9
South Africa won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
49 (27) & 2 catches
end of over 2015 runs
BAN: 175/9CRR: 8.75 
Mohammad Saifuddin39 (27)
Rubel Hossain2 (3)
Beuran Hendricks 4-0-42-2
Dane Paterson 4-0-29-2

9.40 pm That's that, then. Not one person will say they are surprised with this result, but at one point Bangladesh were ahead in this chase. But regular wickets hurt you so much in this format, and South Africa inflicted exactly that lesson upon the visitors. Some enjoyable batting from de Kock, de Villiers, Behardien and Sarkar. Overall, an enjoyable evening of T20 cricket. See you on Sunday for the tour's last match. On behalf of Alagappan, this is Sreshth signing off.

9.35 pm Time for the presentation.

And AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match. He says: "Jonty inspired me to be a cricketer when I grew up. I was disappointed getting out for 49. Wanted to get 70 plus. I believe a lot in sitting from the side and assessing conditions. So I noticed pace, bounce and spin. Bangladesh pacers were trying a lot of things, they bowled too many slower balls, and we cashed in. We didn't overhit, they missed the mark. I really enjoy batting at No. 3 in this format. Enjoyed my catch at the deep, especially since that got debutant Frylinck his first wicket.

JP Duminy says: "I thought 195 was a good score. They bowled pretty well at the death, some good yorkers. Great partnership between Behardien and Miller. We knew they'd come all guns blazing in the first six overs. But our guys stayed calm, used their variations, and we came through. Keeping calm is quite challenging, especially in this format, but we just think on our feet, and our boys knew our plans. Very happy with our new boys and the debutant. Their variations and field placements were excellent. We'll give ourselves 8/10 on execution. For the next game, we want to end with a 2-0 win. When we came out to field, we wanted to keep them under 170."

Shakib says: "I thought SA batted really well, especially in the final five overs. Those overs cost us the match. Overall, I thought we had given 15-20 more, but at the ten over's mark (while batting) we were great, but we couldn't capitalise. Their batting is good, and our spinners were good as well, but some poor fielding here and there hurt us. We were right in there after our first ten overs, they kept taking wickets and the pressure increased. Some areas to improve, with one game to go. We talked about it (our dot-ball count), that hurt us. There should be aggression and sensible batting as well."

Sajid: "Interesting fact: # of six from SA: 4! From BD: 7. #of four SA: 16 from BD: 14. So this is the "singles" that hurt BD"

Mahneel: "We have had way more disappointing defeats, this is like everyday business for BD fans. "

9.25 pm South Africa's inexperienced bowling held on despite an early charge from Soumya Sarkar (47) and Kayes. But as we know in this format: you keep chipping away at the wicket column, and the chase will continue to get tougher by the over. Paterson was quick, Phehlukwayo was accurate, Frylinck was nifty and Hendricks bowled smart. Overall, lots for South Africa to be happy about. For Bangladesh, though, it's back to the drawing board. Stick around for comments from the two captains and the Man of the Match.

Hendricks to Saifuddin, 2 runs

full on middle, punched to mid of for some runs and that's it! South Africa win by twenty runs.

Hendricks to Saifuddin, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off, cut square and the sweeper-fielder has it covered. Oh no, he doesn't. It's misfielded, the ball goes between his legs as he tries to field

Karar: "I guess enough with the learning with bat and ball. now they just have to understand in which situation which game plan will be applicable! "

Hendricks to Rubel, 1 run

short outside off, brings out the tennis-bat smash over the bowler's head and through to long on

Hendricks to Saifuddin, 1 run

back of a length just outside edge, tries to pull over deep midwicket, but can't get the connection. Top edges, and falls just in short of the fielder in the deep

Hendricks to Saifuddin, SIX runs

my, my, a six! Pitched up on middle and leg, and Saif brings out the short-arm jab. Over cow corner for a six. Too little, too late. Or is it?

Hendricks to Rubel, 1 run

full on off, driven to cover and called early for the single, direct-hit from Miller at the non-striker's, but the batsman was home

The final over. Bangladesh will be disappointed at the way this game has ended.

end of over 194 runs
BAN: 160/9CRR: 8.42 RRR: 36.00
Mohammad Saifuddin26 (23)
Rubel Hossain0 (1)
Dane Paterson 4-0-29-2
Robbie Frylinck 4-0-33-2
Paterson to Saifuddin, no run

short one to finish his spell, gets big onto the lower-order batsman. Does well to get his face out of the delivery's way

Paterson to Saifuddin, no run

full toss on middle, bunted back to Paterson

Paterson to Saifuddin, 2 runs

yorker on leg stump, squeezed away to long on. Calls early for the double

Sanyat11: "No question about the ability of Saumya or Sabbir. If they learn from there mistakes, no wonder they can be devastating. But they have to LEARN. "

Paterson to Saifuddin, no run

short outside leg stump, it's the offcutter, and it loops over the batsman's shoulder as he tries to cut it away behind point

Paterson to Saifuddin, 2 runs

backs away to the leg side to hoick this, the bowler follows him, pitching full outside leg, takes the inside edge and flies away to fine leg

Paterson to Saifuddin, no run

perfect yorker first up, right on leg stump, Saifuddin does extremely well to keep the ball away