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Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh, 3rd ODI at Bulawayo, , May 08 2013 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI, Bulawayo, May 08, 2013, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
(47.1/50 ov, T:248) 251/3

Zimbabwe won by 7 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
103* (135) & 2 catches
Player Of The Series
152 runs
Full commentary

Great final match to end a closely contested series. It has been a pleasure. Thanks for all the comments and feedback, this is Devashish Fuloria signing off, ciao ciao.

Brendan Taylor: "Just to come back after the loss in the first game, it shows a lot of character. All credit to the team, we are heading in the right direction. Vusi is rated very highly and it is seven years after he scored his first hundred. Credit to the entire team really. Vitori is swinging the ball and bowling at pace, so it's nice to have him back in the team."

"We didn't bat well in the series, our Top 5 didn't add much," Mushfiqur says. "It's not easy to beat Zim in their home conditions. But Zimbabwe bowled really well and I lost all the tosses. There are couple of positives - Nasir has been playing well, Mahmudullah also came back to form. Zia bowled well too."

Sibanda is the Man of the Match and Man of the Series too. He says, "It felt good to hit the century, but it was not just me, all other guys have worked with me to help me get here. The wicket was a bit of hard work, it was not easy to score. Credit to the Bangladesh bowlers."

Vusi Sibanda and Mahmudullah get an award for hitting two sixes each. Brian Vitori is the smart player of the day..

What a knock by Sibanda! He started on a positive note, got bogged down in the middle for a while, but then Williams came together and the two took the team over the line with ease. Sibanda played some sumptuous pull shots and apart from a couple of drops, he played a largely unblemished innings. Finally the deadlock in this series is broken and Zimbabwe take it 2-1. Bangladesh's total was set up by another strong performance by Nasir and Mahmudullah, but their bowlers didn't have any impact on a surface that was good to bat on.

"I was there to just support Vusi today," says Williams, who has marshalled two successful chases in a row now. "Sweep shot and running between the wickets turned it around for us."

Rajitha: "Kudos to Zimbabwe for clinching the series. Williams had matured well, two great knocks for the last couple of matches. Terrific ODI century from Sibanda. All this shows Z'babwe is no longer depends on one man (Brendon Taylor). Well done Taylor & co."

Justin: "So I can understand a lot of the Zim and Bang supporters being at times pessimistic about your team. But surely we need to be more rational about the results of both the respective teams and players instead of going on last result and start talking negatively. Particularly in series which Bang and Zim play against each other as both are very similar in ability and expectation."

Kyle: "Top effort Zim!!! great to see 4 of our top 5 Batsmen scoring well...... out of the ordinary it must be said, with Taylor being the one not to score, but nice to see we have some depth in other players!"

Steven: "Have never cheered on this many dot balls in my life!!!"

Huston Lopes: "Shafiul and Williams: both of you ....a grand salute for allowing Sibanda to score a well deserved century..."

Wahid: "As comprehensive a win as it gets! Congratulations, Zimbabwe. Some very poor cricket from Bangladesh top order. All in all a bizarre series : losing team not putting any fight in any of the 5 matches!"

Al Mamun: "Keep going- both the teams!! Good spirit. These matches were really competitive except the Toss Win by Taylor!"

Tafadzwa Chipfuva: "Well done Zimbabwe. Now we want England!"

Chip Chirara: "Shafiul Islam you beauty, thanks for not bowling a deliberate no-ball"

Robiul to Sibanda, FOUR runs

he edges the length delivery through the vacant slip to get to his century and help Zimbabwe take the series! Fist pumps all around, lots of noise in the crowd as the numbers have swelled during the day

Here is Sibanda, against Robiul...

end of over 474 runs
ZIM: 247/3CRR: 5.25 RRR: 0.33
Sean Williams55 (46b 6x4 1x6)
Vusi Sibanda99 (134b 8x4 2x6)
Shafiul Islam 10-0-58-0
Abdur Razzak 10-1-44-0
Shafiul to Williams, no run

another short delivery! The batsman ducks under it, but this one was quite high, everyone looks towards the leg umpire.. He is not signalled anything.. Smiles all around

Muvati: "Couldnt resist loggin in again. Phew...."

Shafiul to Williams, no run

short delivery again, the batsman sways out of line

Strange that no one wants a run here.. Every dot ball is being cheered

Pratik: "Shafiul please dont bowl a wide or No"

Shafiul to Williams, no run

short delivery, the batsman lets it go through

Shafiul to Williams, no run

he bowls a slower delivery that the batsman lets it go, the keeper is not able to take it cleanly as it bounces in front, and it goes all the way to third man

Shafiul to Williams, no run

looks like that's going to be the case as he blocks this one towards midwicket and shows no intention of moving

Does he block out the next five?

Shafiul to Williams, FOUR runs

this is full and the batsman gets an outside edge past the keeper! Sibanda smiles.. he is on 99 and not on strike

end of over 4611 runs
ZIM: 243/3CRR: 5.28 RRR: 1.25
Vusi Sibanda99 (134b 8x4 2x6)
Sean Williams51 (40b 5x4 1x6)
Abdur Razzak 10-1-44-0
Shafiul Islam 9-0-54-0
Razzak to Sibanda, 2 runs

full delivery outside off, the batsman drives it past the diving extra cover fielder to move to 99

Razzak to Williams, 1 run

this one turns in from outside off, the batsman waits on the back foot and works it to deep square leg for a single

Razzak to Williams, FOUR runs

slow, short and outside off, Williams rocks backs and whacks it hard through extra cover to bring his half-century! Super shot, super innings

Razzak to Sibanda, 1 run

flatter delivery on the pads, he works it to deep square leg for a single

Razzak to Sibanda, no run

he goes on the back foot and punches the length delivery back to the bowler

Steven: "Given what we've been through (seemingly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory), i understand Muvati's pessimism, but this team has grown into a much tougher(mentally) unit that teams of old.."

Razzak to Williams, 3 runs

slow length delivery wide outside off, the batsman tries to punch it through off, but gets a thick edge fine on the off side

end of over 455 runs
ZIM: 232/3CRR: 5.15 RRR: 3.20
Vusi Sibanda96 (131b 8x4 2x6)
Sean Williams43 (37b 4x4 1x6)
Shafiul Islam 9-0-54-0
Abdur Razzak 9-1-33-0
Shafiul to Sibanda, no run

he goes for a pull as soon as he sees it's short, but misses as the bowler got it to bounce extra and at pace

Shafiul to Williams, 1 run

bows a full delivery outside off, the batsman drives it to long off for an easy single

Tim: "Geez. No wonder nobody wants to play these teams. If you when you get zero credit at all. If you lose it's a catastrophe. How about saying that Sibanda has batted really well and Zimbabwe deserve this win but Bangladesh have done well to take two wins so far on this tour after starting so badly."

Shafiul to Williams, no run

here comes the short delivery, but the batsman carefully sways out of line

Shafiul to Sibanda, 1 run

length delivery on off, this time he drops it right in front and takes a single easily again

Shafiul to Sibanda, 2 runs

he bowls a slower off cutter, the batsman dabs it towards long on with soft hands and they steal a couple

Lovelorn: "@justin: spot on mate. Being a Bangladeshi, I feel disappointed with what has transpired in the ODI series so far. Poor show from BD, specially from the top order..We did bad and no excuses can topple that."

Shafiul to Williams, 1 run

length delivery outside off, the batsman pushes it through cover for a single

end of over 445 runs
ZIM: 227/3CRR: 5.15 RRR: 3.50
Vusi Sibanda93 (128b 8x4 2x6)
Sean Williams41 (34b 4x4 1x6)
Abdur Razzak 9-1-33-0
Shafiul Islam 8-0-49-0
Razzak to Sibanda, 2 runs

dropped by wide long on! It was full and the batsman just chipped it in the air, timed it too well and it went straight to the fielder running to his left, but Nasir drops it..

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