Derby, Aug 30 - Sep 1 2007, County Championship Division Two
272 & 268
(43.3 ov, target 402)139 & 174
Essex won by 227 runs
Essex 1st INNINGS
Grant Flower c Dean b Wagg920252045.00
Mark Pettini (c)c Botha b Dean1733473051.51
Tom Westley  b Wagg4771057.14
Tim Phillips  b Dean3036437083.33
James Foster lbw b Dean1114222078.57
Ryan ten Doeschate c Needham b Botha3852656173.07
James Middlebrook not out 811491758254.36
Andy Bichel lbw b Botha23222240104.54
Alex Tudor c †Pipe b Wagg11516006.66
Danish Kaneria c Birt b Needham1627732059.25
Tony Palladino st †Pipe b Needham1831412158.06
Extras(lb 7, nb 16, w 1)24
TOTAL(66.2 Ov, RR: 4.10)272
Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Grant Flower), 2-29 (Tom Westley), 3-39 (Mark Pettini), 4-79 (James Foster), 5-80 (Tim Phillips), 6-141 (Ryan ten Doeschate), 7-175 (Andy Bichel), 8-190 (Alex Tudor), 8-220, 9-264 (Tony Palladino), 10-272 (Danish Kaneria)
Tom Lungley1106105.54---01
Graham Wagg2028334.15---15
Kevin Dean1033833.80---01
Ant Botha2037223.60---00
Jake Needham4.201022.30---01
Michael Dighton10101.00---00
Derbyshire 1st INNINGS
Travis Birt  b Bichel01-000.00
Phil Weston lbw b Palladino26120033.33
Michael Dighton (c)c †Foster b Bichel3248554066.66
Hassan Adnan c Flower b Bichel5961055.55
Steve Stubbings c Tudor b Bichel2123624091.30
Graham Wagg c Bichel b ten Doeschate15132030115.38
Ant Botha run out 914240164.28
James Pipe c ten Doeschate b Bichel40304371133.33
Jake Needham not out 321340014.28
Tom Lungley c Westley b Bichel01-000.00
Kevin Dean c Middlebrook b Bichel21060020.00
Extras(nb 10)10
TOTAL(28.3 Ov, RR: 4.87)139
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Travis Birt), 2-4 (Phil Weston), 3-9 (Hassan Adnan), 4-48 (Michael Dighton), 5-81 (Graham Wagg), 6-81 (Steve Stubbings), 7-114 (Ant Botha), 8-135 (James Pipe), 9-135 (Tom Lungley), 10-139 (Kevin Dean)
Andy Bichel10.323673.42---00
Tony Palladino602814.66---01
Ryan ten Doeschate614617.66---04
Alex Tudor412807.00---00
Danish Kaneria21100.50---00
Essex 2nd INNINGS
Grant Flower  b Dighton26761304034.21
Mark Pettini (c)lbw b Lungley215200013.33
Tom Westley c sub b Lungley088000.00
Tim Phillips c Weston b Lungley01213000.00
James Foster c Stubbings b Dighton0411000.00
Ryan ten Doeschate c Dighton b Botha13218925615369.84
James Middlebrook lbw b Needham1542571035.71
Andy Bichel c Weston b Needham74989410275.51
Alex Tudor lbw b Botha011000.00
Danish Kaneria c Botha b Needham1750014.28
Tony Palladino not out 01719000.00
Extras(b 2, lb 2, nb 10, w 4)18
TOTAL(77.2 Ov, RR: 3.46)268
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Mark Pettini), 2-15 (Tom Westley), 3-19 (Tim Phillips), 4-28 (James Foster), 5-57 (Grant Flower), 6-116 (James Middlebrook), 7-238 (Andy Bichel), 8-240 (Alex Tudor), 9-243 (Danish Kaneria), 10-268 (Ryan ten Doeschate)
Tom Lungley1775833.41---13
Michael Dighton2034722.35---11
Ant Botha16.225523.36---00
Jake Needham2219234.18---01
Phil Weston211206.00---00
Derbyshire 2nd INNINGS (target: 402 runs)
Phil Weston c †Foster b Bichel1520383075.00
Travis Birt c Bichel b Danish Kaneria639512612066.31
Michael Dighton (c) b Bichel1921294090.47
Jake Needham  b Danish Kaneria48111050.00
Hassan Adnan lbw b Danish Kaneria1547712031.91
Steve Stubbings  b Danish Kaneria313130023.07
James Pipe lbw b Bichel1740014.28
Ant Botha c Palladino b Danish Kaneria1430025.00
Graham Wagg c Phillips b Bichel22191912115.78
Tom Lungley  b Danish Kaneria22212531104.76
Kevin Dean not out 2670033.33
Extras(lb 6, w 1)7
TOTAL(43.3 Ov, RR: 4.00)174
Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Phil Weston), 2-83 (Michael Dighton), 3-96 (Jake Needham), 4-121 (Travis Birt), 5-125 (Steve Stubbings), 6-126 (James Pipe), 7-127 (Ant Botha), 8-130 (Hassan Adnan), 9-160 (Graham Wagg), 10-174 (Tom Lungley)
Andy Bichel2239644.36---10
Tony Palladino411704.25---00
Alex Tudor1010010.00---00
Danish Kaneria16.354562.72---00
County Ground, Derby
TossEssex, elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.15-13.55, Tea (usually) 16.10-16.30, Close 18.30<br>Final day: Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00.
Match days30,31 August, 1 September 2007 - day (4-day match)
England Image
Barry Dudleston
England Image
George Sharp
PointsEssex 19, Derbyshire 3
Thu, 30 Aug - day 1 - Essex 2nd innings 9/0 (Grant Flower 3*, Mark Pettini 2*, 6 ov)
Fri, 31 Aug - day 2 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 104/3 (Travis Birt 58*, Hassan Adnan 2*, 21 ov)
Sat, 01 Sep - day 3 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 174 (43.3 ov) - end of match
  • Danish Kaneria (1) retired hurt on 14* from 220/8 to 264/9
  • Essex 2nd innings
Day 2
  • RN ten Doeschate 100 in 182 mins off 153 balls, 13x4, 1x6