2nd ODI, Dambulla, Oct 13 2018, England tour of Sri Lanka
(29/29 ov, target 172)140/5
England won by 31 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
end of over 292 runs
SL: 140/5CRR: 4.82 
Thisara Perera44 (49)
Dhananjaya de Silva36 (50)
Moeen Ali 10-0-47-0
Adil Rashid 2-0-15-0

All over red rover. That's it. They've pulled the plug, or the trigger, whichever you think is more applicable. England win by 31 runs on DLS

Fidel Fernando's match report will be updated shortly, his musings on a contest that was quite fun while it lasted ... especially for Lasith Malinga.

And look, Alan's even pulled together a gallery for you. His munificence knows no bounds.

But for the time being, from a soggy Dambulla, it's goodnight, and see you for the next installment of the Monsoon Super Splash-down, on Wednesday.

4.44pm Still here?

Harith: "Please answer we have reserve day what happend to it?" The reserve day was only there if the second innings didn't last for 20 overs. Since we passed that point, DLS has kicked in.

4.14pm It is still hammering down in Dam(p)bulla. It will take at least an hour to clear the covers, and that's assuming they turn the tap off now. England are firmly on course to win by 31 runs on DLS.

4.05pm It is decidedly moist out there. So let's have a look around for what's going on elsewhere. It's been another lively day in the second Test at Hyderabad, where India were briefly under a bit of pressure against West Indies, before Rahane and Pant bailed them out, and restored the dominance that Prithvi Shaw had established.

Down Under, Australia is still awaiting the return of their almost-conquering heroes from the UAE. But at least they've had Usain Bolt making headlines with his first goals for Central Coast Mariners (yeah, me neither ...)

And elsewhere on ESPN, here's our exclusive with Michael Carrick, who recently opened up about his depression while playing for Manchester United. Mental health is a topic that has been central to cricket's narrative in recent years

3.57pm Mazher Arshad on Twitter has the day's big number: "England just bowled 10,000th consecutive ball in ODIs without a line no-ball. TEN THOUSAND deliveries on the trot without overstepping. Amazing discipline." Actual scenes. I believe the decisive delivery was the same one that completed the 20th over, which is apt

We can play until 6pm local time, which is a window of another two hours. Hmm

3.50pm So, it's been fun while it has lasted ... stunning bowling from Lasith Malinga in the first innings to counter Eoin Morgan and Joe Root's best efforts, while this innings featured more incisive new-ball work from Chris Woakes and a very, very encouraging debut from the young quick Olly Stone. De Silva and Perera have fought back well, but it was feeling beyond them, even before the weather got involved.

We'll sit tight for a bit, but I'd make other plans for the day if I were you! Shame it's an international weekend in the Premier League really ... I'd argue that this England game was less of a washout than last night's football version ...

3.47pm Now then, rain stopped play. Or rather, the threat of rain has stopped play. There's some violent scenes over the back of the pavilion, thunder, lightning and very, very frightening ... especially for the groundstaff, who have a mass of blue sheeting to bring over the ground, and need enough time to baton down the hatches before things get really wet.

The rain in the first game arrived at 3.42pm ... so we can safely predict how this match will finish...!

Ali to Perera, no run

solid block, tight lines

Ali to Perera, no run

loose-handed drive, to mid-off

Ali to Perera, no run

worked into the off side once more

Ali to Dhananjaya, 1 run

turning down the leg side, helped on its way

Ali to Dhananjaya, no run

eased into the off side

Ali to Perera, 1 run

biffed out to the cover sweeper

end of over 281 run
SL: 138/5CRR: 4.92 RRR: 6.40
Dhananjaya de Silva35 (48)
Thisara Perera43 (45)
Adil Rashid 2-0-15-0
Moeen Ali 9-0-45-0

RASHID ALI: "Almost run a ball and last ball six win the match easy equation" Easy peasy!

Rashid to Dhananjaya, no run

looped up on the pads, dips into the crease, and that's a tidy constraining over

171 at the end of this over.... not really making headway on DLS just yet

Rashid to Dhananjaya, no run

wider line, chopped to point

Rashid to Perera, 1 run

on the pads, tickled very fine as they jog the single

Rashid to Perera, no run

firmly pressed into the covers

Rashid to Perera, no run

clipped to leg, nearly a mix-up but they recover their poise, and their ends, in good time

It is properly DARK out there now

Rashid to Perera, no run

nudged off the pads

end of over 274 runs
SL: 137/5CRR: 5.07 RRR: 6.17
Thisara Perera42 (41)
Dhananjaya de Silva35 (46)
Moeen Ali 9-0-45-0
Adil Rashid 1-0-14-0
Ali to Perera, 1 run

leading edge, and dropped, but what an effort! Looped over Stokes' head at cover, turned, sprinted, dived, got a hand to it, but couldn't claw it in!

Ali to Dhananjaya, 1 run

quicker through the air, punched to long-on

Daniel Eyre: "Sri Lanka really got to fix their opening wicket issues. The consistent failures of the openers are putting so much pressure on the middle order. This is the biggest reason for their constant batting-woes." A common theme across countries and formats. Isn't that right, England Test team?

Ali to Perera, 1 run

nudged to the leg side

Ali to Dhananjaya, 1 run

high-elbowed tuck to the leg side

Ali to Dhananjaya, no run

back of a length, an ambitious wallop, but not timed

Ali to Dhananjaya, no run

stabbed into the covers

DLS par is 167 at the moment. So a few more sixes needed to get back in contention