1st Semi Final (D/N), Chandigarh, Nov 1 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(46/50 ov, target 241)206
Australia won by 34 runs
player of the match
Glenn McGrath
end of over 466 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 206/10CRR: 4.47 RRR: 8.75 • Need 35 runs from 24b
Shane Bond9 (11)
Brett Lee8-0-31-2
Mitchell Johnson7-0-38-1

Australia hurt New Zealand with the new ball. Dew came into play later and the bowling didn't look as menacing as it was in the earlier stages as Vettori and Oram waged a gritty battle. But Australia have prevailed at the end and are through to the final.

That's it from me, Sriram Veera, and Jamie Alter. Join us tomorrow to catch up the action from the second semi-final between West Indies and South Africa. Till then .... ta!

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Lee to Mills, OUT

That'd it. Australia make an entry into the final of Champions Trophy for the first time. Lee bangs one short, Mills backs away, again, to attempt a slog but gets a top-edge.

Kyle Mills c †Gilchrist b Lee 21 (28m 17b 2x4 1x6) SR: 123.52
Lee to Bond, 1 run

Bond gets Mills back on strike with a push to left of Symonds at cover.

Lee to Mills, 1 run

Again Mills backs away, to fore-hand slap a short-of-length delivery through mid-off, down to the man at the deep.

The batsmen have a chat while the umpires had a discussion on whether to change the ball. They decide against it.

Lee to Mills, no run

Mills backs away again, Lee follows him to cramp him up. Just pushed back down the track

Lee to Mills, FOUR runs

Lee will be bemused now. Mills backed away this time and carved a short delivery past mid-off. Now mid-off goes back and fine-leg is up.

Lee to Mills, no run

Mills gives him the charge, throws his bat at a short of length delivery, intending to send it over deep midwicket, misses. Lee won't be amused.

Lee is back

end of over 456 runs
NZ: 200/9CRR: 4.44 RRR: 8.20 • Need 41 runs from 30b
Shane Bond8 (10)
Kyle Mills16 (12)
Mitchell Johnson7-0-38-1
Andrew Symonds7-0-45-1
Johnson to Bond, no run

speared in full, driven back down the track, Johnson stops it and fires it back at the striker's end, Bond tries to get out the way but is hit flush on the boot. Hurt him a bit there.

Johnson to Bond, no run

Johnson bangs it in, Bond goes for a cut, can't connect though.

Johnson to Bond, FOUR runs

Wah! Bond backs away to drill a full-length delivery over extra cover. Well-pitched up and smoked over cover. 41 from 32

Johnson to Bond, no run

kicks up from back of length, Bond tries to cut but is beaten by the extra bounce.

45 from 34

Johnson to Bond, no run

full, just outside the offstump, sliced to point

Johnson to Bond, 2 runs